The 10 Most Stunning Minnesota Wedding Venues

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10 Minnesota Wedding Venues That Will Take Your Breath Away

Minnesota Wedding Venues // Congratulations, you just got engaged! That is amazing! And now you are looking for breathtaking Minnesota wedding venues? It can be a bit hard to find the right one out of all these amazing Minnesota wedding venues. But don´t worry, that´s why we choose the most amazing Minnesota wedding venues for you. All these Minnesota wedding venues will take your breath away, whether you get married in an old theatre, a flower farm, a barn, a museum, or an alumni center.
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Top Minnesota Wedding Venues




A wedding couple is kissing each other at the Aria wedding venue.

Ali Leigh –


Aria is a former theater that is located in the heart of Minneapolis. This strikingly beautiful event space features high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and crystal chandeliers. The versatile venue gives you perfect acoustics, a flexible open floor plan, and plenty of rigging points for lighting and decorations.



Bloom Lake Barn

A wedding couple is holding each other at the Bloom Lake Farm.

Marissa Murdy –


The Bloom Lake Barn is a premier wedding barn that is nestled in the St. Croix Valley. The property offers you walking trails, manicured lawns, and orchards. The historic barn features massive vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors – a breathtaking romantic setup for your wedding. There are many lodging options nearby and you can celebrate ceremonies with up to 300 guests seated and 500 guests standing.



Camrose Hill Flower Farm

A wedding couple is holding each other at the Camrose Hill Flower Farm in Minnesota.

Leah Quinto –


The Camrose Hill Flower Farm is a romantic secret garden wedding venue located in Stillwater. You can choose between three venues: the outdoor chapel gives you an elegant rustic charm, the Fairy Glen is a rather wild, lush, and untamed venue and the barn offers you rustic wooden means and crystal chandeliers.



McNamara Alumni Center

McNamara Alumni Center path the University of Minnesota.

Joe and Jen –


The McNamara Alumni Center is a truly unique wedding venue on the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus. The Memorial Hall is 85 feet tall, features lots of wood and copper elements, a water feature, and is inspired by the Minnesota landscape. The event space is perfect for ceremonies with up to 1000 guests and even features a built-in stage.



Mill City Museum

A wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen are standing in front of the Mill City Museum.

Ali Leigh –


The Mill City Museum is a wedding venue located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. The architectural highlight combines the mill´s past with modern brick, wood, and steel and gives your wedding an industrial, contemporary atmosphere. You and your guests get stunning views of the river, the skyline, and the city. This venue is perfect for up to 350 guests and offers you an outdoor courtyard.



Northern Pacific Center

A wedding couple and their guests are sitting in the Blacksmith Main Space at the Northern Pacific Center.

Aimee Jobe –


The Northern Pacific Center is an amazing 47-acre estate that sits in the heart of Brainerd. The historic space dates all the way back to 1871. You can choose between the Blacksmith Main wedding venue and the Luminary wedding venue. Both venues are breathtaking and the Blacksmith Room can host ceremonies with up to 794 standing guests.




A wedding couple is standing at the altar at PAIKKA, one of the Minnesota wedding venues.

Sarah Ascanio –


PAIKKA is a modern, industrial wedding venue that is located in Saint Paul. The old mattress factory sits in the beautiful Vandalia Tower complex of the city and offers you two beautiful spaces with an adjacent courtyard. The unique space features 5,000 square feet of 1940´s steel vaulted ceilings and stunning exposed brick walls. The Gold and Pink Rooms are perfect for ceremonies and give you a modern and industrial vibe.

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The Barn at Five Lakes Resort

A wedding couple is walking towards the Barn at Five Lakes Resort.

Shane & Anna –


The Barn at  Five Lakes Resort is a stunning wedding venue in northern Minnesota. The rustic and elegant barn is surrounded by a pristine lake, thick woods, and rolling fields. The resort offers you and your guests eleven cabins that all have a gorgeous view of Lake Five. If you are looking for a wedding venue with a forest, lake, meadow, and field view, then the Barn at Five Lakes Resort is the perfect option for you.



The Barn at Stoney Hills


The Barn at Stones Hills, a wedding venue in Minnesota.

Jeff Watkins –


The Barn at Stoney Hills is a breathtaking wedding venue that is nestled in the woods of Cushing Minnesota. The timber-framed event space wows with a stunning landscape, rustic scenery,  and an upscale vibe set in the rolling hills of Minnesota. The intimate venue is perfect for up to 300 guests and offers you outdoor and indoor spaces. The Barn features a three-sided loft, a dance floor, a prep kitchen, indoor restrooms, a bar, and a VIP room.

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The Neu Neu

A wedding couple is getting married at the Neu Neu.

Eileen K. –


The Neu Neu is a unique wedding venue that sits in the heart of the North Loop Neighborhood of Minneapolis. The event space is just minutes away from downtown Minneapolis and is formally known as 514 Studio. The venue features original exposed brick walls and a 22-foot high wood rafter ceiling. Up to 200 guests can sit comfortably at your ceremony at the Neu Neu.


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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.


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