A Super-Romantic Hot Spring Photoshoot In Italy

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Couple In Water – 17 Stunning Pictures

Couple In Water by Ilaria Vecchi

“I recently came back to my home country (Italy) after studying photography in Canada. I was really looking forward to exploring more of my own country and discovering hidden gems. And then Covid happened. The lockdown was tough, the months that followed were not a walk in the park either. I’m not the kind of photographer who’s happy to only work in a studio. My creativity comes from working with people while exploring new places, so not being able to do what I’m most passionate about was really bringing me down.

Hot Springs in Tuscany

Once the restrictions started being lifted I got a little more hopeful. One day I randomly discovered these gorgeous hot springs in Tuscany while browsing through some Instagram travel accounts and thought it was crazy nobody had done a couple shoot there before (or at least I couldn’t find any photos anywhere). Even just by looking at the photos, I was starting to get ideas about how to use those gorgeous natural layers, which usually never happens (I tend to create in the moment).

Finding a couple

And then I randomly saw this post on a Facebook group of a girl who was planning a road trip to Italy in August with her boyfriend. She was looking for a couple who would trade shoots but I wrote to her saying I had a cool place I wanted to shoot at, pitched her the idea and she was thrilled. It all felt very serendipitous. We managed to find a day that worked for all of us and I drove 12 hours in a 24h span to shoot with them in this dream location in Tuscany.

The Day of the Photoshoot

We met in the afternoon, ate pizza together as we chatted and got to know each other better, then headed to Val d’Orcia for a sunset shoot before driving down to Saturnia. We were at these beautiful hot springs at 6 am and by 6.20 am the place was packed, but we were having so much fun we barely paid any attention to the people around us. The connection between these two amazing humans is so strong and beautiful I don’t think any photo would ever do it justice, but I definitely had a great time trying!”


The end – What else do you need to know?

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A Super-Romantic Hot Spring Photoshoot In Italy

A Super-Romantic Hot Spring Photoshoot In Italy


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Couple In Water Photoshoot By Ilaria Vecchi