All You Need To Know Before Planing An Elopement In Texas

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Finding The Best Elopement Packages Texas Has To Offer

When you decide to get hitched with your partner, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement and forget about the technicalities that are involved in preparing a wedding ceremony. Not to mention the expenses that will be incurred if you want a large wedding. Contemporary couples these days prefer a more low-key arrangement and opt to elope instead. 

Unlike yesteryears, where eloping was misinterpreted as the couple hiding and running away to get hitched or the girl getting ‘stolen,’ it’s a more acceptable method of tying the knot these days if you are looking for something close and intimate. Eloping provides a more budget-friendly option that will involve a select group of family and friends. Where to elope to and the best time to have the wedding ceremony at the location are critical to a successful elopement.

A wedding couple is standing in the desert in Texas.

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If you and your partner are planning on eloping, Texas should be at the top of your location options. This article will provide you with some great elopement packages Texas has in its artillery and venues to choose from that are sure to meet your taste and budget. And if you already loved this picture above, then check out our post about a beautiful desert wedding in Texas.


Why Texas Is Ideal For Elopements

When many couples think about elopement destinations, chances are that Texas is not the first option that comes to mind. Texas is a beautiful state to have your small wedding or elopement and is the best destination since not many people think to go here. This way, you’ll have more time to spend with your partner and take in the views and experience the Texan culture.

Given how Texas is the most significant state in the lower 48, you can only expect a vast and dynamic landscape with numerous possibilities. So you can be sure that there won’t be a shortage of the different places you can elope to. The Elopement Packages Texas provides just out of this world and offers excellent value too. The offers are sure to bring fun and vibrancy to your special day, with massive tracts of land to cover and explore.

Another awesome thing about the landscape in Texas is its diversity. If you really take in the views, you’ll see forests, mountains, deserts, rivers, waterfalls, and sand. So regardless of what scenery you have envisioned for your outdoor wedding as a backdrop, you can be sure it is in TEXAS!


Vendors For Your Texas Elopement

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you won’t need to plan for the ceremony. The Elopement Packages on offer have different prices and will be planned differently depending on your choice. So your elopement budget is key here. Given that you won’t have spent on a big, lavish wedding, it only means you’ll have sufficient cash to finance your elopement and subsequent honeymoon. Different vendors can be used to make the day as unique as you want. If you are ready to begin planning your elopement in Texas, here are some vendors you should consider when picking your package:

-Photographers (check out our list of wedding photographers in Texas)



-Elopement planners


NB: You don’t need to include every vendor mentioned above in your package.


Where Can You Elope In Texas

To get the most out of your adventure, it would be in your best interest to be aware of the different elopement options every wedding destination has to offer. Here are the top locations to consider when perusing the various Elopement Packages Texas has to offer:  


Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend National Park is probably the top location for elopements, and there are various supporting facts for this. The scenic views you’ll see here are just amazing. It is among the biggest and most remote national parks in America. It’s the perfect destination for those couples that want to go off-grid for a while. The views here are in abundance, you can enjoy the picturesque canyons and mountain views, and at night-time, you can stargaze Texas’ star-lit sky. 

Elopement Packages Texas

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Considering how this park is isolated, the night sky will appear absolutely beautiful. Additionally, you won’t have trouble finding a location with canyons, rivers, and mountains to explore. The three areas you can consider visiting with your partner include the Lost mine trail, Balanced rock trail, and Santa Elena Canyon. Big Bend’s desert setting is just unreal and will make you halt and take it in every opportunity you get. No matter what experience you are looking for, you can be sure that your elopement will be epic.



If your elopement destination is in Big Bend, it’s highly recommended that you have a truck so you can go to some of the lesser-explored places in the park. The park is pretty HUGE and will take you some time before you explore all of it. Don’t pick your elopement during the summer. The scorching heat can reach up to 120 degrees, which is brutal. The best time to book an elopement in Big Bend is October through to April! 

A wedding couple is standing holding each other and standing next to the Big bend in Texas.

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Big Bend needs to obtain a particular use permit if they are planning on hosting any wedding ceremonies. If you plan on taking pictures, you’ll also need to get a photography permit. Permits usually take about thirty days before they are approved, so you should ensure that you work on getting the documentation as soon as possible before the wedding day for things to be seamless. Permit fees are significantly lower than venue fees, and all the proceeds go towards improving this gorgeous piece of land that we love. Considering how this place will facilitate your elopement goals, the fees are a small price to pay. 


Palo Duro Canyon

Dubbed ‘The Grand Canyon of Texas,’ Palo Duro Canyon is the second biggest Canyon in the nation. 

