The Best Wedding Photographers in The US – 2024

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The Best Wedding Photographers in the US 2024/25

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! After weeks of anticipation and countless votes from our vibrant photography community, we are thrilled to announce the winners of our Top US Wedding Photographers survey winners. This wasn’t just any survey; it was a groundbreaking effort to celebrate the genuine talent and hard work that defines our industry, far removed from the pay-for-placement lists that have become all too common.

A Celebration of Genuine Talent

From the outset, our goal was to create a list that reflects the real stars of wedding photography in the US, as chosen by the people who know best – you, our community. We wanted to spotlight those photographers who capture love stories in the most authentic, breathtaking ways possible without the influence of paid endorsements.

No Pay, Just Praise

It’s important to emphasize that every photographer named on this list was selected based on their work’s merit and their peers’ admiration. No one could buy their way onto this list. The integrity of our survey was paramount, and we are proud to say that the results speak for themselves. The photographers honored today have earned their spots through talent, dedication, and the high regard of fellow photographers.

And The Winners Are….

Mari Trancoso

Top Wedding Photographers of 2024 Mari Trancoso capture a magical moment with a bride and groom playfully running through a sun-drenched grove, the sunlight creating a stunning halo effect around them, exemplifying the enchanting quality of outdoor weddings.

Image by Mari Trancoso

Mari Trancoso, esteemed as one of the top wedding photographers of 2024, captures weddings with an enchanting blend of storytelling and cinematic flair. Known for her striking and emotive imagery, Mari crafts photos that are visually breathtaking and rich in the moments they encapsulate. Her ability to weave the unique atmosphere of each wedding into her photographs makes her a sought-after photographer for couples worldwide. Discover Mari’s captivating wedding gallery here.

Lukas Korynta

Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, featuring Lukas Korynta's work: A bride in a flowing dress with a delicate veil walks with her groom in a sharp suit across a city street, with classic San Francisco houses framing this candid, sunlit moment.

Image by Lukas Korynta

Lukas Korynta, recognized among the top wedding photographers of 2024, brings a unique aesthetic of naturalism and simplicity to wedding photography. His talent lies in his ability to capture candid, unposed moments that reveal the true essence and emotion of the wedding day. Based in Portland, Oregon, Lukas’s approach appeals to couples who value genuine, raw emotions portrayed in their most natural form. His work is celebrated for its artistic integrity and timeless appeal. Explore Lukas’s captivating portfolio.

The Hendrys

A man and woman seated on peacock chairs under a neon 'Kim Sing Theatre' sign, bathed in vibrant blue and red lighting, creating a dynamic and stylish atmosphere at a trendy event venue.

Image by The Hendrys

The Hendrys, included among the top wedding photographers of 2024, are renowned for their ability to capture the unique essence of each couple’s love story through their lenses. This husband-and-wife team specializes in creating images that are not just photographs but narratives filled with emotion and personality. Their distinctive style blends modern aesthetics with spontaneous moments to create timeless wedding photos that speak volumes. Their commitment to authentic storytelling makes them a standout choice for couples worldwide. See The Hendrys’ story-rich photography.

Nirav Patel

Top Wedding Photographers of 2024 capture by Nirav Patel features a bride in a bejeweled golden gown standing by a wooden door, with traditional Portuguese azulejos tiles in the background, creating an air of timeless elegance.

Image by Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel, who is distinguished as one of the top wedding photographers of 2024, is celebrated for his profound and introspective approach to wedding photography. Based in California, Nirav excels in using subtle nuances of light and shadow to create deeply evocative images that convey the tranquility and raw emotion of the moments he captures. His work is perfect for those seeking a reflective and soul-stirring record of their special day, with each photo as a piece of art. Explore Nirav’s introspective wedding gallery.

Jose Villa

A stunning photograph by one of the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, Jose Villa, showcasing a couple holding hands while walking down the aisle in a lavish garden conservatory, surrounded by a profusion of flowers and an elegant glass dome overhead.

Image by Jose Villa

Jose Villa is a master craftsman whose name is synonymous with fine art wedding photography and who stands proudly among the top wedding photographers of 2024. His approach combines a love for soft, natural light with a palette that evokes classic film aesthetics, creating timelessly elegant images. Based in California, Jose’s work is sought after by couples around the globe who desire their wedding day captured with a sublime, artistic touch that feels grand and intimate. Discover Jose’s fine art wedding portfolio.

Heather K Purdy

Captured by Heather K Purdy, a name among the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, a bride and groom in casual footwear dash across a deserted road, with the rolling hills of California as their backdrop, reflecting a spontaneous and adventurous spirit.

Image by Heather K Purdy

Heather K Purdy, recognized among the top wedding photographers of 2024, offers a photographic style that is both romantic and timeless. Based in New York, her expertise lies in capturing the subtle, tender moments between couples against beautifully composed backdrops that feel like scenes from a classic movie. Her ability to meld emotion with environmental beauty results in wedding photographs that are not only memorable but also strikingly poetic. View Heather’s romantic wedding collections.

