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These Wedding Venues In Delaware Will Blow Your Mind!

Wedding Venues in Delaware // Hey there, soon-to-be-wed lovebirds! First off, significant congrats on finding your forever person. Now comes the thrilling (and, let’s admit it, slightly overwhelming) wedding planning journey. If you’ve set your sights on the charming state of Delaware for your big day, are you in for a treat? Whether you’re craving a beachside bash, a rustic barnyard celebration, or a luxe ballroom soirée, Delaware is teeming with nothing short of magical venues.
In the spirit of sharing (because love is all about that, right?), we’ve rounded up some of the most enchanting wedding venues in Delaware. Dive in, dream big, and discover a venue that resonates with your love story.
Ready to embark on this romantic ride? Let’s go!


Top Wedding Venues in Delaware


Addy Sea

Among the beachfront wedding venues in Delaware, Addy Sea stands out distinctly. This oceanfront Victorian bed and breakfast in Bethany Beach offers couples a romantic setting to exchange vows against crashing waves. The historic charm combined with modern amenities ensures a seamless and memorable experience. If you’ve dreamt of a beach wedding where you can have your first dance under the canopy of stars with the orchestra of waves in the background, Addy Sea might be your perfect venue.

A wedding couple is standing in front of the Addy Sea House.

Image by Carly Fuller


Delaware Art Museum

Art-loving couples will find their match in the Delaware Art Museum, a standout among Delaware wedding venues. This venue is situated in Wilmington and offers a unique backdrop of world-class art collections and modern architecture. Celebrate your union surrounded by masterpieces, making your wedding an event and a work of art. With its blend of indoor galleries and outdoor sculpture gardens, the possibilities for a creative and bespoke wedding are endless.


Belmont Hall

For those inclined towards a historical and regal setting, Belmont Hall is a top choice among wedding venues in Delaware. Located in Smyrna, this Georgian mansion is surrounded by stately trees and well-maintained gardens, offering a splendid backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. Its grandeur speaks of times gone by, yet its facilities are up-to-date, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Picture a wedding where history is your witness and elegance is the theme – Belmont Hall promises just that.

A wedding couple is holding hands and walking in front of the Belmont Hall venue in Delaware.

Image by Stacy Hart


Hagley Museum and Library

Tucked beside the glistening Brandywine River, the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington is more than just a venue—it’s an experience. Among the wedding venues in Delaware, this one offers diverse settings – from its verdant French-style gardens to the historic Eleutherian Mills. Spread over 235 acres, it provides a variety of picturesque spots for ceremonies and receptions. The museum showcases the early American industrial era, adding an educational touch to your nuptial celebrations. The original DuPont gunpowder mills, the vast estate, and the lush gardens come together to create a canvas of possibilities for your big day. Whether you’re looking to host an outdoor celebration by the riverbank or an elegant indoor soirée amidst historic exhibits, Hagley provides abundant versatility. This venue is a dream come true for those who appreciate the blend of nature, history, and innovation.

A wedding couple is kissing each other in front of a house.

Image by Moonloop Photography


Bear Trap Dunes

Tucked away in Ocean View, Bear Trap Dunes offers a picturesque landscape of manicured golf courses, dunes, and lakes. For those exploring wedding venues in Delaware, this venue promises a tranquil setting away from the city buzz. The spacious clubhouse, with its warm woods and expansive views, is perfect for receptions, while the outdoor settings make for a dreamy ceremony backdrop. Here, nature’s beauty takes center stage, ensuring a scenic and serene wedding.


Heritage Shores Club

Bridging the elegance of a country club with the serenity of coastal landscapes, the Heritage Shores Club in Bridgeville promises an affair to remember. The club offers panoramic views of meticulously manicured golf courses, shimmering lakes, and scenic bridges. Its ballroom, with a capacity for large gatherings, boasts expansive windows that allow natural light to flood in, making daytime events feel airy and vibrant. The veranda overlooking the water bodies provides a dreamy setting for couples leaning towards an outdoor celebration, especially during sunsets. Coupled with gourmet dining experiences and top-notch amenities, Heritage Shores Club ensures your wedding day is as luxurious as it is memorable. If a sophisticated yet relaxed environment is what you’re after, with top-notch amenities and service, Heritage Shores Club should be high on your list of wedding venues in Delaware.


A wedding couple is kissing each other at the Heritage Shores Club in Delaware.

