Our Top 8 Breathtaking Nashville Wedding Venues That Will Capture Your Heart

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These 8 Nashville Wedding Venues Are Mindblowing

Nashville Wedding Venues  // Congratulations, you are getting married. Nashville is a great wedding location, to begin with. But there are so many amazing Nashville wedding venues to choose from, it can be a bit tricky to find the right one. But don´t worry, we are here to help you. We preselected the most amazing Nashville wedding venues down below. Not only does the capital of country music offer you romantic farms and barns, but also estates, gardens, and riverfront Nashville wedding venues.


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Top Nashville Wedding Venues


Belle Meade Plantation

A wedding couple is getting married at the Belle Meade in Nashville.

George Street Photo & Video – www.georgestreetphoto.com


Belle Meade is a historic site and winery that offers you elegant indoor and outdoor spaces in Nashville, TN. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests and showcases elegance mixed with lush nature throughout the whole estate. Within seven miles you can get to downtown Nashville.



Cedarwood Weddings

A bride is standing on the porch at the Cedarwood weddings estate.

Teale & Justin – www.tealephotography.net


Cedarwood Weddings is an all-inclusive wedding venue in Nashville, TN. The 50-acre estate is nestled on idyllic terrain and is located just eight miles away from downtown Nashville. You can choose between various indoor and outdoor ceremony sites and enjoy both rustic atmospheres as well as refined elegance. The venue easily fits parties with up to 200 guests.



Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

A wedding couple is getting married inside of the Frist Learning Center at the Cheekwood garden.

Darcy Ferris – www.darcyferris.com


Cheekwood offers unique indoor and outdoor wedding venues such as the botanical gardens or the Historic Mansion and Museum. The estate and gardens venue sits in Nashville, TN, and offers you several unique ceremony sites. Get married at the Wisteria  Arbor, a balcony area with wisteria growing across the metal pavilion. This venue will blow your mind and is definitely worth checking out.



City Winery Nashville

A wedding couple is kissing each other at the City Winery, one of the Nashville wedding venues.

Twila Allen – www.twilaallenphotography.com


The City Winery is an urban luxury event venue located in Nashville, TN. The venue offers several private event sites, which are perfect for up to 1200 guests. The venue is nestled in the SoBro district, which is south of the famous Lower Broadway.


Clementine Hall

A wedding couple is standing in front of the Clementine Hall in Nashville.

Sara Bill – www.sarabillphotography.com


Clementine Hall is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue located in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood in Nashville, TN. The venue offers you the Adelaide Hall, the Little Bird Lounge, the Brash Courtyard, and three dressing rooms, and a kitchen. The maximum capacity is 450 standing guests.



Loveless Barn

The Loveless Barn, one of the Nashville wedding venues.

Chesley Summer – www.chesleysummarphotography.com


The Loveless Barn is a rustic-chic wedding venue nestled in Nashville, TN. The unique event site features an elegant circular drive entrance, a wooden bar, church pews, a private loft, and indoor as well as outdoor ceremony sites. This picturesque location can host ceremonies with over 300 guests.



Old School Farm


A wedding couple is kissing each other at the altar at the Old School Farm in Nashville.

Jacoby Andrick – www.jacobyphotoanddesign.com


The Old School is a historic farm wedding venue located in Nashville, TN. Exchange vows at this tranquil rustic barn venue and enjoy the acres of scenic farmland as a backdrop to your wedding. This venue can host ceremonies with up to 200 guests.



The Bridge Building

A wedding couple is walking along a bridge at the Bridge Building in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kate Anthony – www.kateaphotography.com


The Bridge Building is a premier Nashville wedding venue that is nestled in downtown Nashville on the riverfront. The historic venue offers you a riverfront patio, a rooftop patio, a scenic view of the city, and a full-service event team. The venue easily fits celebrations with over 300 guests.



Now it is time to select one of these breathtaking Nashville wedding venues!
All these spectacular Nashville wedding venues will make your wedding even more mind-blowing.
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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.


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