Jean Laurent Gaudy

In an evocative city scene by Jean Laurent Gaudy, acclaimed in the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, a couple shares a romantic embrace in front of the vintage Delacroix Corp. building, a moment of love captured amidst the urban charm of New Orleans.

Image by Jean Laurent Gaudy

Jean Laurent Gaudy, celebrated as one of the top wedding photographers of 2024, is based in New York and brings a distinctly European sensibility to his photography. His approach is deeply personal, capturing the essence of each couple’s story through intimate, candid shots that reflect their unique personalities and the joy of their special day. Jean Laurent’s photography is perfect for those who seek a blend of contemporary style and emotional depth in their wedding photos. Explore Jean Laurent’s intimate portfolio.

John Dolan

A jubilant wedding scene photographed by John Dolan, distinguished in the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, captures a groom carrying his bride amidst a group of laughing friends, all sharing in the couple’s joy on their big day.

Image by John Dolan

John Dolan has carved a niche for himself as a pivotal figure among the top wedding photographers of 2024. His work transcends traditional wedding photography, infusing it with a fine art sensibility that captures the grandeur and subtlety of each moment. Based in New York, John’s iconic style weaves together the personal narratives of the couples with the timeless elegance of his compositions, making each photograph a cherished piece of history. Discover John’s artful wedding narratives.

Adonye Jaja

A striking monochrome portrait by Adonye Jaja, celebrated among the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, features a bride and groom standing apart on a textured sand dune, the bride adjusting her veil and the groom looking pensively ahead.

Image by Adonye Jaja

Adonye Jaja is listed among the top wedding photographers of 2024 for his vibrant and expressive style that captures the profound and jubilant moments of wedding celebrations. Based in Colorado, Adonye’s photographs are a visual feast, emphasizing color, emotion, and the unguarded moments that make each wedding unique. His work appeals to those who appreciate the beauty of candid photography combined with a flair for dramatic compositions. View Adonye’s expressive wedding gallery.

Henry Thieu

A serene scene captured by Henry Tieu, among the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, depicts a bride with a vibrant floral crown embracing her partner, with the sweeping panorama of a mountainous landscape and tranquil bay behind them, evoking a sense of intimate connection in a grand natural setting.

Image by Henry Thieu

Henry Thieu, recognized as one of the top wedding photographers of 2024, brings a cinematic quality to his photography, creating stunning visual tales that capture the essence of each couple’s love story. His meticulous attention to detail and the ability to use light creatively allow him to produce photos that are not just images but evocative stories. Based in Los Angeles, Henry’s work is ideal for those who desire a dramatic, visually compelling record of their wedding day. Explore Henry’s cinematic wedding portfolio.

Elizabeth Messina

A whimsical escape captured by Elizabeth Messina, an elite name in the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, featuring a bride and groom on a classic scooter with a wicker basket full of flowers, set against a soft, natural backdrop, exuding a vintage romance.

Elizabeth Messina is revered among the top wedding photographers of 2024 for her ethereal and romantic approach to wedding photography. Her work is characterized by a soft, luminous style that beautifully captures the delicate, intimate moments of a wedding. Elizabeth’s signature use of natural light and dreamy compositions make her photographs sought after by couples who want their wedding day portrayed like a timeless, fairy-tale narrative. Discover Elizabeth’s dreamy wedding visuals.

Samm Blake

A candid moment of joy by Samm Blake, recognized in the Top Wedding Photographers of 2024, depicts a chic bride in an elegant mid-length dress and a groom in a classic tuxedo, both laughing and walking hand in hand through a lush garden.

Samm Blake, among the top wedding photographers of 2024, combines documentary photography’s candidness with fine art aesthetics to create rich, narrative-driven images. Based in New York, her ability to capture authentic moments, from fleeting glances to exuberant celebrations, ensures that each photograph reflects the emotional depth and personal story of the wedding day. Her work is perfect for couples who value the truth and beauty of spontaneity. View Samm’s narrative-rich wedding collection.

Heartfelt Congratulations

To the photographers who have been recognized: congratulations! This honor reflects your passion, creativity, and the unforgettable moments you capture. Your work inspires us all and represents the pinnacle of what it means to be a wedding photographer. You didn’t just make a list; you made an impact, reminding us all of the power of genuine artistry in capturing love’s most beautiful moments.

Looking Forward

This survey was just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to celebrate and support the incredible talent within our community in many more ways. Let’s keep inspiring each other, pushing the boundaries of creativity, and upholding the values that make our community so unique and strong.

Thank You

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. Whether you nominated a peer, shared the survey with friends in the industry, or simply followed along, you played a crucial role in this project’s success. Stay Tuned and check your inbox for a special gift from LLF in the next days! Together, we’ve taken a stand for authenticity and merit in our industry, and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome.

Stay tuned for more initiatives that celebrate our community’s talent and passion. The journey doesn’t end here; it’s just getting started.