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Transform Your Photography Game with meridian Lightroom Presets for Weddings, Portraits and Landscapes.


Every professional or semi-professional photographer knows that the magic doesn’t just happen in front of the lens. It’s the post-processing journey that genuinely brings a vision to life. And in the realm of wedding photography, Adobe Lightroom presets have emerged as invaluable tools for creativity.

A Paradigm Shift: The Power of Lightroom Presets and Lightroom Effects

The advent of Lightroom presets has revolutionized the post-production process for wedding photographers. Whether you’re an industry professional or an enthusiastic amateur, these editing tools empower you to create mesmerizing shots consistently, significantly reducing editing time.

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meridian Presets: Transcending the Norms

At meridian Presets, we’ve taken a firm stance on developing state-of-the-art Lightroom presets that align with the creative vision of some of the industry’s brightest stars. We collaborate with renowned photographers like Benj Haisch, Jennifer Moher, Lukas Korynta, and India Earl to deliver Lightroom presets and Lightroom effects that stand out and impact.

What Makes meridian Lightroom Presets Stand Out?

Meridian’s Lightroom presets have become an invaluable asset for photographers around the globe, both professional and semi-professional. Here are some notable benefits that illustrate why:

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Meridian presets invite you to dive into the unique world of Lightroom effects, offering a fresh perspective on your images. The presets are more than just an editing tool. They are an invitation to transform each image into a captivating masterpiece that resonates with emotion and tells a unique story.
  • Enchanting Visuals: The presets work magic in your photos, allowing light to breathe life and focus into your subjects while the shadows carve out depth and emotion. The result is a captivating visual symphony that enchants the viewer.
  • Endless Possibilities: With Meridian presets, you’re editing and creating. Whether enhancing the light in an ethereal wedding photo or adding depth to an intimate portrait, Meridian presets enable you to articulate your artistic vision.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Meridian presets are crafted with a deep understanding of color, light, and emotion. Each preset is meticulously designed and tested to deliver the best possible results consistently.


The Magic Behind Some of Our Popular Lightroom Presets

Let’s sneak peek into some of our most popular presets, tailor-made for wedding photography.

Benj Haisch’s Cascade Presets: Crafting Weddings into Visual Narratives

A keen observer of light and color, Benj Haisch has spent years photographing weddings in diverse environments across the globe. Each locale presents its unique light intensity and color spectrum, from deserts to urban spots to tropical settings and mountainous landscapes.

Born out of these varied experiences, Benj has crafted a set of Lightroom presets designed to bring out the distinctive charm of each photo. He built these presets to help navigate the wedding day’s dynamic lighting conditions, adding the unique look and feel he envisioned for his photographs.

Whether dealing with tricky lighting or striving to maintain consistency in your work, these presets serve as a solid starting point. They’re crafted to be adaptive, meaning whether you use them ‘as is’ or modify them to suit your style, they’re bound to enhance your images. And if something looks off, Benj welcomes feedback to provide further assistance.

Over the years, these presets have been massive timesavers for Benj, helping him speed up his editing process while maintaining a high-quality output. He hopes they’ll do the same for you, assisting you in turning every wedding you photograph into a beautifully curated visual narrative. Introducing the CASCADE 02 PRESETS – the evolved version of Benj’s initial wedding presets, fine-tuned to adapt to various environments and lighting conditions.

Jennifer Moher’s Slate & Ivory Presets: Nostalgia Meets Versatility

Hailing from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Jennifer Moher draws strength and inspiration from her extended family of photographers. Guided by the belief that life is about experiences and emotions, Jennifer doesn’t hesitate to change when something isn’t working. She finds joy in capturing intimate moments, expressing a desire to photograph her parents more often, and beautifully bridging the gap between personal and commissioned work.

Lightroom Presets

Inspired by the timeless allure of old cinema and the legendary stalwarts of the photography industry, Jennifer brings you the SLATE & IVORY DECADES PRESETS pack. As the name suggests, these presets are designed to evoke a profound sense of nostalgia, infusing your photographs with an unmistakable vintage charm.

However, don’t let the nostalgia fool you into thinking they lack versatility. The SLATE & IVORY DECADES PRESETS can adapt to many sessions and diverse lighting scenarios. Whether you’re capturing a rustic countryside wedding, a vibrant urban elopement, or a laid-back beach engagement, these presets will lend a timeless touch to your photos, making them look like pages straight out of a classic photo album. Jennifer’s presets are all about capturing the heart of the moment and imbuing it with a sense of the past.

Lukas Korynta’s LKO Presets: Capturing the Pacific Northwest’s Color Palette

Emanating from the vibrant heart of Portland, Oregon, the LKO FILM PRESETS by Lukas Korynta are an homage to the mesmerizing palette of the Pacific Northwest. Imagine the haunting beauty of dense forests transformed into deep greens, the natural warmth of soft skin tones, and the serenity of oceanic expanses reflected in muted blues. These presets, adored by thousands of photographers worldwide, have been enhanced further with the introduction of the LKO 2.0 PRESETS.

