Plan A Perfect Elopement In Tennessee With These Amazing Tips

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The Most Amazing Elopement Packages Tennessee has to offer

Congratulations on choosing to elope in Tennessee. Well, you might need a little help figuring out the best elopement packages Tennessee to pull this off. Here is what you need to know about eloping in Tennessee and the right places to do it. 

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What Do You Need To Elope In Tennessee 

You need to apply for a marriage license before eloping in Tennessee. You can apply for it from the county clerk’s office. The rules, fees, and regulations for getting a marriage license in Tennessee might change depending on the county. However, here is an overview of what you need to do. 

  • You must both be 18 years old unless there is written parental consent. 
  • You should apply for the marriage license in person at the county clerk’s office.
  • Note that same-sex marriages are allowed in Tennessee.
  • You should provide a birth certificate, valid ID, and proof of your social security number if you have one. Also, in some counties, you need to provide names/addresses of the next of kin.
  • The marriage license is valid immediately and for up to 30 days after you receive it.
  • return the marriage license to the county clerk where you applied it within 3 days after it has been signed.
  • You should expect to pay about $100 for a marriage license. Still, you can attend premarital counseling classes and save as much as $60.
  • Note that if your officiant was ordained online in Tennessee, the marriage would not be honored.
  • You don’t need any witnesses to sign the marriage licenses. However, your officiant should be legally ordained.

If you want to skip the legalities of getting a marriage license, you can choose to have a commitment ceremony. You don’t need a legally ordained officiant or the other legalities of an official elopement ceremony. You can handle everything else later.

When Is The Right Time To Elope In Tennessee? 

The weather in Tennessee is moderate, so you can choose any season to elope. Here is a summary to help you make the right choice. 

  1.  Spring – It’s the best season for elopements because you can always capture the wildflowers in your amazing photos. However, there is a lot of rain from March to May, so you should have a backup plan ready when this happens.
  2. Summer – Well, you should be prepared for a brutal summer in Tennessee. However, it’s an excellent time for an outdoor elopement ceremony. From June to August, there are higher levels of humidity, so it is warmer. You can plan your elopement ceremony at sunrise or sunset to avoid the scorching sun. Also, you can plan your elopement ceremony near a body of water so you can always jump in to cool off.
  3. Fall – In September, the temperature often drops until November. You should plan your elopement from the end of October to early November if you are planning to elope at this time. The trees are beautiful during this period, and your photos will definitely stand out.
  4. Winter – Are you thinking about eloping during the winter months? Would you love to have some snow in your elopement photos? Well, you can plan your elopement from January to February since you can enjoy a lot of privacy and snow. The weather is mild, so you can enjoy an outdoor elopement ceremony without freezing. 


Choosing The Right Vendors For Your Tennessee Elopement Ceremony 

If you want a simple elopement ceremony in Tennessee, you have to choose the right vendors to pull it off. Well, here are some types of vendors you should consider for the elopement ceremony in Tennessee. 

1. Photographers – Hiring a photographer for your elopement ceremony will take up most of your budget. You should expect to pay about $2,500 to $6,000 for your elopement ceremony. Of course, it depends on the number of hours for your coverage. You can always have one of your friends or family take the photos. However, if you want professional images, make sure you hire a professional photographer. That way, you can share your big day with anyone else who couldn’t make it. Please make sure to check out our recommended photographers in Tennessee

2. Videographers – Just like photographers, you should also invest in videographers for your big day. You should expect to pay the same rate for a videographer as you would a photograph. Of course, you need to know how long you want the footage to be since it determines the price.

3. Officiants – On average, most Tennessee will charge about $500 to $800 for your elopement ceremony. An officiant will orchestrate the wedding traditions and vows. Of course, some of the other vendors might also be officiants, so you could shave off the cost by some dollars.

4. Florists – Since you will be planning an elopement, you will need fewer flowers than those required for a traditional wedding. You can always make your own bridal bouquet and save your budget. However, if you need to work with a florist, you should expect to pay about $300 to $600. 

Choosing The Best Elopement Destinations In Tennessee 

If you are looking to elope in Tennessee, there are numerous public and private destinations to choose from. Most private venues will charge from $300 to $4000, depending on the location. Therefore, make sure you have the proper budget for an elopement destination before choosing a private one. Here are some valuable tips to help you select a good elopement destination in Tennessee. 

