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These Presets and Effects Will Leave You In Awe

Black Friday 2021 // It´s finally this time of the year when you can bargain on our presets and effects. Go to our BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Page right now, before time runs out. Not only are we so excited about getting you the best deals on this year´s Black Friday 2021, but we are also psyched that we get to work together with the most talented artists of our LLF community. That´s why we quickly want to give you an overview of some of the most popular presets and effects, before you head over to get your black Friday 2021 deal:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.



!!! Black Friday 2021 Alert !!!


Nova Presets

A couple is sitting on the couch and the floor, the Nova preset is used for this picture for the Black Friday 2021 sale.

The Nova Presets collection was created in collaboration with countless talented artists worldwide. Nova transforms any image into soft pastel-like tones in combination with warm bronze hues. You are already in love with a distinctive copper-like color range? Then this preset is made for you! The Nova Presets are made for all skin tones and any kind of photography.

If you are looking for a way to elevate the look and feel of your work after this year´s Black Friday 2021 sale, then you need to check out our deals on the Nova Presets:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.


Natura Presets

A little girl is standing next to a rope with laundry on it, a picture with the Natura Preset, used for Black Friday 2021.

The Natura Presets are the latest addition to our presets family. Meg Loeks – our talented LLF artist – created this preset bundle inspired by nature. Transform your work with just one click and experience the yesteryear feel the presets give you. The versatile pack is rich in color and boasts both warm and cool greens.

You can use the Natura presets for environmental portraits and landscapes. And if your colorful images need a more polished look, you should definitively check out our limited Black Friday 2021 deals on this newly released preset pack:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.


Cascade 02 Presets

A wedding couple is holding hands and standing on a mountain top, a picture with the Cascade 02 preset look, used for the Black Friday 2021 sale.

Benj Haisch created this beautiful preset pack for environments with a huge range in light intensity. You can use the Cascade 02 presets for photo shootings in the desert, tropical, urban, and mountainous environments.

We are amazed by the range of light intensity this preset pack can be used for. If you feel the same, get the best bargain this Balck Friday 2021 right now:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.

Three portrait pictures, edited with the Nova presets, for the Black Friday 2021 sale.


Slate & Ivory Decades Presets

A portrait of a woman with the Slate & Ivory Decades preset, used for the Black Friday 2021 sale.

Jennifer Moher created the Slate & Ivory Decades presets inspired by some of the greatest legends of the photography industry from the past and old cinema. The versatile preset pack evokes a sense of nostalgia and can be used for all kinds of photography and for different light intensities.

If you want to add that feeling of nostalgia to your work, make sure to check out our Black Friday 2021 deals for the Slate & Ivory Decades presets:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.


LKO Sierra

A couple is hugging each other and sitting in a field, the LKO Sierra presets are used for this photo for the Black Friday 2021 sale.

If you love the nostalgic feeling you get from the Slate & Ivory Decades presets, but are looking for a more natural, brighter look, then the LKO Sierra presets might be just the right option for you. Lukas Korynta created a preset and toolkit bundle that gives your work a timeless, simple, and clean nostalgic look. LKO Sierra is perfect for any type of light and camera model.

If you are looking to keep your editing style unique, but at the same time consistent, then check out Black Friday 2021 LKO Sierra sale:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.


The Melanated Film Presets

A portrait shot of a woman with a palm leaf in the background, edited with the Melanated Film Presets for the Black Friday 2021 sale.

Chinelle Rojas created this wonderful preset bundle out of a need to PROPERLY edit the skin tones of more melanated skin tones. Whereas other presets lack consideration for the diversity of our clients, this preset pack avoids “white-washing” of darker skin tones and emphasizes the real skin tones of your clients.

If you are looking for a preset that shows that it’s possible to edit darker skin tones, and even interracial families, beautifully and consistently, then make sure to check out our Black Friday 2021 deal on the Melanated Film preset bundle:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.

Three portrait pictures, edited with the Nova presets, for the Black Friday 2021 sale.


Lumine Effects

Closeup of a woman leaning on a couch, edited with the Lumine effects for the Black Friday 2021 sale.

The Lumine Presets are a collection of 15 natural light and shadow effects, created by Anni Graham. Have you ever been inspired by those beautiful shadows on your living room wall from the trees outside and wanted to add those to your work? Well, then you just came to the right place. The Lumine Presets add creativity and focus to your images.

Bring your photos to the next level with shadows that add depth and emotion. The preset bundle can be used indoors and outdoors and transform your work into something unique and captivating. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your Black Friday 2021 deal on the Lumine Presets right now, before time runs out:  BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.


Solis Effects

A couple is walking their dogs a the beach. a Solis Effect is added, for the Black Friday 20201 sale.

India Earl created the Solis Presets for any photographer who wants to get more creative with their work. The 25 Creative Sun, Flare, and Glass Brush Presets bring back focus to your photos and add natural effects that embrace the light in a completely new way.

If you have a natural editing style and are looking for a unique touch to your work, then head over to this year´s Black Friday 2021 sale and get a bargain on the Solis Presets: BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Meridian Presets.

Three portrait pictures, edited with the Nova presets, for the Black Friday 2021 sale.


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