Wedding Venues Jacksonville FL – Here Are The 9 Most Beautiful Ones

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These Wedding Venues Jacksonville FL Offers Are Really Amazing

Wedding Venues Jacksonville FL // Congratulations, you are engaged! And you are now looking for wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers. This city is a great place to get married, to begin with. But it can be a bit tricky to find the right option out of all these amazing wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers. But don´t worry, we are here to help you. We found the best wedding venues Jacksonville FL has and put them all together in our shortlist down below.


The wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers are so unique: get married in a glass factory, at a farm, a country club, or at many other venues. No matter which style or budget you have, there really is a wedding venue for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find the most amazing wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers down below.



Top Wedding Venues Jacksonville FL


All 4 One Farms

A wedding couple is kissing each other in front of the All 4 One farms, one of the wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers.

Daniel Colmenares –


All 4 One Farms is a stunning wedding venue southwest of Jacksonville. The venue consists of several ceremony sites framed by nature and can host weddings with up to 200 guests. The popular scenic outdoor site features Spanish moss hanging overhead, as well as towering trees, and a picturesque garden.

A number of alternative wedding spaces are available and can be adapted to your needs and your taste. The indoor sites feature billowing drapery overhead and wrought-iron chandeliers.



Bowing Oaks Plantation

A wedding couple is kissing each other in front of a big tree at the Bowing Oaks Plantation in Jacksonville.

Kristina + Jerico –


Bowing Oaks is a breathtaking wedding venue nestled on five acres in south Jacksonville, Fl. The rustic yet elegant venue offers you all the modern conveniences you might need for your wedding and is located just minutes away from hotels and restaurants. Exchange vows at one of the two picturesque ceremony sites, and celebrate in the venue´s spacious ballroom with up to 200 seated guests.



Brick and Beam

A wedding couple is getting married at Brick and Beam, one of the wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers.

Shelbi Ann –


Brick and Beam is a private event space in Jacksonville´s historic Springfield. The 2,300 square foot event venue offers you the main parlor and an expansive back porch with lots of space and rustic features. The rustic charm and the minimalist design give you a unique backdrop that fits any kind of wedding.



Congaree and Penn

A wedding couple is getting married next to a big tree with their guests next to them.

Vanessa Boy –


The Congaree and Penn is a farm and restaurant located just around the corner from downtown Jacksonville. The open-air farm setting is perfect for outdoor weddings. You can dine among grapevines and celebrate in the covered patio area. A special highlight is the venue´s field to fork dining experiences.



Old St. Andrews Church

A wedding couple is kissing each other at the Old St. Andrews Church, one of the wedding venues Jacksonville FL.

Seth Langner –


The Old St. Andrews Church is a Gothic Revival church from 1888 that is located in Jacksonville, Fl. The church is a popular venue for weddings and is conveniently located in the middle of Jacksonville´s Sports and Entertainment District. The intimate setting is perfect for weddings with over 130 guests.

For more inspiration, check out our post about the very best wedding venues in the sunshine state.



The Glass Factory

A wedding couple is getting married at the Glass Factory in Jacksonville, Florida.

Stefanie Keeler –


The Glass Factory is Jacksonville´s historical industrial wedding venue. This breathtaking location features historical brick walls and beams, light-filled spaces, and a rustic atmosphere. The Factory Floor offers you 16,000 square feet of industrial space, which is perfect for a bigger wedding. In addition to the Factory Floor, you can rent the bridal suite and the groom´s room.



The Keeler Property

A wedding couple and some of their guests are standing in front of the barn at the Keeler Property in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sunglow Photography –


The Keeler Property is a private country estate in Jacksonville, FL. The venue is nestled in a charming rural corner of the city and offers a covered bridge and lakeside red barn as your wedding backdrop. The 40-acre country estate can accommodate weddings with up to 300 guests and is conveniently located just 30 minutes from downtown Jacksonville.



The River Club

A wedding couple is walking down wooden stairs and confettis are flying in the air at the River club in Jacksonville.

Sara Purdy –


The River Club offers you a luxury setting for your wedding including exquisite panoramic views of downtown Jacksonville, Fl, and the St.Johns River. The venue rental includes 360-degree views of the city, custom-designed menus, complimentary parking, and equipment rental. You can host ceremonies with over 300 guests at this stunning location.



Timuquana Country Club

A wedding couple is kissing each other in front go the Timuquana Country Club in Jacksonville Florida, and their guests are holding up sparklers.

Scott + Tori Lowery –


The Timuquana Country Club offers you a riverfront wedding venue in Jacksonville, Florida. The venue is one of Florida’s premier private country clubs and it sits on the western bank of St. Johns River. You can either get married outside in front of the river or inside the Country Club in one of the spacious rooms.



Now it is time to choose one of these gorgeous wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers!
All these breathtaking wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers will make your wedding even more beautiful.
Make sure to check out all the wedding venues Jacksonville FL offers available online but also in person.
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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.


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