The Worlds Best Wedding Photographers 2020 And Their Stunning Images

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The Best Wedding Photographers 2020 – Amazing Wedding Pictures

Can it be that soon-to-be-married couples are too worried about their wedding pictures? Is it such a critical part of the special event, and is it worth being specific in terms of the hired photographer? In short, wedding pictures are paramount for several reasons.

And you are right to be specific and cautious when it comes to choosing the best wedding photographer. But instead of just telling you how vital wedding pictures are, why not take a more in-depth look at why this is true?

To start with, take a moment to think about the effort and money that go into arranging a wedding. Numerous people are involved in making sure every last detail is perfect and in place. Whether these are professionals, friends, or family, everybody puts in their time and skill to make the wedding special.

And what a shame would it be if there aren’t any pictures to capture it all? But this is what wedding pictures are for – to capture and record the contribution made by everyone.

Another good reason to invest in professional wedding pictures is the fact that you only get one opportunity. There is no going back and fixing the light or removing the thumb that fell into focus and blocked out the groom.

You only get a single chance to exchange vows and have that moment last forever in a picture. Keep this in mind if you feel you might be overreacting about only hiring the best wedding photographer.

As the years pass, memories change and fade. Specific details get lost along the way and recalling what things looked like exactly becomes ever more challenging. But not when you have a full album of photos to help refresh your memory.

More importantly, you want pictures that speak a thousand words. You want them to brisk you away towards memory lane, into that unforgettable day when you promised yourself to another person. Only with great wedding pictures can you take this trip, time and time again.

To round off the reasons why pictures of the wedding are so important, they allow you to share this special day with others. For example, if certain people on the guest list could not make it to the wedding although they wanted to be there, they can at least see what the day was like for you.

And while you show them the pictures, you can walk them through the wedding as though they were there. Of course, wedding pictures can never substitute the real experience. But they can still evoke strong emotions and draw viewers into the scene.

As a photo community we are happy to feature so many talented wedding photographers throughout the year. The best however, are presented in our annual recap showing off their stunning wedding pictures.

The following images have been shared in our Facebook Group and selected by our 55K strong community to be the best. This is why we are happy, to present the best wedding photographers of 2020 and the amazing wedding pictures that they created!

Wedding Pictures

The best wedding photographers 2020 – Amazing Wedding Pictures


A bride and the groom laughing on a carousel

Adrian Bubicz –


A bride and a groom are posing in an arc of a building

Agnieszka Gofron –


Bride and groom hide underneath a tree full of flowers.

Aleksandra Blaszkowska –


A groom on his knees kisses the hand of his bride while it's raining.

Amy Booker –


a wedding couple standing at a glacier lake and are surrounded by the northern lights

Arjan Wilmsen –


bride and groom standing in a lake in front of a wedding arc.

Ashley Sly –


a wedding couple relaxing on a boat

Brett Benham –


a bride is sitting on a camel and is guided by her husband through the desert at night

Brittany Boote –


a groom lifts his wife, and she tries to touch the moon with her finger

Brittney Marie Gross –


a wedding couple embracing each other in the middle of a snow-covered city street

Cathy Lessard –


A bride and a groom have closed their eyes and are standing at a cliff

Charlotte Kiri –


a groom and a bride are kissing under the veil

Chelsea Warren –


A bride and a groom with a white jacket are posing in a noble staircase A wedding couple looking straight into the camera from pieces of a mirror A wedding couple is standing on a rock Bride and groom are kissing each other on a street in London

Christian John O’Reilly –


a wedding couple is dancing

Daniel Aaron Sprague –


A bride and groom are standing between dried-out trees

Daniel Alonso –


a wedding couple looks at each other while standing underneath a rainbow.

Danni Maibaum –


a wedding couple kisses each other, while friends launched smoke bombs in rainbow colors

Deanna Michele Bray –


A kiss of bride and groom in front of a small church and a volkswagen car A wedding couple kisses on the dancefloor and the lights created a cool storm effect

Eftal Ezgin –


A wedding couple is standing in a grass field with mountains in the background

Elsa Schuldheiss –


A double exposure image of two brides who look at each other and walk together towards the sunset

Erica Margan –


a wedding couple is holding hands in a forest bride and groom are about to kiss each other in front of a lake

Esteban Gil –


an old wedding couple is looking full of love at each other

Evynn LeValley –


a bride is embracing the groom with her eyes closed and holding a bridal bouquet.

