The 24 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues Washington You Will Love

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The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues Washington

Wedding Venues Washington // You chose to get married in Washington and are now looking for unforgettable wedding venues. Well, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one. If you need help figuring out the best option, here are the best wedding venues in Washington. This state has many unique venues, from fairytale treehouses and plant nurseries to hidden beaches and National Parks.

Scroll down and get inspired by all the fantastic wedding venues Washington offers!



Top Wedding Venues Washington

AXIS Pioneer Square

As one of the top wedding venues in Washington, AXIS Pioneer Square encapsulates Seattle’s history. This Washington wedding venue boasts exposed brick walls, timber ceilings, and modern aesthetics, creating a unique and romantic atmosphere perfect for Washington nuptials.

A wedding couple is walking down the aisle and their guests are cheering.


Willows Lodge

Nestled in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country, Willows Lodge boasts lush gardens, stunning architecture, and cozy accommodations. This wedding venue in Washington blends rustic charm with modern elegance for an unforgettable wedding.

Fern Acres

Fern Acres, located in the heart of Washington, offers a whimsical woodland setting for a forest-themed Washington wedding. This rustic Washington wedding venue enhances the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. If you are looking for a secluded magical forest venue, these 5 acres of naturally forested land are perfect. Up to 150 guests can whiteness your ceremony next to moss-draped vine maples, ferns, and moss-covered old-growth stumps.

A wedding couple is holding hands in the Fern Acres forest.

Image by ASHLEY


Novelty Hill-Januik Winery

Novelty Hill-Januik Winery offers a contemporary and sophisticated setting amidst vineyards and gardens. Its sleek architecture and wine-country charm make it the perfect location for wine-loving couples.



With its 250 acres of natural beauty, IslandWood is one of Washington’s most enchanting wedding venues. This venue provides options of a grand hall, outdoor canopy, or tranquil pond for a magical Washington wedding experience. IslandWood gives your wedding a rustic Pacific Northwest backdrop and is just a 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle. The natural beauty of the 250-acre property with forested trails, meadows, ponds, gardens, two treehouses, a suspension bridge, and a canopy tower will leave you and your guests speechless. IslandWood supports justice-oriented environmental education programs, so you are also helping a good cause.

A wedding couple is standing in the forest at IslandWoods.


Kiana Lodge

The Kiana Lodge offers a delightful mix of natural and rustic elegance and is only a short ferry ride from Seattle. This Washington wedding venue offers an idyllic Pacific Northwest ambiance, perfect for a memorable Washington wedding. The Lodge features six acres of fragrant cedars, tall firs, and manicured gardens, and its waterfront is a stunning backdrop for any wedding.

Whether it’s the historic open-beam structure, the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, or Garden Atrium, this outdoor and indoor venue will leave you and your guests speechless.

Check out this Kiana Lodge wedding at the Seattle Coast for more inspiration.

A wedding couple is getting married at the Kiana Lodge in Seattle.


Sodo Park

Sodo Park merges the rustic charm of a reclaimed historic warehouse with an urban, chic Seattle style. The result is an effortlessly stylish and unique wedding venue.


Lord Hill Farms

Picture your wedding in a European-style manor surrounded by lush greenery. As one of the top wedding venues in Washington, Lord Hill Farms is the perfect place for a dreamy Washington wedding. Lord Hill Farms is a luxurious wedding venue that is located in Snohomish, Washington. Of all the wedding venues in Washington, this one might have the most significant capacity for weddings with up to 700 people.

You can enjoy 450 acres of professionally landscaped grounds, flourishing gardens, and manicured plants and trees. Lord Hill Farms has indoor and outdoor venue options that can be adapted to various ceremony and reception sizes.

A wedding couple is standing at the end of the aisle with their wedding guests next to the aisle.



The Edgewater Hotel

Located on the Seattle waterfront, The Edgewater Hotel is the only over-water hotel in the city, making it an iconic venue for a unique, quintessentially Seattle wedding experience. This venue, boasting breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline, is one of Washington’s most sophisticated wedding venues.


Mountain Rainier National Park

Mountain Rainier National Park stands out among wedding venues in Washington for nature-loving couples. Its awe-inspiring views provide the perfect backdrop for a Washington wedding ceremony.

The Mountain Rainier National Park offers 370 square miles of wilderness, such as glacier-carved valleys, subalpine meadows, and old forests, and is even home to the famous active volcano Mount Rainier. This location has five areas that provide primary and extensive accommodations: Longmire, Ohanapecosh, Paradise, Sunrise, Carbon River, and Mowich.

