All You Need To Know When Planning An Elopement In North Carolina

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The Best Elopement Packages NC

Not everyone loves big weddings. Most people don’t love being the center of attention. Well, that’s why elopements have become a huge deal, especially in North Carolina. Of course, the process comes with some anxiety, especially when you need to find the best elopement packages in NC. 

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How To Prepare For An Elopement In North Carolina

If you are preparing for an elopement in North Carolina, here are a few things to do to make sure it goes off without a hitch. 

Follow The Law 

Do you need a marriage license? How long with the elopement take? Can you plan a city hall elopement? Do you need witnesses, and what are the required credentials? Yes, an elopement might not be similar to a giant wedding, but it still needs a little preparation. With enough research, you should be able to elope in NC without a hitch. 

Booking Your Travel And Vendors 

When eloping in North Carolina, the destination might not be too far away. Therefore, you need to choose a destination with a lot of significance for both of you. Once you have selected a good destination, you can start booking the travel and the appropriate vendors to make the ceremony memorable. To make it easier for you, here is a list of amazing elopement photographers in North Carolina.

Planning The Elopement Ceremony 

Well, having an elopement ceremony is as much as a big day as a wedding day. Therefore, you need to plan for it accordingly. First, you need to choose the right clothes, the rings and the vows to share. Certainly, an elopement ceremony should be as unique as a wedding. Remember that you can avoid the traditional aspects of a wedding and make it more personalized for you and your partner. Therefore, take the time to plan the elopement ceremony to make sure that it is unforgettable.

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Post-Elopement Party 

You must have a post-elopement party. The difference here is that you can have it with your partner or invite a few friends. You can rent out a private room in a restaurant or plan a garden party with your close friends and family. Even better, you can plan the post-elopement party for a later date. You don’t really need to have it on the same day as the elopement ceremony. Make sure that the post-elopement party is also a celebration of your big day.

Prepare Yourself For The Reactions

The main essence of an elopement is to run away with your partner and have a private ceremony. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for the reactions from your close friends and family members. Some might be disappointed that they were not part of the big day. However, you should be prepared that everyone will not be happy about your decisions. You should find a way to make people a part of the big day. For instance, you can share the photos and videos from your elopement ceremony or invite them to the post-elopement party. 

Choosing The Best Elopement Packages NC

Now that you know how to prepare for an elopement, the next step is choosing the right destination. Here are some tips to help you select a good elopement package in NC. 

Meaningful/New Destination 

You can choose a location you have never been to for your elopement ceremony. Even better, you can go to a meaningful place for both of you. For instance, if you met at a national park or a specific destination, you can choose that place to be your elopement destination. Whatever you choose, make sure it is adventurous and memorable.

Check The Weather 

The weather will play a massive role in your elopement ceremony. Therefore, you need to check the weather before choosing an elopement destination. If you love the winter snow, make sure you choose a place that can offer exactly that at the right time. Also, if you want to take photos in the rain, make sure your elopement destination can meet your expectations. 

Peak Periods

If your elopement destination is a public place such as a national park, make sure you plan accordingly for the peak periods. If you want to get married when there are many tourists, check the park’s peak periods to meet your expectations. However, most people choose to get married during the off-peak periods to avoid the crowds. Therefore, do your research to avoid the peak periods and have a blissful elopement ceremony. 

Where can you elope in NC?

Here are some of the top elopement destinations to consider in North Carolina. 

The Merrimon-Wynne House 

Looking for a dream elopement package in North Carolina? Well, this is the place to choose. You can pick any of the elopement packages that can serve as many as 50 guests for every ceremony. You can customize the day to fit your dreams. You can enjoy everything from coordination to catering. You can always enjoy an all-inclusive elopement package, thanks to the Merrimon-Wynne House. 


The Parlour At Manns Chapel 

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor elopement package, you can’t miss out on the Parlour At Manns Chapel. It is the ultimate elopement destination in NC, with numerous elopement packages to choose from. These include the following. 

• The Modern Elopement – It is designed to bring out a truly intimate affair. With this elopement package, you can bring up to 10 guests for about 2 hours. You will also have a photographer, officiant, and a celebratory toast. 

• The Venue Only Micro – It’s an elopement package for the couple looking for a curated ceremony. Here, you can choose your vendors and create your own custom elopement. It’s a vintage chapel that can host as many as 50 guests for 4 hours. It’s a dream experience that will be truly unforgettable.

• Finally, the chapel has partnered with C&D Events to provide a micro-luxe wedding day experience. It’s the ideal package for clients who want to bring out a curated experience. The whole elopement experience has been designed to bring out the couple as a brand on their big day. It is customized with the ideal vendor team to ensure an unforgettable experience for the eloping couple. 

Choose any of these elopement packages for the most unforgettable experience. 


