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10 Questions with Jennifer Moher, the artist behind our Slate & Ivory Decades Presets

Meet Jennifer // Jennifer Moher is a talented photographer and educator based in Peterborough Ontario, Canada. She values nostalgia, family, art, cinema, good conversation, and love. We are so excited to call her a member of our LLF community.  Jennifer has already released “Slate & Ivory” and “Slate & Ivory 2.0” in the past and is a huge inspiration for a community of photographers. Her brand new “Slate & Ivory Decades“preset bundle takes you through the different decades and adds a unique touch to your photos.
We wanted to get to know Jennifer more and asked her 10 questions. Check out the answers of her inspiring, creative mind:
Slate & Ivory Decades Presets

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1. What was your inspiration for the new presets?

“I have always been deeply inspired by the work of Peter Lindberg, by film director Stanley Kubric and Alfred Hitchcock and by old and new cinema in general. This pack has cinematic and nostalgic elements which is my main source of inspiration.”

A woman is standing near a window.

Jennifer Moher – SLATE & IVORY DECADES


2. Why do you feel it was the right time to release a new preset pack?

“My work has been evolving over the years to a more timeless, less trendy feel. Through the black and white this is easy, but with colour, it’s tricky to not fall into the trend trap. I looked to older cinematic stills and photos and took elements from those as those sources of inspiration remain refined and timeless.”

Someone is wearing a white dress and they are standing in a room.

Jennifer Moher – SLATE & IVORY DECADES


3. How would you describe the change in your photography style since the release of the first Slate & Ivory presets?

“My work and my life has become more soul focused. I have been doing a lot of deep inner work and realize that I need to create images that feel.”

An elderly couple is hugging each other and sitting in a cornfield.

Jennifer Moher – SLATE & IVORY DECADES


4. What are sources of inspiration for your work?

“My main source lately has been Peter Linderg (as mentioned above) but also random old photographs (found in thrift shops, anonymously on pinterest, etc)”

Jennifer Moher is sitting on a bed and a man is playing the guitar.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades


5. What is your favorite movie?

“My recent favourite movie is Pig, it is an absolute masterpiece on every level. I have SO many runner-ups, including Shutter Island, Rear Window, There will be blood and Drive.”

Jennifer Moher is holding her baby.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades


6. What is the goal of your Cinematic Storytelling Masterclass?

“The goal of the masterclass is to teach photographers to look away from trends and dig into what moves us, by looking at film directors who take on this same approach. It is meant to expand our awareness of the beauty around us and pushes us to think for ourselves rather than relying on industry trends to guide our artwork.”

A couple is dancing.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades


7. How do you stay so passionate about what you do?

“I think the secret is to stay true to your own style, the second I find myself following others and attempting to recreate something someone else has done, I feel deeply inauthentic and dissatisfied with my work. We need to take the time to explore our own creative ideas, rather than relying on the industry to tell us what’s “cool”.”

A portrait of a woman.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades


8. Which scenery and light would fit your new preset style the most?

“They are extremely versatile and work well in any lighting condition, however I do tend to expose for highlights and shoot a bit darker.”

A woman is wearing lingerie and sitting on a bed.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades


9. Tell us about one of the most unforgettable moments as a photographer this year!

“Oh wow. My first wedding back after a year of not shooting. It was a really moving moment during the reception, to take a step back and watch everyone hug and dance and show love. I felt the emotions of everyone in the room and it was absolutely beautiful.”

A closeup of a couple lying in bed.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades


10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

“I would live somewhere in Europe with really old buildings, that hold stories of the souls that once inhabited the space.”

A woman and two children are sitting in a meadow.

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Decades



Thank you again for answering all our questions, Jennifer!

If you are now feeling inspired and want to check out Jennifer’s latest presets – Slate & Ivory Decades – then head over to our Meridian Presets website.