Ewelina Zieba –


an old wedding couple is doing the eskimo kiss and are laughing

Hayley Sheppard –


a wedding couple is standing at a foggy beach and are holding old miner's lamps Bride and groom are standing on a rock on a foggy night with miner's lamps

Henry Tieu –


Bride sits at a window and looks down on her groom waiting underneath the window

Jesscaste Photography –


artistic photo of a wedding couple who grab each other faces with their hands

Kacper Bialoblocki –


a wedding couple standing on a glade in the forest

Karol Wos –


a wedding couple walks by a bunch of people who are sunbathing

Keegan Cronin –


A double exposure of a bride who opens the curtains and a groom who looks outside a window

Khael Bosch –


a picture from above of a wedding couple who lies in a garden

Krzysztof Soltan –


a wedding couple kissing in a room where the sunbeams shine through

Krzysztof Zamojtuk –


a couple standing in a field full of flowers a couple standing in front of the door of a chapel in the woods a wedding couples embracing each other on a cliff at Yosemite

Kylie Farmer –


A wedding couple is kissing under an old monument on a snowy day

Laura Kilpatrick –


a double exposure photo where a couple is standing at a cliff and the bride wraps her hands around the neck of the group a wedding couple walks by in front of the wedding venue which is full of windows

Laura Pinckard –


a wedding couple stands in front of a wall and next to a tree

Lukas Piatek –


a wedding couple is dancing while balloons are in the sky

Mada Stoica –


a wedding couple standing in front of a snow-covered mountain in Canada

Marcin Karpowicz –


a wedding couple looks at each other in a golden and green colored forest a wedding couple sticks their foreheads together in a garden in spring

Maria Gozdawa-Golebiowska –


A wedding couple stands on a field while two horses run by

Marko Milas –


A wedding couple stands close to each other and the bride looks into the camera

Marley Clark –


bride and groom are kissing in the middle of a green forest

Marscha van Druuten –


a wedding couple stands next to a tree in the middle of a desert

Matthew Osborne –


a wedding couple is practicing their first dance in a light-flooded industry hall

Matthias Jaworski –


Bride and groom standing in front of a barn underneath a ring of fire a wedding couple holds hands and looks down on their hands

Melissa Rey –


a couple walks through a dune with lights in their hands a wedding couple is standing on a hill on a windy day

Melli & Shayne –


a wedding couple runs an a very cloudy day

Miles Witt Boyer –


a wedding couple runs in a field at sunset

Missie Lafrenz –


a wedding couple stands underneath a rainbow

Oana Cassetta –


a wedding couple stands in the middle of a huge yellow balloon

Pawel Bator –


a wedding couple walks through a foggy field

Pawel Kowalewski –


a traditional polish wedding couple hikes in the mountains

Pawel Mucha –


a bride and groom walks to each other on a foggy field

Ricardo Meira –


The Worlds Best Wedding Photographers 2020 And Their Stunning Images

Rob Dight –


a wedding couple stands on a path in the forest and their silhouettes reflect on the path

Robert Slomski –


a wedding couple stands on the beach at a stormy day

Ryan Chard Smith –


a wedding couple is kissing in each other in front of a black barn

Samantha Harrell –


a wedding couple dances on a street in front of a black and white colored wall A bride and a groom look at each other in a public restroom

Sasson Haviv –


a bride cries tears of joy while standing close to the groom

Shelby Stevens-Daise –


The groom is about to kiss the bride at full moon

Tiffany Rains –


a wedding couple lies on a boat and is circled by sheeps a wedding couple literally stands on a cloud

Tim Demski –


a wedding couple enjoys the view on a foggy tale a wedding couple stands in front of the forest and enjoys the sun a wedding couple walks on a path in a forest

Tomasz Panszczyk –


a wedding couple stands on top of a rock in a canyon

Traci Edwards –


a wedding couple stands on a street and you can only see their feet

Tran Le Duc –


A wedding couple kisses on a busy street in London

Valter Antunes –


Now comes the question, do you go out of your way to find the right wedding photographer? Or can you expect the same level of quality from every photographer you come across? The truth is, different photographers have different styles and approaches. And these elements are what set them apart. So, it is not a matter of quality as it is a matter of style. Here are some tips to help you find the best photographer for your wedding day.

  • Browse different portfolios, seeing as portfolios provide a good idea of the photographer’s style
  • Short-list the top three portfolios and arrange for interviews with your top three choices
  • Get clarity on the cost/rates, when you have to make payments, and a time-frame on when you receive your wedding pictures
  • Make sure the photographer is available for your specific date and they can reach the venue
  • Book the photographer you like most

While some fun pictures can come from friends and family who attend the wedding, professional photographers get lost in the crowd and focus on different elements. So, why not get the best of both worlds?

Wedding Pictures