Morgan Farms 

If you want a farm elopement, you should choose Morgan Farms. Here, you can elope with your partner and exchange your vows on a 14-acre farm with crepe myrtles, oak trees, and colorful wild flora. You can choose any sentimental date and share an intimate moment with your partner and a few friends or family. You can exchange your vows in the rustic chapel or under the magnificent wedding tree. You can also enjoy the private dinner and cocktail hour on the farm at sunset. It’s a perfect elopement destination for a maximum of 25 guests. 

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Chimney Rock State Park 

If you want an elopement destination with an unforgettable view, Chimney Rock State Park should be your first choice. You can enjoy some dramatic portraits here with the 315-foot spire overlooking Lake Lure and Hickory Nut Gorge.

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You will pay $10 admission for the day and access various things to explore throughout the day. You can take any of the hikes available in the park and explore the land, about 5,700 acres. 


The Matthews House

Do you want an elopement ceremony in a backyard? Well, the Matthews House is the ideal setup for your upcoming ceremony. You can use the house and the gardens for the most memorable event. You can bring as many as 50 guests to your elopement ceremony and enjoy an extraordinary day. Thanks to Southern Harvest Catering, you don’t need to worry about food for your guests or yourself with catering options available. Even better, you can make your day beautiful and easy, thanks to the décor and rentals available. You can enjoy elopement packages starting as low as $600.


Overlook Barn

Are you looking for a rustic elopement ceremony? Well, you can’t go wrong with this choice. Here, you can exchange your vows surrounded by amazing mountain views. Even better, you can enjoy the various amenities such as suites and an indoor celebration space. You can celebrate your elopement with as many as 10 people in this remarkable outdoor space. Whether or not you are planning your elopement during the COVID-19 era, you should be able to enjoy your elopement in peace.


Hanging Rock State Park

Here, you can enjoy more than 20 miles of hiking trails that bring out stunning views. It’s the most ideal destination for an adventurous couple. You can’t go wrong with this park as your elopement destination. Even better, you can book one of the campgrounds and the local canoe rental for the best results. 

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Cape Hatteras National Seashore 

Well, if you are looking for an elopement package that doesn’t necessarily include mountains and forests, you should choose this destination. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and take unforgettable elopement photos for your big day. Spend your elopement on the beach for the most special moments. With the famous lighthouse in the background, your elopement photos will be stunning.

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The Distillery Discount

The Distillery is one of the most sought-after elopement spaces in North Carolina. It’s the most ideal space to exchange vows with your partner in an elopement ceremony. If you plan to elope in 2021, you can enjoy a discounted rate for a weekend elopement ceremony. With such a beautiful space, you can take photographs and create an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the discounted rate of $4000 and $5000 for Sundays for Fridays and Saturdays.


Walnut Hill

Bring your close friends and family for a fantastic elopement ceremony at Walnut Hill. You can pay for 4 hours of the venue, an officiant, a coordinator, photography, cake, bouquet and boutonniere, and champagne toast for all your guests. Walnut Hill elopement packages offer the best and most intimate parts of a wedding day without the hassle of a big wedding. You can pay $4000 to bring 25 guests to your wedding day or as little as $3,500 for 10 guests. Choose the right package for an unforgettable wedding experience.


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

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Of course, you can’t plan an elopement in North Carolina without considering the Smoky Mountains. Here, you can enjoy numerous scenic views, wildlife, and historic structure. It’s the best elopement destination for the most adventurous couple. The stunning views, waterfalls, and hiking trails will come together to make up the most beautiful day.

Max Patch 

It is one of the most favorite elopement areas in North Carolina. The mountain peak has a 360-degree view. You can also see the Great Smoky Mountains and Mt. Mitchell on a clear day. It’s the best place to take spectacular elopement photos. Even better, you can enjoy the grassy trails on the mountain at Max Patch. If you truly look for an escape on your big day, you can relax and enjoy the view and the calming breeze.

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Permits For Eloping In North Carolina

Suppose you choose any of the locations mentioned above for your elopement. In that case, you need to confirm whether or not the destination requires a permit before getting married. For instance, if you choose to get married in the national or state parks, you should apply for the permits on the official websites. Also, you need to contact the destination beforehand to confirm whether you can bring your own vendors or photographers or whether they are offered in-house. 

A few other things to consider when planning an elopement in North Carolina include the following. 

• It’s much better to plan elopement during the fall season with regard to the weather. Most elopements take place between September and November.

• The climate changes depending on the elevation. Therefore, if you plan a hiking trail as part of your elopement ceremony, don’t forget to bring the layers.

• Beware of hurricanes and thunderstorms known to happen between later summer and early fall.

• Always apply for the permits and pay the admission fees as early as possible. That way, you don’t miss out on a good deal.

Congratulations on your upcoming elopement in North Carolina! If you feel inspired now, check out these 101 most epic places to elope in 2022, or these 15 amazing North Carolina wedding venues.