46 Incredible Photos Of The Best Animal Photographers In 2020

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The Best Animal Photographers 2020 – Incredible Animal Photos

5 Tips for Taking Animal Photos Like a Pro

Taking animal photos is a big challenge because you can’t interpret their next move. You must have quick skills to adjust your camera and take shots instantly to capture some beautiful photos. Most importantly, it would help if you have a lot of patience because most animals don’t sit or rest in one place for long. If you expect an animal or bird to come to a specific location, make sure you keep the camera ready and batteries charged. Also, don’t forget to keep the camera on burst mode to take multiple shots with one click. Here are a few more tips to make you a pro at animal photography:

1. Focus on eyes and expressions

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking photos of your pet dog lying on her bed or a parakeet on a faraway branch. You should always focus on their eyes. Eyes can reveal a thousand expressions, and you can use that to your advantage. Whether it’s a mischievous look or one with satisfaction written all over the face, concentrating on the eyes can tell a story, something that animal photographers speak about all the time.

2. Reduce clutter from your frame

Suppose you want to capture your cat’s look when she stares through the window. This can be from her bed consisting of tons of toys, but that doesn’t mean you need to make the photo look cluttered. Remove the toys to make the photo about her instead of the toys. You can, however, put a ball of wool to make the image look meaningful. It can mean that the cat is tired of playing with the yarn ball and reflecting on how she could use her time better (you can caption the photo accordingly to make it look funny).

3. Always follow the light

It is challenging to shoot animals in artificial light unless you are already a professional wildlife photographer. If you are starting to take animal photos, then don’t forget to make the most light you already have. Taking pictures in broad daylight makes the images look sharper. You won’t need to edit the photos too much. Most importantly, you can take multiple shots and select the ones you think are the best. You also don’t need to adjust your camera settings too much in well-lit areas. Keep the aperture at its lowest to make the background hazy, increase the shutter speed so that you can adjust to the animal’s movement, and lower the ISO to avoid noise in the photos.

4. Be ready for animals to pose

Yes, animals pose. They take a hint from the camera around your neck. At least dogs and chimpanzees can sense that you want to take their photos. And they readily oblige. However, you need to be ready with your camera because they won’t tell you when they want to pose. As already mentioned, charge the batteries and set the camera so that you can capture some cute shots quickly.

5. Keep the animals happy

Just like you pay models to pose in front of your camera, similarly, you need to keep the animals happy with treats so that they provide enough opportunities to take beautiful photos. For cats, you can choose from tuna snacks, paper bags, catnips, or feather toys. On the other hand, dogs like chewy toys and treats. The trick here is to fool the animals into thinking that you are part of their activities. You must keep the bait and camera ready simultaneously. Once the animal falls for the trick, you need to start capturing their photos. These not only provide tons of candid shots but also pictures of animals in action.

6. Go and try it out

Taking animal photos is a lot of fun, provided you know the proper tricks. The above tips will help you grow from an amateur to a pro-level animal photographer. But make sure you keep practicing to hone your skills and gain experience.

We are proud to show you the absolute best images that have been captured by the amazing artists from our LLF Facebook community. Lean back, and take a look at the best Animal Photographers 2020!


a moose walks crosses a river on a sunny day

Alex Briere – www.alexbriere.com


a dog in a pool looks straight into the camera and seems to angry

Amanda Danee’ – www.awarephotography.zenfolio.com


a cute mini pig looks on red Christmas lights from a car window a duck stands on a knee of a child and looks into the camera a duck stands in a bowl full of eggs

