Adventure Wedding Photographer

Adventure Wedding Photographer

Adventure Wedding Photographer

Choosing the best Adventure Wedding Photographer is definitely a tough decision as a couple. There are so many amazing artists all around the area and it’s not easy to find the right choice in the abundance of photographers out there.

We are updating this page constantly. We simply want to make sure that we are able to offer you the absolute best photographers in our mind. Feel free to scroll down, check out our selected artists and click on their profiles. See more images, visit their websites and make sure to contact them for your adventure wedding. If you are constantly looking for amazing photographers or videographers you might also be interested in our global artist search.

Just have a look at our map of the world and pick your location. See who is available to shoot in your area. Super easy and super helpful if you don’t want to spend countless hours browsing the web to find what you are looking for. Feel free to also check out our LOOKSLIKEFILM Weddings Instagram account as a constant source of inspiration.

If you did not find what you are looking for, head over to our list for Wedding and Elopement Photographers USA to view the best artists that we could find in the country. Sometimes it makes sense to book someone from somewhere else if you simply fell in love with their images.


Being one of the largest photography communities out there gives us the ability to show you our short list of the Best Adventure Wedding Photographers. Besides that our community consists of over 50K artists from all around the world. We handpicked the best artists to make your search easier so you can spend time on things that really matter.

It’s time to finally scroll down and pick you an artist.

Image by Nick Edmundson


Jonathan Moore

Los Angeles, CA, United States
My career as a photo storyteller began as a young intern at Getty Images in 2008. My work at Getty allowed me to eventually craft...
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Lisa Ruschioni

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Are you bold, adventurous and/or fun? Yes? Let’s hang out! You want dramatic views? Let’s hike! You want a gorgeous ocean sunset? Let’s get sandy...
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Ebony Logins

Victoria, BC, Canada
I’m a natural light wedding photographer with a passion for environmental portraiture. My love of environmental portraiture gives your gallery variety. I love capturing the...
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Ruthanne Zouboukos

Truckee, CA, United States
YOU: Full of grit and gumption, excited by new journeys into unknowns, holding the hand of your love. (You're pretty awesome, in my opinion.) ME:...
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Erika Trivett

Centreville, VA, United States
*a"not too bad" scientist *a crazy in love wife *a spoiling dogs mom *an espresso addicted (only a specific Italian brand, please) *LOVE people who...
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Lukas Piatek

Bottrop, NRW, Germany
Hey, my name is Lukas. I am not a photographer. I am a narrator. Telling your story through my eyes and my camera. Capturing moments...
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Stephanie Zakas

Reykjavík, , Iceland
Holy cannoli, you are actually getting married. Shit just got serious. I got you. You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing, fantastic,...
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Kristen Giles

Houston, TX, United States
I'm Kristen. I am a native Texan and I have spent the last seventeen (yes, seventeen) years traveling the states with my Navy husband, and...
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Jackleen Leed

You: -inspired by connections rather than material things -don't mind getting your dress a little dirty or your hair a little windswept -know it's all...
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Chris Parkinson

Durham, England, United Kingdom
hello. i'm chris. as a kid i had dreams of growing up and becoming a dinosaur, mainly a velociraptor. i have too many pairs of...
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Emma Willich

Richmond, VA, United States
When I was a kid, I wanted to work at Taco Bell or be Bozo. Naturally, as a result, I went to architecture school. There,...
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Markus Morawetz

Purkersdorf, Lower Austria, Austria
As an experienced Wedding photographer, I bring with me the sensitivity for emotions & details as well as an eye for the whole all around...
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Ryan Coslovich

Calgary, AB, Canada
Adventure Wedding Photographer from Calgary, Alberta Canada.
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Rodolfo Fernandes

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Hello! I am Rodolfo and I am a passionate photographer. More than just tell stories what i want more is to document live just the...
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Dana + Vince Bruinsma

Gettysburg, PA, United States
Hi! We're Dana + Vince. We're quirky + weird. We also happen to be wedding photographers. Working with us involves a lot of laughs, and...
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