The 48 Most Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos of 2024

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48 Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos

A controversy

It is 2024, and, unfortunately, breastfeeding photos are still a controversial topic on the internet, especially on social media. Being a photographer who captures those special moments between a mother and her child, it is difficult to find a safe space on the internet to share these incredible photos. People who report breastfeeding posts and talk badly in the comments are a problem. It also took a long time since Facebook stopped censoring breastfeeding photos.

A special bond

Without a doubt, breastfeeding is a unique and special bond between a mother and her child. It creates a deep and intimate connection and is the most natural thing in the world. We asked our community member, Yakaly Di Roma, to share her breastfeeding experience with us to learn more about it.

Breastfeeding – An Experience by Yakaly Di Roma

“I have been breastfeeding for nearly five years. I started in April of 2014 with my eldest, le, and am now Hans, for example, feeding my newborn, River. Breastfeeding for me is special because it immediately creates an unbreakable bond I can share with my children.”

Breastfeeding Photos

Ashley Hancock –


Mother nursing her son at sunset

Bergen Howlett –


Mama nursing her newborn

Britany Maxwell –


Mother breastfeeding her 3 year old

Callie Ann Gates –


Black and white photo of a fresh mother nursing after giving birth

Cat Fancote –


Mirror selfie or a mother nursing her baby

Chantal Richard-Mercier –


The calming effect of breastfeeding

“Hans is autistic, and this is the one thing that comforts him the most; it makes him feel safe. Nothing else comes close to being able to calm and soothe him the way I can when I feed him. He looks to me for security and love, and it makes me so happy that I can still do this for him.”


Breastfeeding photo of a bride nursing her baby at a wedding

Charlet Lee –


Fresh mother breastfeeding her new baby in the hospital

Diana Hinek –


A mother nursing her daughter In a lake

Gabi Marshall –


A photo of a mother nursing her newborn at home

Grace Troutman –


A woman breastfeeding her newborn while standing in the ocean

Heather Clark –


Close up of a baby sucking on a mothers breast

Jessica Lutz –


The most natural thing

“There are many benefits to breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding. It is the most natural thing in the world for example and it should be normalized, celebrated even! It isn’t easy, it’s actually very difficult, it is exhausting, and it can be painful. However, all the sacrifice that comes with it, it’s completely worth it even more.


black and white photo of a mother breastfeeding

Joy Augustyn –


A mother nursing her baby in the hospital surrounded by her man and her child

Karolina McLean –


Close up of a mother nursing her baby

Kayla Mattox –


A woman laying in a bed and breastfeeding her baby

Black and White breastfeeding photo

Keziah Kelsey –


A woman breastfeeding her newborn baby with the ocean in the background

Arte Cinematica –


The beauty of breastfeeding photos

Photography is about capturing special moments, celebrating milestones, documenting lives, and capturing our bond with our loved ones! Getting to Hansito’s 4th birthday and knowing he still takes comfort from breastfeeding is a milestone! 


Dual breastfeeding of a mother while her two other kids are watching

A woman breastfeeding in public

Leilani Rogers –


A smiling baby sucking on her mothers breast

Lindee Heffner –


The 48 Most Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos of 2024


A woman breastfeeding her baby with a waterfall in the background

Mallory Francks –


An emotional shot of a mother breastfeeding at home

Margaux Fischer –


Black and White shot of a mother breastfeeding

Melina McGrew –


A new life

Giving birth to River and having the experience to breastfeed both of my boys together is a milestone. These are moments that I will cherish forever. Therefore I will document it and create my art, one day we will get to look back on my images and remember that amazing bond we shared. 


Close up of a baby sucking on a mothers breast

Michelle McKay –


A mother breastfeeding her baby while sitting in a chair at sunset

A mother breastfeeding her kid at the beach with her other son watching

Mika Rascon –

Close up of dual breastfeeding


Miles Lamb –


The 48 Most Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos of 2024

Monet Nicole –


A baby feeding on the breast of the mom while she is in a milk bath

Morgan L. Noble –


A deep connection

“When I feed my babies, that is our time. It is the one thing I share with them that nobody else can, that is worth capturing, posed, or unposed. I have received many negative and hurtful comments when I have shared my breastfeeding photos. While it can be upsetting sometimes, I try not to let it get to me. I know I am doing the best for my boys, and I will continue to do so despite all the negativity.


A woman breastfeeding her baby while her dress is flowing in the wind

Nicole Dehoff –


A tattooed woman nursing after giving birth while the placenta is laying on her belly

Paige Driscoll –


Artistic shot of a mother breastfeeding

Ricardo Neves Alexandre –


A new mother nursing her baby while laying in bed

Ryanne O’Keeffe –


A mother breastfeeding her baby next to a window

Sarah Garman –


a woman nursing a baby while sitting on a rock at sunset

Sarah Graybeal –


Creating memories

“I share my portraits to try and help normalize breastfeeding photos, to normalize something completely natural! I encourage all breastfeeding mothers to do the same; capture these moments while you can. Enjoy every ounce of your time feeding your babies. Create memories that will last a lifetime and help to normalize it!”


A small boy feeding on his moms breast while looking into the camera

Sashi Hesson –


A newborn baby sucking on a mothers breast

Sheana Edwards –


4 woman breastfeeding babies at the same time

Close up and out of focus breastfeeding photo

Sherida Rae Taylor –


A woman breastfeeding her baby on a field

Tammy Nicole –


A selfie of a mother breastfeeding her baby in the mirror

Tara Herron –


There is no reason for controversy over breastfeeding photos

“Seeing a mother in public breastfeeding or a photo of a breastfeeding mother shouldn’t be a “shock” nor shouldn’t be something that causes controversy or attracts negative comments. It should be normal!


A woman breastfeeding her baby next to a tree

Tara Tomlinson –


Artistic shot of a mother breastfeeding

Tori Hensley –


Breastfeeding photo of a mother nursing in her bathtub

Winnie Bruce –


A woman nursing her 4 year old son

A mother breastfeeding two kids in the snow

Drone photo of a mother breastfeeding in the ocean

Yakaly Di Roma –


The support

“I will continue to breastfeed my sons for as long as they need. I love them both with all my heart, and I will keep doing what is best for them. I will keep sharing my breastfeeding photos, and I am extremely thankful for all the support and love I receive as a result of that.” – Yakaly Di Roma


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The 48 Most Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos of 2024


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