12 Of The Most Stunning Wyoming Wedding Venues

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These Fantastic Wyoming Wedding Venues Will Leave You In Awe

Wyoming Wedding Venues // You are engaged and now looking for Wyoming wedding venues? Well, first of all, congratulations! The state is known for its diverse geography that ranges from wide-open plains to panoramic mountains.

If you are looking for outdoor Wyoming wedding venues, then you will find National and State Parks, forests, lakes, and lots of wilderness. We put the most amazing Wyoming wedding venues for you in a shortlist down below.

Wyoming wedding venues are as versatile as the geography of the state: Get married next to a lake, on top of a mountain, at a National Park, or at a ranch. Just scroll down to find all these Wyoming wedding venues.



Top Wyoming Wedding Venues


Diamond Cross Ranch

A wedding couple is getting married at the Diamond Cross Ranch, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Janelle & Co – www.janelleandco.com


The Diamond Cross Ranch might be one of the most iconic ranches in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Get married with unobstructed Grand Teton views in the background and enjoy the western beauty meets modern elegance atmosphere.

This Western setting lets you dream as big as the mountains and gives you everything you need for your big day. The outdoor lawn offers you a backdrop you and your guests will about for years. This venue might be one of the best Wyoming wedding venues.



Fireside Resort

A wedding couple is kissing each other at the Fireside Resort, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Erin Wheat – www.erinwheat.com


The Fireside Resort is a luxury resort in Wilson, Wyoming. Not only can you and your guests stay in one of the cozy cabin rentals, you can also celebrate your wedding at this sustainable retreat. The outdoor area of the resort wows with its panoramic views of the mountains and lush nature.

If you are looking for intimacy and privacy in the Teton wilderness, then you should check out this breathtaking boutique hotel.



Grand Targhee Resort

A wedding couple is getting married outside on the lawn at the Grand Targhee Resort, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Taryn Nagy Holland – www.greatwoodlandphotography.com


The Grand Targhee Resort is the most scenic high alpine Wyoming wedding venue in the Tetons. Get married on the Tweewinot Lawn and enjoy the mountain views, the airy feel and the natural light. Celebrate your wedding at the Aspen Pavilion, which is nestled in the aspen forest at the base of Peaked Mountain. The pavilion has a maximum capacity of 200 guests.



Grand Teton National Park

A groom is holding his bride and she is bending backwards and leaning into his arm and they are standing at the Grand Teton National Park, one of the Wyoming wedding venues..



The Teton Range is located in the Grand Teton National Park and features a hundred miles of trails, remarkable serenity, and the meandering Snake River. This special area is rich with diverse wildlife, crystal clear lakes, and alpine landscapes.

Mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, and beautiful skies provide the perfect backdrop for your intimate ceremony. You can also visit cattle ranches and old homesteads to get a glimpse of the park´s rich cultural history.

The National Park is known to be a stunning location for an intimate ceremony in the middle of nature. Popular wedding sites are Blacktail Ponds Overlook, Schwabacher Landing, and Signal Mountain summit. You can also get married at numerous other locations, but you need a special permit, and normal entrance fees are charged for you and your guests.



Hynds Lodge at Curd Gowdy State Park

A wedding couple is getting married next to the Hynds Lodge at the Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming.

Megan Lee – www.meganleephoto.com


The Hynds Lodge is a perfect starting point for your wedding. You can get ready in the lodge and walk over to the amphitheater that is conveniently located just 2 minutes away from the lodge. The Hynds Lodge offers you twenty twin size beds for overnight stay and a spacious kitchen.

The Curt Gowdy Amphitheater offers you breathtaking views of the mountains and pines. You can celebrate weddings with up to 90 guests at the amphitheater.



Jackson Lake Lodge

A wedding couple is standing at the Jackson Lake Lodge, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Jocilyn Bennett – www.jocilynbennett.com


We already wrote about the Grand Teton Nation Park in general, but this venue is definitively worth mentioning. The Jackson Lake Lodge is located in the Grand Teton National Park and sits on a natural bluff overlooking Jackson Hole and the Teton Range. Inside the building you get a spectacular view of the Tetons.



Lakeview Lodge 307 at Lake Desmet

A wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen are walking away from Lake Desmet towards the Lakeview Lodge 307, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Megan Lee – www.meganleephoto.com


The Lakeview Lodge 307 sits on a hill next to lake Desmot and is a true gem in Johnson County, Wyoming. The lodge offers you several rooms for get ting ready, a spacious kitchen, and a big ceremony room with floor to ceiling windows and a breatktaking view of lake Desmot.

The serenity of the property and the lush nature surrounding you, makes this wedding venue in Wyoming truly magical. This might be one of the most breathtaking Wyoming wedding venues.



Little America

A wedding couple is getting married at Little America, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Janelle Rose Photography – www.janellerosephotography.com


Little America is a hotel and resort in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The elegant ballrooms give you plenty of space for your wedding reception and the manicured lush garden offers you a romantic ceremony site with a pavilion nestled in between towering trees. You can choose between over 10 ballrooms for your wedding.



Moose Head Ranch

A wedding couple is kissing each other at the Moose Head Ranch, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Brittany – www.alchemycreative.net


Moose Head Ranch is a stunning Jackson Hole wedding venue that is available during off season. You can get married with direct views of the Grand Teton mountain range as your backdrop.

The Ranch offers you a lodge and cabins that you can rent ofr an overnight stay. If you are looking for a serene setting in the middle of nature, then you just check out the Moose Head Ranch.



Terry Bison Ranch

A bride is sitting in the drivers seat of an old car and her groom is standing next to her at the Terry Bison Ranch, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Emily Kowalski – www.emilykphotos.com


Terry Bison Ranch is a unique wedding venue located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The venue offers you 14 different ceremony sites for your dream wedding. The resort is a Western adventure destination, which means you cen even go on a Bison Train Tour if you like. The tranquility and nature surrounding the ranch gives your wedding a serene backdrop.



The Bentwood Inn

A wedding couple is getting married at the Bentwood Inn.

Kayla – www.foxtailsphotography.com


The Brentwood Inn is a romantic bed and breakfast wedding venue that is located in Wilson, Wyoming. The property is conveniently located close to the Grand Teton National Park and offers you an outdoor area for summer weddings, indoor spaces with a rustic fireplace, and accommodations for you and your guests.



Trail Creek Ranch

A wedding couple is standing next to a lake at the Trail Creek Ranch, one of the Wyoming wedding venues.

Jacilyn M – www.jacilynm.com


Trail Creek Ranch boasts 270 acres of beautiful Wyoming surroundings. The authentic barn wedding venue is located in Wilson and offers you plenty of space in their rustic barn or outdoors on the manicured lawn.

The panoramic views of the mountains surrounding you and the tranquility and serenity of the location will leave you and your guests in awe. The venue has a maximum capacity of 250 guests. This might be one of the most amazing Wyoming wedding venues.




Now it is time to choose one of these fantastic Wyoming wedding venues!
All these beautiful Wyoming wedding venues will make your wedding even more beautiful.
Make sure to check out all the Wyoming wedding venues available online but also in person.
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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.


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