Image by Daniel Bostwick


Indian River Life-Saving Station

The Indian River Life Saving Station, located near Dewey Beach, isn’t just a typical choice among wedding venues in Delaware; it’s a dive into history paired with the calming resonance of the ocean. This restored 19th-century station offers a unique coastal backdrop, combining rustic charm with the timeless beauty of the Atlantic. With its pristine beaches and rich maritime heritage, the venue promises an unforgettable experience. Envision your guests reveling in the history of the place, the golden hour photos on the beach, and the rhythmic sound of waves setting a serene mood. For those who dream of merging history with the beach’s romance, this venue might be your match made in wedding heaven.

A wedding couple is kissing each other in front of the Indian River Life-Saving Station, one of the wedding venues in Delaware.

Image by Abby Shepard



Nassau Valley Vineyards

Wine lovers and romantics, rejoice! The Nassau Valley Vineyard, Delaware’s first award-winning winery, is here to bring your wedding dreams to fruition. Nestled in Lewes, this venue stands out among wedding venues in Delaware for its sprawling vineyards and rustic charm. Imagine saying ‘I do’ amidst rows of grapevines, celebrating under the starry sky, with fine wine flowing and your loved ones toasting to your happiness. The vineyard, with its enchanting landscapes and top-tier wines, promises an elegant and deeply personal event.

A wedding couple is holding each other at the Nassau Valley Vineyards in Delaware.

Image by Leah Adkins


Smokey Hollow

Tucked away in a serene nook of Delaware is Smokey Hollow —a hidden gem that promises intimate weddings with a touch of nature’s splendor. This venue, embraced by woods and clearings, offers a dreamlike setting for couples desiring an outdoorsy, rustic celebration. The canopy of trees, the gentle sounds of forest life, and the secluded ambiance make Smokey Hollow a favorite among couples seeking a more laid-back, nature-infused wedding. Smokey Hollow awaits if your dream day involves open skies, woodland charm, and the songs of birds as your wedding choir.

The property offers a barn, a lake for beautiful outdoor ceremonies, a greenhouse for those with a green thumb, a guest house, and an estate home. The barn venue alone can accommodate up to 200 guests inside, and the whole property can accommodate up to 400 guests. The guest house and the estate home offer accommodations for you and your guests.

If you love barn wedding venues, check out our 10 favorite woodsy wedding spots.

A wedding couple is holding hands and standing in front of the Smokey Hollow wedding venue in Delaware.

Image by Ryan Zarichnak



The Carriage House at Rockwood Park

When it comes to wedding venues in Delaware that spell classic elegance and timeless charm, The Carriage House at Rockwood Park stands prominently. Located in Wilmington, this venue offers a mix of historic architecture and modern amenities, ensuring a seamless melding of the past and present. The Carriage House, with its beautiful gardens, intricate designs, and a sense of grandeur, is the perfect canvas for couples aiming for a refined yet vibrant wedding celebration. Every corner of this venue whispers stories of yesteryears, setting the stage for you to create your timeless love tale.

A wedding couple is holding each other and standing in front of the Carriage House at Rockwood Park in Delaware.

Image by Krista Brackin


Lewes Yacht Club

For those who dream of nautical nuptials, the Lewes Yacht Club is a top pick among Delaware wedding venues. Located in the historic town of Lewes, this venue offers stunning views of the Delaware Bay, making it a dreamy backdrop for couples with sea legs. Sailboats, sunsets, and sea breezes set the stage for a waterfront wedding that’s both romantic and relaxed. Say “I do” on the deck, party the night away indoors, and let the rhythmic sound of waves be the soundtrack to your special day.


The Covered Bridge Inn

The Covered Bridge Inn, among the enchanting wedding venues in Delaware, combines rustic charm with a countryside backdrop that’s hard to resist. This historic dairy farm offers more than just a picturesque setting; it’s a journey through time, a bridge between rustic simplicity and modern elegance. The barn, with its lofty ceilings and vintage appeal, alongside the iconic covered bridge, sets the stage for a dreamy Delaware wedding. If celebrating your love amidst open fields, historic barns, and under the canopy of stars appeals to you, this venue deserves a spot on your list.

A wedding couple is holding hands and standing under a covered bridge.

Image by J. Nicole Photography



The Holts Landing State Park

The Holts Landing State Park will undoubtedly smite nature lovers scouting for wedding venues in Delaware. This venue offers an expansive natural canvas—dense forests, shimmering waters, and open skies. Ideal for couples who dream of an outdoor celebration, this state park provides a serene ambiance away from the city’s hustle. Imagine a lakeside ceremony, an evening reception amidst the trees, and the promise of nature as your primary décor. It’s pure, untouched, and uniquely Delaware.

