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What You Need To Know About New York Elopement Packages

Are you planning to tie the knot with your partner by eloping? This New York Elopement Guide contains all you need to know about eloping and great locations in New York. Elopements are a great alternative to having a big wedding as it is simple, cheap and intimate. Here is what you need to know about the best New York elopement packages and how to choose the best one?

Why Should You Elope In New York?

It’s no doubt that New York is a top marriage destination in the world. The city itself is beautiful enough to catch the attention of anyone. Here are reasons why you should elope in New York and how to find the best New York elopement packages for you.

How To Get A Marriage License In NYC

Eloping in New York is a treat because the licensing process is easy. You can start the application online to avoid lines at the City Clerk’s office. The fee for the license is $35. Both couples have to be present at the City Clerk’s office to finish the application. The license is valid for 60 days. The waiting period to get married after getting a permit is only 24 hours.

The office of the City Clerk: marriage Bureau can be found at 141 Worth Street, Manhattan. It’s open every day from 8.30 am-3.45 pm, closed on major holidays only. Make sure to carry all necessary documents to avoid any delays. After getting married, return the signed license to the Clerk’s office. The certificate of marriage will be mailed to your doorstep in 30 days.

Elope in New York –  New York Elopement Packages

The other reason why you should get married in New York is the picture-perfect venues. These places offer great New York elopement packages to suit any couple, whether outgoing or reserved. Here are some of the perfect venues to elope and their outstanding New York elopement packages:

Letchworth State Park – New York Elopement Packages

Letchworth state park is a beautiful venue perfect for an elopement. It was voted the best State Park in the USA in 2015, and it has been nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the East. The Genesee River has carved a 600ft deep gorge that is scenic and pleasant to gaze upon. The nature trails offer great venues that can host elopements. Couples can also choose to hold the ceremony in the Glen Iris Inn.
A wedding couple is standing on a wall and holding hand at the Letchworth State Park



Ellicottville – New York Elopement Packages

If you’re looking to elope in Buffalo, New York, then Ellicottville is the best destination. It features a hilltop that provides an aerial view over the city below. It’s best to avoid this area at the beginning of October since the town celebrates fall fest and attracts multitudes of people. Other weekdays and weekends all-time round are perfect with moderate crowds.
A wedding couple is sitting on a blanket in the forest and kissing, their priest is applauding and standing behind them in the forest in Ellicottville.

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Dundas Castle, Roscoe – New York Elopement Packages

Who doesn’t dream of getting married in a castle? If you’re looking to elope in a castle, then Dundas castle is the perfect venue. Also known as Craig-E-Claire, it was to be Ralph Wurts-Dundas’ residence after he moved to Roscoe in 1907. He died before it was completed. The area still remains private property, and one requires permission from the owners to access it. The castle offers an excellent backdrop for a simple ceremony and pictures.
A wedding couple is holding each other and in the background are windows of the Dundas castle.

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Niagara Gorge, Minnewaska State Park – New York Elopement Packages

Niagara gorge is home to the famous Niagara Falls. Even though many know it as a great honeymoon destination due to the famous steam trains, the falls are also great to host elopements and wedding ceremonies. Having to elope at Niagara falls means you get to have a great scene as your backdrop, picture-perfect background for that marriage photo and a memorable experience for both of you and your friends.
A bride is standing at the edge of a mountain at the Minnewaska State Park.

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Oasis Farm – New York Elopement Packages

Located in the town of Warwick, famous for apple picking and wineries, The Oasis is best known as the site of one of Warwick’s three disc golf courses; but The Oasis is so much more than that!
The Oasis hosts micro-weddings and elopements, featuring beautifully manicured meadows, ponds, wetlands, woods, a 140-year-old barn, a hops yard, and hundreds of fruit trees and berry bushes.  It is best to reach out to the owner, Dan Doyle, via email.
A wedding couple is holding hands and smiling at each other at the Oasis Farm in New York.

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Indianhead Mountain – New York Elopement Packages

The mountain can be found at the Southeast corner of Greene County, New York. It has an elevation of 3.573ft giving a great view of the city below. Named Indian head due to its appearance is part of the Catskill Mountains. This is a tremendous eloping venue due to its picturesque background, great for any intimate ceremony. There are no charges to hold a ceremony at the top.
A couple is cuddling in a blanket and sitting on top of a mountain and looking to a lake in the valley at the Indianhead Mountain in the Adirondacks.

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Keene Valley – New York Elopement Packages

This region has several high peaks such that it has been named ‘the home of High Peaks.’ The town has some of the highest peaks in New York. If you’re looking to elope at the high ground, then Keene Valley is your perfect destination. For those stunning backgrounds for your ceremony, any of the peaks are sure to be exactly what you need. The mountains have numerous hiking trails for the outdoors couple that want a little adventure and sightseeing.
A wedding couple is kissing each other in a field of flowers in the Keene valley in Adirondacks.

