A Perfect Wedding Day In Bozeman, Montana

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Bozeman Wedding – A Perfect Day

Bozeman Wedding by Kylie Farmer Photography

“The moment that I saw the subject line of the email that Stephanie sent me, my heart stopped (but in a good way)! The last time I had been to Montana, it was 2017 and my husband was deployed. I had won a photography sponsorship from the folks over at Tribe Collective. I immediately fell in love with the state and made it a goal of mine to go back. So, you can imagine my excitement when Stephanie’s email popped up on my phone. I may or may not have read that “Montana Wedding Photographer” subject line about 50 times haha. Stephanie and I immediately hit it off and made all of the necessary arrangements to photograph her big day, which was nothing short of amazing.

The Venue…

Stephanie and Levi chose to have their wedding at the beautiful Story Mansion in Bozeman, Montana. The Mansion is every vintage lover’s dream, complete with elegant, old school decor. Victorian style chairs, hardwood furnishings, and a beautiful side yard are what sets this venue apart from all others. And the decor that Stephanie and Levi chose was the perfect touch. Instead of regular place settings, the couple chose to use handwritten notes, and their flower scheme was stunning.

The Ceremony…

And their ceremony?! Let’s just say there wasn’t a dry eye left after it was all said and done. From Levi’s tears at the sight of his new bride to the tears that everyone had when Stephanie’s dad asked them to turn and face the crowd to see the ones who love them. Every second was emotional in all the best ways. The love that not only Levi and Stephanie have for each other, but that their families have for both of them is abundant. Their ceremony was full of love, tears, promises, and the sweetest ‘I-dos.’

A Magical Day…

After the ceremony, we took a few shots of the couple at the Mansion and then drove out to Hyalite Canyon to photograph the newlyweds on their own. I was in awe of the scenery the entire time, and I’m pretty sure that I made it known. Haha.

It goes without saying that Stephanie and Levi had the most beautiful wedding in Bozeman, Montana. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, these two vowed to love each other through the good times, the bad times, and all of the times in between. We had the best time celebrating with them and will never forget the friendship and gratitude that they showed us. Stephanie and Levi, we wish you both the absolute best that this life has to offer!”



A Perfect Wedding Day In Bozeman, Montana



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A Perfect Wedding Day In Bozeman, Montana

A Perfect Wedding Day In Bozeman, Montana


A Perfect Wedding Day In Bozeman, Montana


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Bozeman Wedding By Kylie Farmer