A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot

Family Photoshoot – 19 Wonderful Photos You Will Fall In Love With

Family Photoshoot by Ryan Learoyd from Shutter Go Click Photography

“I absolutely adore family sessions. Even more so when they start off at home. For me, a home is a representation of you, your family & your journey together all intertwined within bricks & mortar. On Sunday I finally got to meet Aga, Daniel, Florence, Iris & Timmi for a family shoot. In fact to call it simply a family shoot (I’m getting all Marks & Spencers here) would be an injustice. It was more like an idyllic plant laden, soulful, laughter-filled exploration of five incredible humans & their bond.

A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot

Aga has been a follower/online friend for bloomin’ ages & Dan bought Aga a portrait shoot voucher back when lockdown started to hit & we finally found a date to unleash some awesomeness in Burton Latimer. Paige & I drove down & were welcomed by one of the most spectacular homes I’ve ever seen. Hell, their crib is legit straight outta some fancy pants styled shoot. With so many beautiful planty boys I thought David Attenborough was gonna creep out of a corner chasing a three-toed sloth. LOVE YOU DAVE!

A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot

Never mind the house though jeez their kids were just awesome. Especially little Iris who no matter how many times she asked “WHAT’S HIS NAME?” never quite did remember. Right after spending time photographing these guys, we were invited to stay for an amazing dinner. I had one glass of wine which is remarkably restrained for me & we bid farewell into the night.

A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot

Aga & Dan were genuinely some of the most magnificent humans we’ve ever had the fortune of spending time with. Even if you took away the crazy photogenic home adorned with Aga’s own stunning photographic works. You would still be left with the warmest of fuzziest feelings. The kind of feeling you get when you step through the door out of a crisp, cold Autumn day.

A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot

Here’s to the warmth of family. Here’s to incredible new friends.”




The end – What else do you need to know?

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A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot

A Wonderful LLF Family Photoshoot


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Family Photoshoot By Ryan Learoyd from Shutter Go Click Photography

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    I love such family lifestyle photo sessions. Full of spontaneity, naturalness and energy.

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