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Lake Placid – New York Elopement Packages

Are you a couple into winter sports looking to elope in a great venue? Lake Placid is built for Olympians. The area has fun-filled winter activities to complement your elopement, from skiing, ice climbing, bobsledding to ski jumping. Lake Placid is a winter paradise and the Adirondack state park, a hive for outdoor activities. The town also has various restaurants for your catering needs and boutiques for shopping.
A wedding couple is holding each other and standing on rocks next to Lake Placid in New York.

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Mt Jo, Adirondacks – New York Elopement Packages

This is a mountain found deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. It has an elevation of 2876 feet. The area is private property as the Adirondack Mountain Club owns it. Suppose you’re looking for New York elopement packages in an elevated place. In that case, the mountain is a great venue offering a scenic sight over the Adirondack state park and the Tri-lakes.
A wedding couple is standing on a mountain and looking at each other at Mt. Jo in the Adirondacks.

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Chimney Bluffs – New York Elopement Packages

Land and water bodies meet at Chimney bluffs state park to provide a scenic and dramatic landscape. The backdrop is great to host your elopement as well as taking those beautiful marriage day photographs.  The shores of Lake Ontario are great to hold ceremonies as the blue water and breeze are calming.
A wedding couple is standing in a field next to a cliff at the Chimney bluffs in Wolcott.

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Awosting Falls – New York Elopement Packages

Awosting falls can be found in the Lake Minnewaska Awosting falls loop trail in Wawarsing, New York. The track is 1.6 kilometers long, and any person on any skill level can traverse. The main attraction is that the falls offer a great backdrop for an elopement if you’re looking for a not crowded waterfall.
A wedding couple is kissing each other and standing on a rock with a waterfall behind them at the Awosting Falls.

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Saranac Lake – New York Elopement Packages

This is a village that is in the state of New York. It gets its name from the lakes that surround it, the Saranac Lakes. The village can be found on the boundary of the Adirondack state park. The lakes offer scenic venues to hold ceremonies. You can have your elopement ceremony at the port or on the shores of Lake Saranac.
A wedding couple is jumping into the Saranac Lake in New York.

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Whiteface Mountain – New York Elopement Packages

This is the fifth highest mountain found in the state of New York. It is one of the highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains. The peak offers a 360 view of the Adirondacks, Canada, and Vermont. Suppose you’re looking to have your elopement in an elevated area. In that case, Whiteface Mountain is the perfect destination famous for its views out of all the New York elopement packages.
A wedding couple is walking down stairs at the Whiteface Mountain.

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Prospect Park – New York Elopement Packages

Found in Brooklyn, New York, prospect park is an urban park perfect for holding an elopement. It is the second-largest park located in Brooklyn. It is adjacent to the Grand Army Plaza and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. This is a great area to elope since it lacks the crowd’s other venues attract if you’re looking for privacy and quiet. The park features locations that make great elopement venues like Binnen bridge, Binnen falls, rustic arbor, and Baier music island.
A wedding couple is standing in front of the Brooklyn Public Library at the Prospect Park in New York.

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Lake George – New York Elopement Packages

This is a town that is adjacent to the famous Lake George. This area is a prime winter destination as the lakes and streams provide good skating rinks and ice fishing Hotspots when frozen. If you’re looking for New York elopement packages in an icy paradise, Lake George is your go-to destination. If you covet an icy backdrop for your ceremony with good locations for photography, this is the perfect place to hold your ceremony.
A wedding couple is standing at the edge of a mountain next to Lake George in New York.

Dawn Honsky –


Mohonk Mountain House – New York Elopement Packages

This Victorian-style castle resort is found in Hudson Valley, New York. It is surrounded by acres of forest, and the castle is a historic landmark. Coupled with views of the Catskill Mountains, the Mohonk Mountain House has no match when it comes to incredible scenery and tranquility. The resort has a variety of wedding packages that come with complements. You can host your elopement in this castle to have a luxurious and intimate affair for you, your particular other, and your friends.
A wedding couple is holding hands and standing on top of the mountain at Mohonk Mountain House in New York.

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Sam´s Point – New York Elopement Packages

It is located on the highest point of the Shawangunk Mountains, the southern section of the Minnewaska State Preserve. This is an elevated section that has numerous rare pitch pine Barrens. Lake Maratanza, one of the Shawangunk five lakes, can be found here. The Sam´s point area is perfect for an elopement as it has scenic flora and fauna that are rarely coupled with scenic water bodies. The unique ecosystem provides a unique backdrop perfect for a ceremony and great pictures if you choose this place out of all the New York elopement packages.
A couple is holding each pother and touching foreheads and standing on top of a mountain at Sam's Point in New York.

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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.