  1. Sentimental Value – Choose a destination that is special to both of you. It should be somewhere that moves, inspires, and makes you feel at home. It could have been a mountain you hiked together or a waterfall you shared together. Even if you haven’t gone there together, it could be somewhere that inspires both of you.
  2. Stunning Views – Your elopement ceremony needs to be an adventure. Therefore, you need to choose something that comes with stunning views. Here, you need to ask yourself the type of backdrop you want in your elopement photos before choosing a location. Indeed, you want something that you will never forget.
  3. Easily Accessible – Make sure your elopement destination is easy to access. Therefore, you need to prepare before the big day to avoid any inaccessibility issues. For instance, for most elopement destinations, you need a permit to take photos or exchange vows. Therefore, you need to do your research to determine if you need any documents to elope legally. Make sure there is easily accessible transportation to avoid any hassles on your big day.
  4. The Right Season – When choosing a location to elope, you should always consider the season. That way, you can avoid a hazardous wedding. Look through the available elopement destinations in Tennessee and check the weather to find the right choice.
  5. Safety – Yes, elopements are meant to be adventurous and fun. However, you should always be cautious when choosing a location. Make sure you are both safe and everyone else coming to the ceremony is safe too. If you are having an elopement ceremony on a mountain top, make sure you have the right gear to get there and back safely. Also, if you need to hike to get to the location, you should have the right hiking gear for the job. Don’t forget to bring the right amount of food and water.


Where Can You Elope In Tennessee


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Located between Tennessee and North Carolina, this is a top elopement destination for most couples. Here, you can find a lot of waterfalls, rivers, mountain views, and hiking trails. It’s easy enough to find a remote spot for your elopement ceremony. You need a $50 special use permit for your elopement ceremony. You need to submit your application and pay your fee 14 days before your big day. Choose this as your elopement venue and enjoy the scenic views. 

Elopement Packages Tennessee

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Cherokee National Forest 

Cherokee National Forest is the perfect elopement spot with multiple areas to explore. It is the largest public land in Tennessee and a memorable venue for your big day. You can choose any of the available spots like Ocoee River, Roan Mountain, Watauga Lake, and Unaka Mountain.

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If you are bringing more than 75 people to your elopement ceremony, you should apply for a permit. Of course, you need to contact the ranger’s office for the best information. You should also get the relevant information regarding regulations.


Roan Mountain State Park 

Are you planning an elopement ceremony with fantastic mountain views and a short hike? Well, the Roan Mountain State Park should be the right spot for your ceremony. It is located in the Blue Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Also, it is surrounded by a gorgeous forest. It takes about 4.5 miles to get to the summit. Therefore, it’s an excellent elopement destination for a couple looking to go on an adventure together without feeling overwhelmed. You can take amazing photos in the various spectacular spaces and enjoy exchanging vows with your loved one. 


Fall Creek Falls State Park 

Do you love waterfalls? Are you hoping to have your elopement ceremony near a waterfall? Well, this is the right choice for your elopement ceremony. There are numerous scenic spots to enjoy, with more than 20,000 acres to explore. If you are looking for a whimsical elopement venue, you can’t go wrong with this state park. Whether you choose to exchange your vows by the streams or waterfalls, it’s definitely a great place to do it.

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Oak Leaf Cottage 

Are you thinking of an elopement among the trees? Well, the Oak Leaf Cottage is the right venue for you. The cottage is located at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Chattanooga, TN. Even better, there is accommodation if you choose to stay here after your elopement ceremony.

Enjoy the 2-hour elopement package with videography, photography, officiant, bouquet, and bout and makeup for $3500. You can have your elopement from Monday to Thursday. You can book at any time. You can only bring a maximum of 6 people to your elopement if you choose this venue. 


Gardens In The Gorge 

You can choose any of the elopement packages in Tennessee available to meet your needs. The Gardens In the Gorge the best place to exchange your vows and have a small and intimate ceremony. The scenic views from the Tennessee River Gorge and Cooper State Forest will make the best photos for your elopement ceremony.

You can pick from any of the vendors available or bring your own to make sure your elopement goes off without a hitch. You can have your elopement ceremony in this venue for as little as $565. Therefore, plan accordingly and have a fantastic ceremony. 


Whitestone Inn 

With several elopement packages in Tennessee available, the Whitestone Inn is a popular elopement venue for most couples in Tennessee. Whether you are planning a small and intimate ceremony with your partner or want to invite a few friends or family members, look through the various elopement packages in Tennessee to choose the best one for your needs. Each package comes with various benefits, so choose the best one depending on your elopement needs. 

Ijams Nature Center 

If you plan a small and intimate ceremony, you can’t go wrong with choosing this venue. You can exchange your vows with the lush green foliage and nature, creating the perfect backdrop.

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You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor options, so go wild and choose the best one for your unique needs. Located in Knoxville, TN Ijames Nature Center is one of the best elopement destinations that you should consider for your upcoming elopement. 


Memphis Botanical Gardens 

Planning your elopement ceremony at the Memphis Botanical Gardens is a great choice. Here, you can choose any of the elopement packages available and have a unique and unforgettable elopement ceremony. Whether you are planning to bring a few guests or just the couple to be married, you can always rest assured that you will have the most unforgettable ceremony.

Getting married in Tennessee doesn’t have to be a huge ceremony. Whether you are planning an elopement because of your budget or other reasons, you can’t go wrong with choosing any of these amazing destinations. Take your time to plan your elopement in Tennessee for the best results.

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