It features pink, red, yellow, orange, and layered lavender rocks accompanied by vast juniper trees and desert grasses. As you traverse this area, your dress will most definitely get a bespoke desert ombre. You can only access the canyon floor via a vehicle if you want to better view the entire place from under the rim and tie the knot beside the river that makes this marvelous piece of land possible. You can explore by horseback, foot, or mountain bike the various trails Palo Duro has. There are cabins in the park, or you can opt to camp in the Backcountry.

A bride is standing in front of the Palo Euro Canyon in Texas.

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If you’re planning on having a wedding ceremony in Palo Duro, you’ll need to have a special permit. You may also need to get a photography permit if you’re planning on a photoshoot which is something the bride cannot pass up. Once you decide that this is the place you want to elope, you should apply for the permit(s) early because it usually takes about thirty days for it to get approved. . Permit fees are significantly lower compared to venue fees and all the proceedings go towards improving this gorgeous piece of land that we love. Considering how this place will facilitate your elopement goals, the fees are a small price to pay. 



This place features rolling hills, rivers, and trees cutting through the expansive land with native wildflowers and grasses stretching as far as the eye can see.

Situated in and around mid-Texas is the scenic Texas Hill Country. This particular destination is expansive, given how it traverses a large part of the state. Positioned throughout, you can expect to find Ranches, Private Airbnbs, State Parks, Intimate Venues, and so on. The Hill Country provides various unique elopement packages Texas options.  

Nothing beats the exquisiteness of Texas Hill Country. When you get the timing right, you can literally feel like you’re on another planet. Arrive before the crack the dawn and say your vows to each other at first light. At the same time, the grass is dewy, the birds chirping, and the environment just cool and chill. You can stay in a cozy off-grid cabin, camp outside with your tent, drive to the location, or visit nearby. The choice is entirely up to you.

A wedding couple is standing on a meadow in front of their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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-Tips And Tricks;

When looking through Hill Country destinations, focus on water bodies. River such as The Blanco and The Frio is the most stunning bodies of water you’ll ever get to see, and the surrounding landscape is also something to behold. You chase one another through the Texas hill country as newlyweds as you cross streams and rivers together!  The fall season is the best time to get married in the Hill Country! The best time to see fall colors is usually Late October through Mid-November.  



Austin provides the perfect getaway destination for an urban elopement or bohemian-inspired wedding. It’s Texas, It’s Weird, The Food Is Great, It’s The Music Capital & the Urban Landscape Balances with the Natural Perfectly.   

You can have your first dance on the rooftop or go Kayaking in the same hour. You can go to Zilker Park for a picnic, relax in Barton Springs, oh and as you head towards South Congress, you’ll probably find a violinist who you can request to play a particular song for you. What’s more, the city’s architecture creates a beautiful backdrop for photographs and your elopement in general. Austin has loads of things you can experience to make your wedding day special.

A wedding couple is holding each other next to rocks in Auston Texas.

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-Tips And Tricks;

During the weekends, Austin is usually pretty much hoppin’ and all over the place. Do your elopement on a weekday and a sunrise ceremony if you want a serene environment as you say your vows. Ensure you confirm the locations you want to visit and make sure they permit photography or if you need a permit!  

Take the time to visit and explore all the Murals in Austin. The skyline at Ladybird can be your witness as you say your vows. To get epic views and pictures of the city, you can visit some rooftops.


Permits And Tips for Texas Elopements 

If you and your partner decide that you want to elope in Texas, there are aspects you’ll need to plan for. The first thing is that you’ll want to acquire all the necessary permits and documentation required for you to have access and fewer restrictions while in a particular location. Obtaining the required permits will only guarantee a seamless and fun experience.

Other things to add to your Texas elopement package include an officiant, food vendor, and a professional photographer to capture the special moments. For those who may be unaware, Texas state law mandates that your wedding officiant must be licensed. Another course of action you can take is having an ordained religious officer, ordained minister, or a priest with the jurisdiction to conduct the ceremony. That’s the only way the state of Texas will recognize the union. 

Permits are essential since while various public spaces may be lenient, you will need to ascertain that local regulations don’t need a fee or permit. Enlisting the services of a seasoned photographer or elopement planner will for sure assist you in verifying the local laws and regulations. This will save you a world of trouble and embarrassment as you stop your wedding from dealing with officials who will only be concerned about you violating statutes set down. Remember to get permits and pay local fees beforehand.


Our Conclusion

Texas is a massive, beautiful state with a lot to offer. With some of the best landscapes, backdrops, and wedding planners available, the Elopement Packages Texas destinations provide are sure to meet your goals as a couple. Break the norm of holding a big conventional wedding that is really just meant to impress others and maybe chose a wonderfully rustic and intimate wedding.

You should remember that the wedding is about you as a couple becoming a union. The best way of starting the next chapter of your life is by having a really intimate ceremony, and is all about you two. Texas elopement packages are reasonably priced and will provide the exact vibe you are looking for. The most popular period for an elopement adventure is Fall. Elope to Texas to have a small but memorable and elegant wedding!