The Top 13 Most Incredible Wedding Venues in Oregon

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The Best Wedding Venues In Oregon

Wedding Venues in Oregon // You are engaged and are looking for an amazing wedding location? Well, first of all, congratulations! It can be a bit overwhelming looking at all the great wedding venues in Oregon. But don´t worry, we took our time and selected the best wedding venues in Oregon. This state is truly diverse as it is made up of seven different regions and offers the ocean, mountains, a high desert, valleys, cities, small towns, and almost everything in between for your big day.

Scroll down to find our list of the best wedding venues in Oregon and start planning your wedding!


Wedding Venues in Oregon – Top 13

Black Butte Ranch

A wedding couple is getting married at the Black Butte Ranch.

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The Black Butte Ranch is located near Sisters, in central Oregon and is a scenic wedding location on the sunny side of the Cascade Mountains. They offer several wedding venues, from indoor spaces at the Lodge to outdoor options like the lawn, the Lodge deck, and a fire ring area.

You can host ceremonies with up to 200 people, and enjoy the pristine grounds, views of the Cascade mountain range, a sparkling lake, and lots of recreational activities. No matter which indoor or outdoor option you choose, this venue, out of all the wedding venues in Oregon, will leave your guests speechless.


Cannon Beach

A wedding couple is holding each other in Cannon Beach in Oregon.



Cannon Beach is a stunning wedding location that sits between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Range. It is known for its tall Sitka Sprice trees, crashing waves, and the famous Haystack rock, which is one of the tallest monoliths worldwide. Enjoy the unique landscape of the ocean and the towering rocks on your big day and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Make sure to get a permit if you choose to get married at Cannon Beach. You can easily contact the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and get your permit quite fast. For more information about Cannon Beach, check out the wedding guide that the city offers.


Cathedral Park

Outdoor Wedding Venues - The Top 10 most epic spots for your ceremony!

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The Cathedral Park is located in Portland, Oregon right next to the St.Johns Bridge, and is offers picturesque trees and a river as a backdrop. You can choose between 2 ceremony sites, the Stairs and Deck, and the Amphitheater. The stairs are located beneath the east end of the St. Johns Bridge.

The beautiful stone stairs descend to a large deck overlooking the bridge pillars and river. The Cathedral Park Amphitheater is a gorgeous outdoor wedding venue with acres of stunning land and an elegant steel suspension bridge. You can find the amphitheater right at the base of the St. John’s Bridge. You and your guests can sit beneath the cathedral-like arches of the magnificent structure.

You already found your wedding venue in Oregon and are now looking for a wedding photographer? Check out our shortlist of the best wedding photographers in Oregon.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

A wedding couple is kissing at the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.

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The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area truly stands out of all the wedding venues in Oregon as it is the first and only Scenic Area in the U.S. There are so many leisure activities that you can enjoy such as hiking, golf, downhill, or cross-country skiing. Another highlight is the drive through the Scenic Area, as you can admire the breathtaking landscape with the Columbia River and the many waterfalls.

If you plan to host a wedding with more than 75 people or are bringing tents, chairs, or other infrastructure, you have to get a permit. There is also a restriction on bringing food to the location as well as a restriction on the number of cars you are allowed to bring. The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is usually quite busy from 11 am to 4 pm during April through September. If you want more privacy on your wedding day, try to avoid these peak times.


Crook Point

A wedding couple is walking towards a mountain with the ocean in the background.

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Crook Point is a boutique, ocean-front wedding venue and is located in Pistol River. It is a versatile venue and can accommodate up to 300 guests. You can choose from three private beaches and two woodland areas. Make sure to check the tide if you are planning to have an intimate celebration at one of the private beaches. This venue is also perfect for a destination wedding or a honeymoon after the ceremony, as it offers 8 vacation homes for you and your guests. This venue might be the most beautiful waterfront destination out of all the wedding venues in Oregon.

Latourell Falls

A wedding couple is hiking next to the Latourell Falls in Oregon.



Latourell Falls is a waterfall in Guy W. Talbot State Park. This wedding venue in Oregon is usually less crowded and therefore perfect for private and intimate weddings. You can reach this location by a 2-mile hike, which is moderately difficult and leads over four small wooden bridges and rocky paths. A hike on your wedding day might be just the right adventure if you love the outdoors.

Make sure to contact the park in advance to find out if your wedding needs a special use permit.  All non-traditional activities usually require a permit.


Mount Bachelor

A wedding couple is holding each other and sitting on a rock near Mount Bachelor.

