63 Epic Photos Shot In The Sun

Sunkissed – 63 Stunning And Creative Shots

Another LOOKSLIKEFILM Photography challenge in our Facebook group is over. We scrolled through all the fantastic images that have been submitted, and we fell in love with so so many photos. Hence, we decided to wrap up a little blog post and show you some of these gems. As you’ve already read in the title of this blog post, the topic of last week’s challenge was #sunkissed.

The Sunkissed challenge

We asked our talented community to share with us their images, where the sun has a massive influence on the style and overall look of the photo. We wanted to see creative images with epic lens flares, stunning portraits shot in harsh light, epic light and shadow compositions, and of course, amazing couple photos at golden hour. Guess what, our community did not disappoint us, and we are pretty sure you will be amazed by this collection of images as well.

Want to take part in the challenge?

Well, no problem. There are basically two requirements that need to be fulfilled. First, you have to be a photographer, and second, you need to join our group on Facebook. There’s nearly every week a brand new challenge where you can take part in. When you decide to take part in the challenge, you have the chance to win amazing prizes. You can win a LLF Pro membership for free for one year, or if you are already a pro member, you’ll get $100. Come on, join our group, and post an image in our group using the challenge hashtag!

Adam Rotter – www.adamrotter.pl


Alexa Marquis – www.oakwoodphotovideo.com


Alicia Marie Fierro – www.aesthetiicacollective.com


Allison Hopkins Lezon – www.silverbearcreative.com


Andras Schram – www.andrasschram.com


April DelaFuente – www.april-delafuente.com


Ashley Marston – www.ashleymarstonbirthphotography.com


Bianca Alexandra Enache – www.silhouettes.ro


Brianna Waltman – www.breezy-photography.com


Brittany Bankston – www.bankston.photography


Brittany Boote – www.Brittanyboote.com


Brittany Grubbs – www.BG-Visuals.com


Camille Girard – www.instagram.com/camillegphoto


Chelsea Warren – www.chelseawarrenphotography.com


Erin Witkowski – www.erinwitkowski.com


Esteban Gil – www.egilphoto.com


Faran Holzer – www.Youandmefotografie.com


Froydis Geithus – www.froydisgeithus.com


Gabriel Rafiei – www.studiogabriel.net


Goncalo Nabais – www.instagram.com/imgnabais


Gordon Grey – www.instagram.com/imaginarymonsters


Hannah Gray Taylor – www.lilyhannah.com


Heather Huie – www.apollofields.com



Jason Aspland – www.makeoneswayphotography.com


Jeanna Johnson Cater – www.jeannaraephotography.com


Jennifer Rainey Mason – www.jennifermasonphotography.com


Jessica Louise – www.facebook.com/JessicaLouisePhotographer


Jodi Lynn Buckles – www.jodi-lynnphotography.com


Julia Hauschildt – www.instagram.com/juliahausphoto


Karina Gerbst – www.facebook.com/karina.gerbst


Kasia Bronska-Popiel – www.ma-me.pl


Krzysztof Zamojtuk – www.kzphotographer.com


Kylie Farmer – www.kyliefarmer.com


Laurène Bertolo – www.laureneandthewolf.com


Linda Puccio – www.lindapuccio.it


Maciej Suwalowski – www.magicweddingphotographer.com


Magdalena Skierska-Bieg – www.magdaskierska.pl


Maria Brostrom Lindblad – www.mariabrostrom.com


Marscha van Druuten – www.odizafotografie.nl


Martin Krystynek – www.martinkrystynek.com


Mary Slinger-Carreer – www.wechoosethemoon.photo


Marzena Hans – www.marzenahans.pl


Melissa Rey – www.melissareyphoto.com



Melissa Richard – www.instagram.com/melissarichard4


Michelle England – www.michelleengland.com


Miso Varga – www.mishoweddings.com


Monique Nethercott – www.purezerophotography.com


Natalie Greppi – www.greppi.se


Pawel Mucha – www.facebook.com/pawelmuchaphotography


Phoebe Rust – www.phoeberustphotography.com


Piotr Olejarczyk – www.oh-la-la.pl


Regina Moneypenny – www.reginamoneypennyphotography.com


Riclyn Sherman – www.rusticriverphotography.com


Shannon Smith – www.lovelakephotography.com


Shelby Zavala – www.inthislightphotography.com


Sherida Rae Taylor – www.sheridaraephotography.ca


Tanya Bras – www.sweetsnappinphotography.com


Tashamae Cline – www.tashaclinephotography.com


Tom Sokulski – www.instagram.com/kate_and_tommy


Tomasz Panszczyk – www.tomaszpanszczyk.com


Vera Rappa – www.verafrancesphotography.com


Whitney Tracy – www.mountainairegatherings.com


Yakaly Di Roma O’Reilly – www.itsfireandice.com


The end – What else do you need to know?

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Sunkissed Photo Collection by the LLF community

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