Andrea Snyder Martin – www.andreammartinphotography.com


a dog with a stick in his mouth while he gets spun around

Benjamin Dunford – www.facebook.com/whoisbendunford


a chipmunk eats a fruit and looks surprised

Brittany Martinez – www.facebook.com/brittanymartinezx


a green lizard climbs up a tree, while a brown lizard is on the green's back

Calie Moore – www.calieannephotography.com


8 dogs and two cats are cuddling together in bed

Calley Gibson – www.facebook.com/calley.gibson


a majestic cat looks into the light

Chelle Fernandes Fox – www.wearefoxphotography.com


an alpaca is about to kiss another alpaca

Christina Mason – www.instagram.com/ChristinaMStudio


a small duck stands next to a sink in the kitchen

Christi Stone – www.facebook.com/ChristiStonePhotography


a portrait from the side of a bison a deer stands on a path in a snowy forest

Dana Minciuna – www.landofwhitedeer.com


a chihuahua lies on the bed and looks up

Denis Girard – www.denisgirardphotographie.com


a cat sneaks in from behind a wall so that you only see half of the cat's face.

Fardo Dopstra – www.fardodopstra.com


a cat lies in hammock on a sunny day

Gabriella Rojas Rey – www.facebook.com/littlelovesphotos


a person lifts the dog's upper lip so that its teeth can be seen

Jaime Burrow – www.jaimeburrowphotography.com


a chihuahua sits in a field of yellow flowers

Jared Kreiss – www.shotbyjkreiss.com


a slightly cross-eyed cat is leading the way in the family's boat

Jessica Lagrange – www.walkingbetweenmountains.com


a dog chills on a couch in a greenhouse

Jessy Schuckers – www.instagram.com/j.mathphoto


a cat sticks her tongue out and has her eyes closed because of the sun

Joanna Surman – www.instagram.com/rudykadr


a duck with a ballet dress

Kait Bradford – www.threefeatherphoto.com


a snake in the garden

Kate Whyte – www.instagram.com/katewhytephoto


a cat and a girl are posing for the camera in the living room

Katelyn Tornroth Viveiros – www.RosyMadePhotography.com


Five cute kittens sit in a basket.

Katie Jewell Beech – www.katiejewellco.com


a dog with a birthday hat sits on a armchair

Kerry Rainbird – www.facebook.com/kerryrainbird1


a man and a dog look into the camera cheek by cheek

Kristyn Taulane – www.instagram.com/kristyntaulanephoto


a kitten sleeps in a sandwich of blankets

Ksenia Belanger – www.kseniabelangerphotography.com


a woman is training her horse on the beach

Laurie Jean Wicker – www.lauriejeanphotography.com


a white kitten with blue eyes stands on a couch in a living room

Laurie Larson – www.laurieashleyphotography.com


a corgi dressed as a ghost sits on the porch

Marissa Yuhas – www.mnyphotography.com


a black and white cat sits in front of a black and white colored wall

Melissa Greenwood – www.melissaaldertonphotography.com


the eye of a horse and a woman are right next to each other

Michelle Wannemacher – www.instagram.com/michelle.lynn.photography


a cute white kitten with black freckles sits on a small chair

Missie Lafrenz – www.instagram.com/missielafrenzphoto


two kittens are licking the window glass

Monika Knapik – www.instagram.com/fotografiamonikamalek


a cocker spaniel puppy sits in wooden bowle

Nancy Chin – www.facebook.com/nancy.r.chin


a bee flies from one flower to the next one

Natasha Huisman –  www.instagram.com/tashabphotography_


a french dog dressed in a suit is attending a wedding

Olivia Locascio McCracken – www.oandbphotoco.com


a dog and a woman sit in a bathtub and are looking into the camera

Remy Door – www.remysdoorart.com


a poodle sits in a blue closet

Sarah Clink Rogers – www.facebook.com/Sully-and-Willis-Photography


a moose walks on a way by a lake with mountains and a rainbow in the background

Suzanne Fryer – www.suzannefryerphotography.com


Two dachshunds sit in sink in a kitchen a duck is jumping into a sink while two other ducks are already swimming there

Suzi Mitchell – www.littlewhitephotography.co.uk


a hummingbird eats pollen from a flower a duck shakes itself dry after bathing in a sink

Troya Fayock Yoder – www.facebook.com/troya.yoder