A wedding couple is kissing each other and standing in the Holts Landing State Park in Delaware.

Image by Abby Shepard

Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Combining coastal charm with country club elegance, Rehoboth Beach Country Club stands out among wedding venues in Delaware. Situated in Rehoboth Beach, this venue offers panoramic views of the bay, pristine golf courses, and a sophisticated setting for your big day. The blend of indoor and outdoor spaces ensures versatility in planning, be it a sun-kissed ceremony on the greens or a starry reception in the grand ballroom. For couples seeking a blend of beach vibes and luxury, this venue is a hole-in-one.

The Queen Wilmington

For those who want their wedding to strike a chord—literally and figuratively—The Queen Wilmington emerges as a top pick among Delaware wedding venues. This historic venue in downtown Wilmington, once a grand movie theater, is now a vibrant music venue. Its opulent interiors, great stage, and state-of-the-art sound systems promise a visually and acoustically memorable wedding. Think red carpets, spotlights, and a marriage that feels like a grand show – because, in The Queen Wilmington, every couple gets to be the star.

A bride and her bridesmaids are holding flower bouquets.

Image by Moonloop Photography

DuPont Country Club

Synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance, DuPont Country Club is one of the premier wedding venues in Delaware. This venue in Wilmington boasts lush green landscapes, sophisticated ballrooms, and impeccable service. DuPont Country Club offers a versatile backdrop, whether you fancy a garden ceremony overlooking the golf course, a celebration, or a lavish ind. Here, traditions meet modernity, and every wedding feels like an exclusive, members-only affair.


Trinity Episcopal Parish

History, architecture, and spiritual ambiance merge at the Trinity Episcopal Parish, making it a unique option for those exploring wedding venues in Delaware. Located in Wilmington, this historic church offers couples a serene and sacred space to exchange their vows. The stunning Gothic architecture, the ethereal stained glass windows, and the church’s rich history promise a wedding as deep and meaningful as the commitment.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall, one of Delaware’s most luxurious wedding venues, offers a blend of sophistication and modern design. Located in Claymont, this venue is renowned for its grand ballrooms, cascading water features, and impeccable service. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, The Waterfall caters to weddings of every scale, promising an ambiance of elegance and a touch of magic. If you’ve dreamt of a wedding that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale—with grand chandeliers, reflective pools, and a touch of luxury—this Delaware venue might be your dream.

A wedding couple is walking back the aisle with their guests cheering at them.

Image by Stacy Hart


Vanderwende Acres

Amidst the wedding venues in Delaware, Vanderwende Acres brings forth a countryside charm that’s both heartwarming and picturesque. This family-owned farm in Seaford boasts open fields, rustic barns, and an authentic farm experience. Ideal for couples who desire a laid-back, country-style wedding, Vanderwende Acres promises a day filled with love, laughter and the simple joys of life. Hayrides, farm animals, and open-air dances under the Delaware sky—what more could one ask for?

A wedding couple is kissing each other in a barn.

Image by Jonathan Allen



Winterthur Museum & Country Estate

History, art, and nature merge seamlessly at the Winterthur Museum & Country Estate, making it a top contender among wedding venues in Delaware. This venue offers an unparalleled setting on a 1,000-acre preserve of rolling meadows and woodlands. Whether you fancy a garden wedding amidst blooming azaleas or a grand ballroom affair surrounded by world-class art, Winterthur delivers. It’s not just a venue; it’s an experience—a Delaware experience that promises to be as timeless as love itself.

A wedding couple is about to kiss at the Winterthur estate in Delaware.

Image by Allison Dunn


Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

For couples desiring a mix of thrill and elegance, the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is an unparalleled choice among wedding venues in Delaware. Located in Dover, this venue offers a fusion of high-end luxury with the excitement of casino life. Picture a refined ballroom reception followed by a night of dancing and maybe some luck at the gaming tables. The in-house catering, plush accommodations, and entertainment options ensure guests have a complete experience. If the allure of glitz, glamour, and games beckons, Dover Downs could be your jackpot venue.



Choosing the fitting backdrop for the most important day of your life is crucial, and with the plethora of enchanting wedding venues in Delaware, couples are spoilt for choice. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Belmont Hall, the coastal allure of Addy Sea, or the cultural richness of the Delaware Art Museum, there’s a venue to match every dream and aesthetic. Remember, these are just a handful of Delaware’s many delightful wedding venues, each offering its unique charm and allure. As you plan your special day, consider Delaware’s diversity and beauty, and you’re bound to find a locale that resonates with your vision.


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