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If you want to get married in the cathedral of nature, Mt. Bachelor is your place to be out of all the wedding venues in Oregon. There is not a lot that compares to getting married on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor. Exchange vows next to old-growth Hemlock and Lodgepole pines and surrounded by magnificent landscapes of the Cascade Mountains, stunning lakes, and evergreen forests. You can enjoy your dinner at Pine Marten Lodge, which is just a brief chairlift ride up the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, and admire the marvelous views from the mountainside.

For more inspiration, check out our ultimate mountain elopement guide.


Mt. Hood Organic Farms

A wedding couple is kissing each other at Mt Hood Organic Farms.

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Mt. Hood Organic Farms is a magical venue for hosting weddings. This location is quite unique and secluded and offers views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mr. Rainier. This place feels like time has stopped, especially when you walk along orchards, forests, fields, ponds, and luscious gardens. The 200-acre park-like property is home to near one hundred varieties of apple and pear orchard. The venue offers seasonal farm-to-table dinners which can are served in their Apple House, a unique indoor and outdoor space with spectacular views of the mountain range.


Smith Rock State Park

A wedding couple is walking through a valley at the Smith Rockey State Park in Oregon.

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The Smith Rock State Park is located at an elevation of 3000 feet and covers over 650 acres of land. The State Park is known for its towering rocks that have been formed out of compressed volcanic ash and are 30 million years old. This location out of all the wedding venues in Oregon is perfect if you love leisure activities after your wedding. You can enjoy slacklining, hiking, running, mountain biking, or climbing there.

You can only get married in the amphitheater area, as other locations have experienced degradation in the past and are now closed for weddings. You can book the North Point Amphitheater up to nine months in advance. We recommend booking a less busy day, as this state park is also open for other tourists. All the parking spaces are first-come-first-serve and are quite limited. The amphitheater area is perfect for ceremonies with up to 50 people.


Sunriver Resort

A wedding couple is getting married at the Sunriver Resort in Bend, Oregon.

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The breathtaking Sunriver Resort is nestled in mountains and a perfect destination wedding venue in Bend, Oregon. This magical place captures the grandeur of the high desert unlike other wedding venues in Oregon. Depending on the season, you can choose between a snow-filled winter wonderland or an outdoor ceremony on the gorgeous lawn as your backdrop.

The resort offers different wedding venues, that vary in size and are perfect for intimate small elopements, but also for big weddings. Cove Meadow and Cove Event Yard can accommodate up to 200 guests, and the Mount Bachelor Lawn and the Great Hall are perfect for up to 350 guests.

The Great Hall is quite famous for its dramatic hand-peeled timber high-beam ceilings and its massive river-rock fireplace. If you are having a medium-sized wedding, the Homestead Lawn and Heritage Room are perfect (they accommodate up to 80 guests). And for elopements with around 30 guests, the Caldera Springs Lakeside, Lakehouse, and Fireside Room are perfect.


Tillamook State Forest

A wedding couple is holding each other and touching each others foreheads whilst standing in the Tillamook National Forest in Oregon.



The Tillamook State Forest sits in the Coast Range and is located in the Northwest of Oregon. Large fires have hugely impacted the forest in the past, but professional tree planters and foresters have re-established the whole forest and its ecosystem. The view of the mountains and the forest gives your wedding a magical backdrop and its history makes your big day extra special.

This wedding venue requires a special use permit, which you can get at the local district office of the Tillamook State Forest.


Vernonia Springs

Outdoor Wedding ceremony

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Vernonia Springs is an eco-friendly private park at the base of the Northwest Oregon coast range and sits between Portland and Cannon Beach. It consists of 28 private and secluded acres of forestland, pastures, creeks, springs, and ponds. If you are looking for a nature-based experience on your wedding day, the private park might be just the right fit. It is known as a glamping destination, yoga retreat, and outdoor ceremony venue.


Village Green

A wedding couple is getting married next to a pavilion and their guests are sitting next to the aisle, in the Village Green resort.

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The Village Green is located in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and offers 14 acres of themed gardens. This enchanting wedding venue offers a picturesque setting with lush greenery and a blend of historic decor with contemporary features. You can host a wedding outdoors on the stunning lawns, the Cascadia terrace, or on the breathtaking wedding garden that is perfect for up to 180 guests. The Cascadia Ballroom is a picturesque indoor option and accommodates up to 100 people.

Now that you have seen our top wedding venues in Oregon, it is time to find one that fits your style, size, and budget. Not matter which preferences you have, there is a wedding venue for everyone.
Make your day magical and leave your guests in awe with one of the breathtaking wedding venues in Oregon mentioned above.
Take some time and check out all the options available online and in-person, and when you have chosen the venue, make sure to book the best wedding photographer. Just go to our “photographers near me” page and type in your location and you will find the best photographers around your area.

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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.


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