Meet The Moderators

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Cover photo by Pierre Atelier

Meet The Moderators

The LOOKSLIKEFILM moderators consist of two incredible people who, alongside running successful businesses and having families of their own, take the time to moderate the LOOKSLIKEFILM Facebook groups. 

As with all social spaces, groups are made up of a collective of unique individuals from across the world. This can sometimes mean a lot of time spent de-escalating or resolving any issues.

We are eternally grateful to these two humans and want to give you a little introduction to our wonderful moderators.

Seila Stone {she/her} Moderator 

Meet The Moderators

Seila, pronounced ‘Say-lah’ is a Texas-based Mexican-American photographer and makes up one-half of the Stones Photo + Film.

The other half of the business is her husband, and together they are raising two beautiful children and have four dogs and a ball python in Odessa.

In 2009 her then boyfriend, now husband, and business partner gifted Seila her first DSLR and she hasn’t put it down since. She began shooting professionally part-time in 2015 and went full-time in 2016 after the birth of her first child.

After convincing her husband to take on videography, in 2020 they rebranded to the Stones Photo + Film and together shoot primarily weddings and real estate. Their style is timeless, warm, and emotive, and it’s easy to see why they are consistently booked!

Seila is very passionate about civil rights and a huge advocate and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. She describes herself as, “very outspoken” when it comes to speaking up for what she believes, and this can at times impact her emotions. As a Mexican-born immigrant herself, DACA rights are extremely important to her.

In her own words:

I came across LOOKSLIKEFILM in 2016 when a friend invited me to the group. The community means so much to me because it exposed me to all the photographers who really inspire me to grow. Seeing everyone’s creativity encouraged me to push myself in my photography, and that’s honestly when my business took off. That’s what makes LLF my favorite photography group.

Random Facts 

Favorite colorBlack
Star signPisces
Favorite foodMexican
Three things you can’t live withoutMy family, my phone, and my knee pillow!
Greatest achievementLiving the life that I want when everyone expected me to get a “9-5” job
Words to live by“I’d rather be weird than boring”
Favorite drinkWater
If you could visit any place next, where would it be?Iceland
What favorite place have you visited so far?Seattle
Favorite songAnything by Harry Styles
Pineapple on pizza?Nope
If you could communicate with just one animal sound for the rest of your life, what would it be?Bird chirps
Years in business (part + full-time)7 years
What was for lunch today?Mexican food

Tanisha Clay {she/her}Moderator

Meet The Moderators

Tanisha Clay is a mixed-race wedding + portrait photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri.

She specializes in weddings + couples and describes her style as warm, natural, and romantic. She got married in 2021, and they welcomed their baby this year, so it’s been a busy and joyful two years! Together with their little one, they also have two dogs and a cat that only partially tolerates Tanisha.

Tanisha has taken a step back from photography to focus on her “world’s cutest baby”! But of course, she’s never far away from the photography scene and is always present in her moderating role. She loves her job and misses the elements that come with it, from fluffing dresses to the rush she gets from beating the sunset!

In her own words:

I came across LOOKSLIKEFILM when I joined multiple groups early in my photography journey. I was looking for inspiration and community, and that’s exactly what I found in LLF.

This community is uplifting, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see the outstanding work shared by people across the globe.

Random Facts

Favorite colorEmerald 
Star SignTaurus
Pineapple on pizza?No, I will die on this hill
Age? 26
Favorite TV show?The Office
What was for lunch today?Iced coffee and cookie dough (Mom life!)

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