The Best Wedding Moments Of Crazy 2020

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28 Incredible Wedding Moments – The Best In 2020

Capturing The Most Important Wedding Moments

A wedding is about ceremony and celebration. Marriage is designed to join two people — and two families — together. From the ceremony to the reception, it’s essential to ensure that the most important wedding moments are captured. Amazing artists from our community have captured these photos here, and we congratulate them on being our Artists of the Year 2020.

These Moments Tell A Story

Wedding photography is about more than taking pictures. All of these moments are a part of the story of your wedding day. These moments begin at the start of the day when everyone is getting ready, and they continue to the ceremony and the reception.

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is undoubtedly true of wedding photos. When these moments are captured, you’ll be able to see your own wedding story and share that story with others.

Weddings Are Steeped In Tradition

People have been getting married for tens of thousands of years. Many common practices at weddings are traditions that have been around for centuries. Wedding photos can be a great way to capture a moment in time and show how wedding traditions have evolved.

The tradition of having a flower girl walk down the aisle dates back to Ancient Rome. The bouquet toss began in the 14th Century. Whether you take a classic approach or put a new spin on an old tradition, photos of these crucial moments can make you a part of wedding history.

You Can Relive The Day Through Wedding Moments

Your wedding will only last for a day, but the captured photos will live on for a lifetime. You’ll be able to look back at these photos many years from now and remember all the details of this important day.

When you have photos of all of the most important moments, you can ensure that you won’t forget anything about your wedding. Whether these photos are framed, in a wedding album, or stored online, you’ll be able to look back at them at any time.

Photos Can Help You Include People That Weren’t A Part Of Your Wedding

Even if you have a long guest list, it’s likely that some important people won’t be able to attend your wedding. When all of the most important moments from your wedding are captured, you’ll have a way to share your wedding with the people that weren’t able to be there.

Photos also give you a way to share your wedding with the people you meet later in life. You can show these moments to new friends or even to your future children. These moments are the visual language of your wedding, and you should share them with everyone important to you.

There Are Important Moments That Could Be Overlooked

Weddings tend to be pretty eventful, and because of this, you might miss some of the most significant moments on your wedding day. For example, you won’t be in the room when your partner is getting ready. You might not get to see your wedding venue before guests arrive. With wedding photography, you’ll be able to see all of these moments.

Beyond that, photography gives you a way to see these moments from a new perspective. You’ll be able to see you and your partner as you prepare to share your first dance as a married couple. You’ll have the chance to view your wedding toast through new eyes. Photography means you won’t have to miss any part of your wedding.

There are so many significant and beautiful moments that take place throughout a wedding. Wedding photos will ensure that you don’t forget the details of this special day. Below, you can see some of the most magical wedding moments captured in the last year.


A grandmother attends the wedding ceremony via FaceTime

Aileen Ciesielski –


Kids are extremly bored during a wedding ceremony in the church

Andrzej Batko –


Bride and groom eat their wedding cake while the staff cut the cake in more pieces like doctors

Anna Nes –


a bride walks down the stairs and the best men are amazed

Brett Benham –


the bride wipes the tears off from her mother's face

Brittany Herd –


bride and groom walk down the aisle and a flower kid is screaming

Bruno Garcez –


two grandmothers sit a table while the wedding guests are dancing around them

Dawid Mazur –


a bride stands on a balcony and is happy to see which bridesmaid caught the wedding bouquet

Esteban Gil –


a bride sprays perfume on her hand

Hannah Hix –


a woman sits alone in an empty wedding venue

Jonut Runcan –


a bride and a groom are dancing their first dance and the dancefloor is coverd in fog

Karolina Grzegorzek –


a topless groom hugs his bride on the dancefloor

Krista Evans –


a small wedding ceremony taking place in a white chapel

Kylie Farmer –


a bride does a table flip on her wedding

Leah Flores –


family members of the bride and groom are wiping off their tears during the wedding ceremony

Maciej Suwalowski –


a detail shot of a bride's wedding dress hanging outside a house facade full of windows

Melissa Rey –


a wedding ceremony in a very dark room where the sunlight from outside shines on the wedding couple

Mike Ferreira –


a wedding couple kissing while their sparkler exit

Missie Lafrenz –


the bride's mother helps the bride to get into her wedding dress, while the bride's daughter is flashed by the beauty of her mother

Olgierd Tybinkowski –


a wedding couple is getting ready for their wedding in a moody barn

Pawel Bator –


a wedding couple dances in the sunlight which finds its way through a window

Pawel Kowalewski –


a bride suffering from cancer hugs her father on the dancefloor

Pia Bacino-Church –


a groom waits for his bride in a wooden barn

Rachael Halgerson –


a bride dances with her sick father

Rachel Renee Wilson –


a grandfather wants to take a photo of the wedding couple with his phone but is accidentally taking a selfie

Tim Demski –


a double exposure of a bride dancing and the wedding couple kissing on the dancefloor

Todd Kwiczak –


A stunning white wedding dress is hanging on a beautiful decorated stick in a room

A wedding ceremony is taking place at a waterfall in the mountains

Tracy Koflanovich –


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