18 Images That Show How Cool Flat Lay Photography Is

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18 Images That Show How Cool Flat Lay Photography Is

Browsing through multiple blogs and social media channels, you’ll find many photos that are beautiful and catch the viewer’s eye. In this article, we will introduce you to the world of Flat Lay Photography and explain why people love this style so much.

What is Flat Lay Photography?

When you look at a set of different images, how do you recognize a photo that is part of Flat Lay Photography? As you can derive from the name, it is basically a photo of different objects, like food, personal stuff, or wedding rings, which lay on a flat surface and are photographed from above.

Where can you use this style?

Well, in today’s world, there are basically no limitations. The most popular place to find flat lay photos is the world of product photography. There’s literally at least one photo of the product photographed in the bird’s eye view in every product photoshoot. But as you dig deeper into the world of flat lay photography, you will explore many more wonderful and interesting ways to use this style.

As a wedding photographer, you can shoot amazing detail shots with this technique. You can also create memorable photos with personal belongings that mean the world to you and have a massive impact on your life.

What do I need to think of?

What makes a photo special for you when you look at it? Right, it’s mostly about the story you can see and feel from the photo you are looking at. So, storytelling is also the key to a good flat lay photo. Of course, things like lighting, the arrangement of the subjects, choosing the ideal surface for the flat lay photo are also crucial, but in the end, it will always be about the story and the connection that a viewer can build by looking at the photo.

Many people dream about it how it would be to see the world from a bird’s perspective. Flat Lay Photography offers a creative way to see objects from another point of view that we are used to.

Inspirational Places

Like we mentioned in the introduction above, this style of photography definitely catches the viewer’s eye. It looks like a simple task to place some objects on the flat surface, but believe us – it’s definitely not that easy. If you are starting as a photographer or looking for inspiration on how other fellow creatives create flat lay photos, be sure to know where to look for those photos!

Whether it is a blog on a website, Instagram, or a Photography group on Facebook. You will find this style of photography for sure. Besides our own Facebook group, Pinterest is truly a good source when searching for inspiration in Flat Lay Photography.


a photo from above showing wedding rings and a wedding invitation card

Adam Rotter – www.adamrotter.pl


an artistic photo from above of a kid creating a snow angel in flour

Allie Nettles-Casey – www.instagram.com/picturethisbyallie


walnuts beautifully decorated with leaves on a receipt

Arianna Florentina Petrovan – www.lightandstories.co.uk


a basket full of fruits like lemonades and oranges photographed from above

Denis Girard – www.denisgirardphotographie.com


freshly made pralines getting their final glaze 18 Images That Show How Cool Flat Lay Photography Is

Gary Bearre – www.instagram.com/garybearre


a green lemon and a bunch of yellow lemons stacked on a surface

Hollie Jeakins – www.holliejeakins.com


a painted image of a breastfeeding mother lays on a wooden surface surrounded by farn and a rose

Joyce Huis – www.joycehuisfotografie.com


makeup objects decorated with rose flowers on a white surface

Katarzyna Rojek – www.facebook.com/Katari01Photography


A picture of breastfeeding aid objects on a wooden surface

Kelli Menaker – www.kellicathrinephoto.com


a picture of oreo's that show the moon phases

Kimberley Kufaas – www.kimberleykufaas.com


a photo of a hemp bud with butterfly wings

Laura Shanahan – www.instagram.com/laurashanahancannabisphotog


a freshly made pie with the face of one of the actors from schitt's creek on it

Lindsay Bergeson – www.instagram.com/forestandfieldphotography


A photo of Winnie Pooh cookies for a boy's second birthday

Lyndsey Murphy – www.facebook.com/lyndseymurphyphotography


Four colorful pies placed symmetrically on a wooden table

Matt Ritscher – www.newhopephotography.com


Cinnamon and chocolate pieces lie on a dish

Stephanie Entin – www.littleplumphoto.com


Fresh carrots, lemons, and tangerines perfectly arranged on a wooden surface

Tara Moon Morris – www.idreaminflowers.com


a wedding photo on a table surrounded by leaves and blossoms

Tracy Jade Photography – www.tracyjadephotography.com


Do you want to extend the bird’s eye view we were talking about a little bit? Check out the epic drone images on our blog as well.

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Flat Lay Photography – An article by MATTHIAS JAWORSKI