Lukas Korynta’s growth as a photographer led to an evolution in his editing approach. He began to value simplicity and consistency, favoring edits that age like fine wine. This transformation birthed the LKO Sierra collection, focusing on timelessness and ease of use while retaining the characteristic nostalgic, natural color look of LKO.

The Sierra collection stands out for its versatility. Engineered to function optimally under any lighting conditions and with any camera model, these Lightroom presets are reliable for photographers seeking consistency and quality.

Lightroom Presets

But there’s more to these presets than digital editing prowess. Having spent considerable time shooting on film, Lukas found inspiration in its colors, grain, and the enchanting unpredictability of light. This fascination ignited a quest to recreate a film’s unique and timeless look through digital editing.

After nearly a year of meticulously studying film scans and experimenting with diverse film stocks, the result is the LKO presets. These are more than just tools – they inspire photographers to explore the irreplaceable charm of the film while enjoying the flexibility and precision of digital editing. With LKO presets, Lukas has achieved a harmonious fusion of film aesthetics and digital ease.

HELIOS by Gabe McClintock: Emulating the Master of Lens Flare

Introducing HELIOS – a collection meticulously crafted to emulate the iconic lens flare style that Gabe McClintock has perfected over his illustrious photography career. Revered for his deeply emotional and powerful wedding and couple images, Gabe has left countless admirers in awe of his exceptional mastery of lens flares. Now, it’s your turn to harness that captivating effect in your work.

Our dedicated team at Meridian Presets has painstakingly replicated Gabe’s signature natural lens flare, making it accessible and easy to apply within Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. The Helios Set enables you to effortlessly infuse your images with that sought-after flare, taking your photography to new heights.

Lightroom Presets

Gabe McClintock is more than a photographer – he is a devoted family man, a passionate explorer, and a masterful visual storyteller. His affection for his family is rivaled only by his love for travel, appreciating past adventures while eagerly anticipating the journeys yet to unfold.

Over the past 17 years, photography has granted Gabe the extraordinary privilege of exploring our world in ways he could never have imagined. From basking in the sun-soaked Grand Canyon and embracing the mystic fog of Scotland to the cascading waterfalls of Iceland and breathtaking cliff edges in Barbados, he has consistently captured and perfected the art of lens flare.

Anni Graham’s Lumine Presets: Painting with Light and Shadows

Welcome to the captivating world of LUMINE, an exquisite collection that elevates your images with a harmonious blend of light and shadow. These presets, the brainchild of the renowned photographer Anni Graham, are inspired by the dancing light and dappled shadows that a simple tree outside your window casts on your living room wall.

The Lumine presets work magic in your photos, allowing light to breathe life and focus into your subjects while the shadows carve out depth and emotion. The result? It is a captivating visual symphony that enchants the viewer.

Lightroom Presets

Unleash your creativity with the Lumine presets’ versatile features. Use them indoors or outdoors, combine them for novel effects, and modify them using the LLF Lightroom plug-in. Adjust these effects’ shape, size, and intensity to align with your vision perfectly.

The Lumine presets are more than just an editing tool. They are an invitation to transform each image into a captivating masterpiece that resonates with emotion and tells a unique story. Dive into the world of Lumine and let your pictures illuminate with enchanting light and intriguing shadows.


The Versatile Usage of meridian Lightroom Presets

meridian Lightroom Presets offer an impressive degree of flexibility, suitable for an expansive array of photographic styles:

  • Wedding Photography: Meridian presets encapsulate the profound emotions and fleeting moments unique to each wedding. Whether your style leans towards the dramatic, the nostalgic, or the minutely detailed, there’s a Meridian preset that can help you create timeless mementos of these special days.
  • Portrait Photography: For portrait photographers, Meridian presets bring a new level of refinement to your work. Whether you aim to create warm, inviting portraits, accentuate the natural charm of your subjects, or retain and highlight true-to-life colors, Meridian presets provide an essential tool to realize your vision.
  • Landscape Photography: Landscape photographers will find that Meridian presets can elevate their work. With presets designed to add depth and richness, bring in ethereal touches, manipulate lights and shadows, or subtly enhance colors, Meridian enables you to capture the essence of any environment. Whether photographing lush forests, foggy mountains, or the captivating hues of the golden hour, there’s a Meridian preset to make your landscape photos sing.

In conclusion, the versatility of Meridian presets makes them a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit, promising to enhance your work, irrespective of your chosen genre, significantly.

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Final Thoughts

Unleashing your creativity doesn’t have to mean endless hours in front of the screen, fine-tuning every single photo. With suitable Lightroom presets you can maintain a distinctive style, save time, and focus on what truly matters: capturing the unforgettable moments that make each wedding unique.

So, leap into the mesmerizing world of Lightroom presets for wedding photography. Your artistry and the couples who will cherish these precious memories forever deserve it.

And yes, Meridian Presets are compatible with both Lightroom CC (desktop version) and Lightroom Mobile, meaning you can edit on the go directly from your mobile device.