If you are planning to get married at the Mountain Rainier National Park, make sure to book a date during the week to avoid crowds. Be aware that you need a particular use permit to get married there, and that parking is limited.

A wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen are standing in the Mount Rainer National Park.



Thornewood Castle

Ever dreamt of a fairy-tale wedding in a castle? Thornewood Castle offers just that. This Tudor Gothic-style mansion exudes a royal charm for an extraordinarily romantic wedding. As one of Washington’s most grandiose wedding venues, it’s perfect for a royal-inspired Washington wedding.


North Cascades National Park

Looking for spectacular Washington wedding venues? The North Cascades National Park is three hours away from Seattle and offers a stunning alpine backdrop for your wedding. You and your guests can enjoy the temperate rainforest, a dry ponderosa ecosystem, and areas with over 9,000 feet of vertical relief. Imagine listening to cascading waters during your ceremony and exploring jagged peaks afterward.

Make sure to get a particular use permit and make your wedding truly enchanting at the North Cascades National Park.

A wedding couple is kissing each other and and three wedding guests are standing next to them at the North Cascades National Park in Washington.


Olympia National Park

As one of Washington’s most diverse wedding venues, Olympia National Park provides a stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony with its ancient forests and Pacific coastline, making it a top choice for Washington weddings.

The Olympia National Park offers high peaks, wild coasts, and lush forests. Suppose you like to get married in an area that covers nearly a million acres and is home to vast wilderness, glacier-capped mountains, mild-temperature rain forests, and about 70 miles of natural coastline. In that case, this one might be a perfect choice out of all the wedding venues in Washington.

This wedding venue offers lodging accommodations for you and your guests inside and outside the park. Make sure to get a particular use permit to get married at the National Park.

A wedding couple is holding each other at the Olympic National Park.


Olympic Rooftop Pavillion

This rooftop pavilion offers a stylish urban venue with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains. It doesn’t get better than this for a chic and modern wedding.


Pine Creek Nursery

If you’re seeking a romantic garden setting for your Washington wedding, look no further than Pine Creek Nursery. This verdant oasis is one of the greenest wedding venues in Washington, ideal for an outdoor Washington wedding. Pine Creek is a destination plant nursery located on Monroe’s outskirts. This location features manicured gardens, a large patio surrounded by lawns, and rustic event buildings with warm wooden interiors.

A wedding dress is hanging in a greenhouse.


Robinswood House

Robinswood House is a breathtaking renovated log house and cabana set from 1895. This location is a perfect outdoor option out of all the wedding venues in Washington and offers two spacious patios, a flower-filled garden, and a lush landscape. This venue can accommodate up to 225 people outside and approximately 60 people inside. Enjoy the views of Robinswood Park, the property’s privacy, and its charming fireplaces.

Nestled in Bellevue, Robinswood House is a charming Washington wedding venue, combining vintage aesthetics with the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

A wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen are standing next to a big tree at Robinswood House.



Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass, located in Seattle, is a vibrant and extraordinary Washington wedding venue. This venue boasts an impressive glasshouse and lush garden, promising a stunning Washington wedding.


Roche Harbor Resort

Roche Harbor is a lovely seaside resort on San Juan Island, Washington. Lush gardens surround this 120-year-old property and have various lodging options, such as luxurious modern homes, cottages, and a historic hotel.  You can host small intimate ceremonies and large weddings at this little piece of paradise.

A wedding couple is walking down the aisle hat their guests are cheering.



Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach offers a unique beach wedding experience. Its dramatic coastal landscape makes it one of Washington’s most impressive wedding venues for beach-themed Washington nuptials. You can access the beach directly from Highway 101. Of all the beach wedding venues Washington, this might be the most beautiful beach in the state. The iconic sea stacks are magnificent rock formations that provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures.

The tidepools at Ruby Beach are also fascinating, as they contain an abundance of marine life. For more inspiration, check out this beautiful vow renewal at Ruby Beach.

A wedding couple is kissing each other at Ruby Beach, one of the wedding venues Washington.



The Arctic Club

With its stunning Beaux-Arts architecture, The Arctic Club offers a beautifully unique and luxurious venue. The grandeur of the ballroom and the rich history of the building provide an unforgettable experience.


Trinity Tree Farm

Trinity Tree Farm is one of a kind location out of all the wedding venues Washington. This venue is located in Issaquah and is a 30-minutes drive from Seattle. Enjoy your special day in a rustic barn enclosed by French doors, with a magnificent view of Mount Rainier, Tiger, and Squak Mountain. You can host weddings with up to 150 guests there and exchange vows amongst the trees.

A wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen are cheering and standing at the Trinity Tree Farm.


Salish Lodge & Spa

Perched atop Snoqualmie Falls, Salish Lodge & Spa offers a stunning waterfall view, making it a breathtaking and romantic wedding venue in Washington. This venue is a haven of luxury and nature among Washington wedding venues.


Treehouse Point

The Treehouse Point is located in Issaquah and is a truly enchanted place. If you love whimsical treehouses and fairytale forests, you have just found your wedding venue. This place is perfect for up to 80 people, and you and some of your guests can even stay there overnight. This unique Washington wedding venue allows couples to pledge their love in a romantic forest setting, standing out among other wedding venues in Washington.

A wedding couple is standing on a bridge, in front of Treehouse Point.

Image by NADINE

The MV Skansonia

As a historic Lake Union Ferry, The MV Skansonia offers a nautical-themed wedding venue with a panoramic view of Lake Union, the Seattle skyline, and the Space Needle. Its distinctive charm sets it apart from other wedding venues in Washington.


FAQs About Wedding Venues in Washington

How much does the average wedding in Washington cost?

The cost of a wedding in Washington can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the venue, number of guests, time of year, and specific services included. Couples can expect to spend between $20,000 and $35,000 on average.


What is the best time of year to get married in Washington?

Washington State is known for its rainy weather but has beautiful summers and autumns. July to September are popular for weddings, offering the best chance of dry and sunny weather. However, every season has charm; winter weddings can be incredibly cozy and romantic in the right venue.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Washington

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your wedding planning process. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Budget: This is usually the first thing to consider. Make sure the cost of the venue fits within your overall wedding budget. This should include the venue rental and additional costs such as catering, decor, and service fees.
  • Guest Capacity: The venue should comfortably accommodate your guest list. Also, check for suitable parking and access for everyone, especially for guests with special needs.
  • Availability: Popular venues can book quickly, especially during peak wedding season. Ensure your chosen date is available, or be flexible with your wedding date if you have a dream venue.
  • Location: Consider its accessibility for your guests. If many guests come from out of town, consider proximity to hotels or other accommodations. The venue should also be reasonably easy to find and reach.
  • Style and Aesthetic: The venue should match or complement the theme and style of your wedding. For example, a modern, chic wedding might not fit as well in a rustic country venue.
  • Services and Amenities: Some venues offer full-service packages, including catering, bar service, and rentals, while others provide the space. Be clear on what’s included and what you’ll need to source from outside vendors.
  • Weather: In a state like Washington, where it can be rainy, always have a backup plan if you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception.
  • Restrictions: Venues may have restrictions, such as sound restrictions for late-night music or restrictions on decor, so it’s essential to be aware of these ahead of time.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and get recommendations about the venue. You’ll want to ensure they have a good reputation and are reliable.

Remember, choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the first and most significant decisions you’ll make in your planning process. It’s essential to take your time, research, and visit potential venues before deciding. A venue is more than just a place where you’ll get married; it sets the scene for your entire celebration and should feel unique and significant.


Wrapping Up Wedding Venues Washington

Choosing the right venue is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make for your wedding day. It sets the mood, influences the décor, and offers the backdrop for the precious memories you’ll look back on forever. Whether you dream of an elegant city wedding at AXIS Pioneer Square or a tranquil woodland ceremony at Fern Acres, Washington State has something for every couple.

As we’ve discovered in this comprehensive guide, the wedding venues in Washington are as diverse as they are beautiful, each offering its unique charm. So, no matter your wedding theme or personal style, you will find a venue that fits your vision in Washington.

Remember, every couple’s journey to saying ‘I do’ is unique, and the best wedding venue for you is one that feels true to your story. Happy venue hunting!

We hope this guide has brought you one step closer to finding your dream wedding venue in Washington. Here’s to a wedding day that’s as beautiful and unique as your love story.

Stay tuned to for more inspiration, advice, and resources to plan your perfect day.


Now that you have been inspired by all the fantastic wedding venues Washington, it is time to choose one that fits your style, size, and budget. Washington has many great wedding locations, and there is one for everyone. Make your day magical and leave your guests speechless with one of the stunning wedding venues Washington mentioned above.
Take some time and check out all the options available online and in person, and when you have chosen the venue, make sure to book the best wedding photographer. Just go to our “photographers near me” page and type in your location and you will find the best photographers around your area.


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