A Stunning Mt Rainier Engagement Session

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Incredible Mt Rainier Engagement Photos

Mt Rainier Engagement Photos by Marcela Pulido

“Back in August, I held an engagement session giveaway. It was super exciting! I received hundreds of entries filled with beautiful and incredible love stories about how couples met, overcame incredible obstacles, and found themselves together. Amanda and Paris were one of those many incredible stories and the winners of the engagement session! It was so damn apparent in seeing them interact how absolutely gaga they are for each other. Here’s a little bit about them from their entry as written by Amanda”:

“Paris is incredible. He is all I could have ever wanted in a partner. The first time I saw him we were both at a high school sporting event and I knew I was going to marry him. I saw him, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Eventually, the wrestling match had ended and HE STILL HADN’T TALKED TO ME! That night he actually ended up on my Tinder and I messaged him and we ended up talking every day. I had to force him to ask me on a date! We went on a date and that was that I knew he was the one. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect partner.”

“Gah, these two!

We had the absolute best time together during this session. Even a little red fox came and joined us for a little bit and posed in front of the mountain.”



A Stunning Mt Rainier Engagement Session



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A Stunning Mt Rainier Engagement Session

A Stunning Mt Rainier Engagement Session


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Mt Rainier Engagement Photos By Marcela Pulido