5 Ways to Get Your Photos Noticed (That Really Work!)

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5 Ways to Get Your Photos Noticed (That Really Work!)

Every photographer is always on the lookout for new ways to get their big break and get noticed.

You, too, would be looking for ways constantly so that your well-timed, and skilled shots could receive as much love as they deserve. But how can you get the deserved attention for your clicks when the world is already full to brim with millions of images? It seems difficult to be noticed and acclaimed for your beautiful shots when there are so many other people doing the same thing as you.

So, how does a person find their big chance or success in times like this?

While there are no specific roadways and milestones to success, these few tips can help you get the exposure that you deserve. Dive right in, and find the ways that suit you the most and get your photos noticed!

1. Canvas Art Gallery

Art galleries have always been a mesmerizing way to showcase art. Whether it be paintings, digital art, abstract art, or photography, an art gallery display can be the move that propels you towards your inevitable success. But how to display your pictures in an art gallery?

Here are a few ways: 

Theme art: Canvases work great with all kinds of layout, but theme art particularly looks magnificent in a canvas art gallery display. All you need to do is get your pictures from a particular event or landscape made into canvases of dimensions of your choice. Use CanvasPop to get your pictures made into elegant hand-stretched canvas prints.

5 Ways to Get Your Photos Noticed (That Really Work!)

You can also create the most elegant looking collages with them to portray your best works in a single frame. While the pictures can be different, make sure that they are from the same place, and when you look at them, the connection is easy to figure.

Example: If you have pictures from a trip to some mountains, there will easily be a connection in all the pictures. When you display them side to side, the theme will easily pop out.

Triptych prints: Install these art gallery ideas in your home or photography office so that every visitor that sees them gets awed by your exceptional talent! They let you create a 3-panel triptych print that you can customize for size and edge options.

2. Social Media Art

The dawn of the internet and social media brought a plethora of opportunities for all artists. Several people found their well-deserved fame from social media sites. Its simplicity of use and abundance of options are naturally a great way to showcase your talented clicks. Here are some ideas for excellent social media exposure: 

Instagram feed: Your Insta feed is seen in grids of 9. To particularly intrigue your Insta feed visitors to continue scrolling down your feed, your first nine pictures itself must be highly captivating. To accomplish this, invest time to search good visual chain ideas for your feed. Your marvelous pictures are, hence, bound to get the most attention!

5 Ways to Get Your Photos Noticed (That Really Work!)


Youtube videos: The time and hard work that you put behind each of your pictures will easily be tremendous. Hence, it is an excellent idea to show the world behind the scenes of your most magnificent pictures on Youtube. It will be highly engaging to watch all that goes behind your beautiful pictures, and hence, your creativity and uniqueness will get your pictures noticed more than ever!

3. Photography Blog

Blogs are an excellent way of acquiring a bit of extra money, along with getting fame and acclamation. It usually takes some time to get your blog reach the masses, but once it breaks the ice, you can reach a vast number of followers.

If you already have a photography website, it is a nice idea to add the photography blog to the website itself. Treat this blog as a portfolio of yours and post pictures to impress! You can get both a side income and an excellent exposure with this.

4. Photo Hosting Sites

A photo hosting site works similarly to a social media site but is exclusively for photos. Think of it as a social media account for your photography skills.

Setting a photo hosting site account is cheaper than many other exposure techniques, and some photo hosting sites are even free. The best tip for when launching an account on a photo hosting site is to treat it as a portfolio, upload your best work, and tag pictures with the most relevant tags.

When you tag your pictures with the most relevant metadata, it makes it easier to be found on the vast ground of the internet. Also, when anyone searches an image using keywords relevant to your used metadata, your pictures are more likely to show up on Google! Hence, this is one of the best ways to get your photos noticed.

5. Be creative and unique

Tips and tricks can only take you so far, but creativity and uniqueness can make you have your own esteemed position in the photography world. Each creative and unique picture idea of yours will value 100 times more than an idea that you took from somewhere else.

Find inspiration everywhere you go and click the beauty of every mundane thing. The uniqueness of your clicks or the means that you put behind your clicks will come across more exposure if you think out of the box.

Photography is a unique art which allows you to capture the beauty of everything there is. Spend more time with your camera and lenses to know them inside out and reach for the stars!

The end – What else do you need to know?

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