Boudoir Contest 2021
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Boudoir Contest 2021

The 2021 LLF Bare Boudoir Contest Is Here

Disclaimer: You need to create a  Free account on LOOKSLIKEFILM or use an existing account before submitting any images!

There is so much impressive talent in this industry, so many different boudoir styles were represented, and we wanted to start a yearly contest to celebrate our community’s growth. Other big competitions often exclude boudoir or censor so heavily that boudoir photographers have not felt well represented in the past.

So we will be a part of the solution and define the boudoir industry the best we can. This contest is for every professional boudoir photographer, and we urge submissions that represent all bodies, not just those that fit into the societal standard of beauty and boudoir.

This year, our four judges will remain anonymous until after submissions close, after which they will be introduced in the LOOKSLIKEFILM BARE Facebook group.


  • The contest starts January 25th 10 am EST and ends on February 21st 10 am EST
  • All images have to be taken by the person submitting to the contest.
  • The judges will review the images without any information on the artist that submitted the images.
  • LLF Pro Members can submit 3 free images. Normal users can submit 1 image for free.
  • Additional images can be submitted for 3$ per image for free users & basic members. LLF Pro Members only pay 1$ per additional image.
  • Images should be a max of 1MB with no restrictions on dimensions.
  • There is no limit on the number of images that can be submitted per user.
  • No matter how many images you submit, only your best image will be counted!
  • Winners will be announced on March 1st
  • The submitted image files need to contain your name and website URL!
  • Do not submit erotica or any sexual acts!


You need to create a  Free account on LOOKSLIKEFILM or a Basic / Pro account in order to participate. Use the code BARE to receive 50% off your annual Pro subscription for this year and all the years to come.

Win Amazing Prizes

Too good to be true?

20 winners will be selected in the end. The prize pool will be split among the 3 main winners, the Top 10 and 10 honourable mentions.

  • 1st Place will receive: Adult Couture Wings by Homespun Heart + 250$ Lingerie Voucher by Impish Lee + 250$ Preset Voucher by Meridian + Jenn Bruno Smith Collection by Floricolor + a Trophy.
  • 2nd Place will receive: 100$ Lingerie Voucher by Impish Lee + 100$ Preset Voucher by Meridian + Boudoir Collection 12×12 by Floricolor + a Trophy.
  • 3rd place will receive: 50$Lingerie Voucher by Impish Lee + 50$ Preset Voucher by Meridian + Basic Collection by Floricolor + a Trophy.
  • 4th to 10th place will receive: HD Metal Print 12×16 by Floricolor + LLF Bare Plaque
  • 11th to 20th place will receive: A badge to rock on your website





Homespun Heart makes couture photography props and is known for its glamorous angel wings. These wings not only can take boudoir images to the next level, but are a signature piece in any boudoir studio.

Homespun Hearts has generously offered the first place winner a pair of  Adult Size Couture Angel Wings in the color the winner selects.

You can view all their wings and other merchandise here.

Visit Homespun Heart


Impish Lee is a designer specializing in ethically and sustainably made customizable intimates.

We love Impish Lee because they have luxury lingerie and loungewear in sizes 0-30 and bra sizes 28A-44J.

Check out their gorgeous lingerie options here.



Floricolor is a Portuguese Photo Lab of reference in Europe and the World, exporting to around 50 countries and with strong representation in the US.

It’s global dimension makes Floricolor one of the largest players in the professional market. Their Boudoir collections are famous among Boudoir Photographers.




Meridian Presets are the distillation of countless hours of trial and error, experimentation and discovery, of seeing each image anew.

Browse through our inventory of many amazing presets and effects the will take your workflow and editing to a whole new level.

Check out all of the presets here.


5 Reasons Why you should enter the contest!

  • It’s free! I mean, is there even more we need to say?
  • Win amazing prizes that will benefit your business and your creative workflow.
  • Receive real trophies, plaques and badges if you are one of the winners.
  • Get featured on our website and our Facebook groups.
  • Compete with the best Boudoir photographers in the industry