A Collection Of 52 Stunning Black And White Portraits

Black And White Portrait – A Collection Of 52 Stunning Photos

Another LOOKSLIKEFILM Photography challenge in our Facebook group is over. We scrolled through all the fantastic images that have been submitted, and we fell in love with so so many photos. Hence, we decided to wrap up a little blog post and show you some of these gems. As you’ve already read in the title of this blog post, the topic of last week’s challenge was #bwportrait.

The black and white portrait challenge

We asked our talented community to share with us their photos edited completely in black and white.  Photographers from every field of photography have had the chance to submit their images, so you are going to see wedding, kids, boudoir, and birth photos in this blog post. The additional restriction we created for this challenge: There has to be only one human being visible in the photo!

Want to take part in the challenge?

Well, no problem. There are basically two requirements that need to be fulfilled. First, you have to be a photographer, and second, you need to join our group on Facebook. There’s nearly every week a brand new challenge where you can take part in. When you decide to take part in the challenge, you have the chance to win amazing prizes. You can win a LLF Pro membership for free for one year, or if you are already a pro member, you’ll get $100. Come on, join our group, and post an image in our group using the challenge hashtag!


Alexandra Szigeti – www.kidsinlight.com


Allison Hopkins Lezon – www.silverbearcreative.com


Andras Schram – www.andrasschram.com


Andrea Anderson – www.instagram.com/mama_and_little


Andrzej Batko – www.andrzejbatko.pl 


Angie Wilson – www.angelawilsonphotography.com


Anna Dynak – www.facebook.com/FotografiaAnnaDynak


Annie Quick – www.anniequickphotography.com


April Lawrence – www.aprilameliaphotography.com


Brianna Ellis – www.briannalanephotography.com


Carlee Melenko – www.cdaisyphotography.com


Casey Dickerson – www.cassandrajoyphotography.com


Celia Bell – www.celiakellyphotography.com


Chaise Helaine Tinsley – www.thetinsleyco.com


Chelsea Broda – www.chelseabrodaphotography.com


Christina Hyde – www.maleephotography.wix.com/maleephotography


Christy Morgan – www.christymorganphotography.com


Darla Winn – www.darlawinnphotography.com


David Diaz – www.instagram.com/daviddiazpics


Destiny Collins – www.facebook.com/destiny.collinstaylor


Diane Carmosino – www.nevilleparkphotography.com


Duane J. Sanabria – www.duanesanabria.com


Eric Kazak – www.ekazak.de


Esmé Whiteside – www.esmewhitesidephotography.co.uk


Grace Troutman – www.gracetphotography.com


Hannah McKernan – www.hannahmckernan.com



Heather Bullard Jenkins – www.Heatherjenkinsphoto.com


Hélène Douay – www.helene-douay.fr


Indir Merdanovic – www.instagram.com/indirphotography


Jeremy Klefeker – www.jeremyklefeker.com


Katt Van Den Oever – www.instagram.com/meadowandashphoto


Kayla Fick – www.kaylafickphotography.com


Kelly Ward – www.lakeeffectexposures.com


KoKo Photography – www.koko-photography.com


Lam Hoang Nguyen – www.facebook.com/Xi187


Leah Flores – www.leahflores.com


Lena Larsson – www.lenalarsson.com


Lindsey Biza – www.lindseybiza.com


Lola Vargas – www.instagram.com/lifewithlolav


Martin Krystynek – www.martinkrystynek.com


Melissa Ware – www.melissawarephotography.com


Neely Ker-Fox – www.KerFox.com


Olga Polo – www.olgapoloweddings.com


Patti Brewer – www.facebook.com/ChattiPat.T


Rhianna Lynn Hendrix – www.rhiannahendrix.com


Samantha Hickey – www.snicolephotography.com


Sandro Castellanos – www.facebook.com/castellanosphotography


Sarah England – www.sarahenglandphotography.com


Sarah Lynn – www.facebook.com/Lilliphoto


Brian Smith – www.facebook.com/briandsmithphotography


Vicki Moyer – www.garnetdahlia.com


The end – What else do you need to know?

If you are currently looking for a photographer for portrait photos, here’s the deal. Visit our “Photographers Near Me” list to find the perfect photographer with your preferred style! Head over and also check out our old black and white photography portraits post for example. If you want to see some kickass artistic photos –  just follow the link!



So, we hope you liked this black and white portrait photo Collection. Are you a photographer? Also, did you hear about our new listing service eventually?

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Black And White Portrait by the LLF community

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