A Wonderful Cabin Wedding In Austria

A Wonderful Cabin Wedding In Austria

Cabin Wedding by Barbara Schmid

“When I skyped with Chrissi and Fabi for the first time, and they told me about their wedding, I was so stoked and couldn’t wait for their big day to come. They spend most of their free time in the mountains, so when it came to deciding where to get married, the mountains were the only place they could imagine doing it.

An amazing venue…

They rented this awesome house and invited their closest family and friends to spend the weekend with them. When I arrived at the venue, I fell in love with the place, the setting, the flowers, the music, and, most of all, this wonderful group of people. Since they rented the place on Airbnb, there were no other vendors, so everybody was helping, arranging the flowers and chairs, clearing out the dishwasher, filling up the drinks, etc. It was just like a cabin weekend (with fancier clothes and a ceremony in between).

Thank you for having me, you wonderful souls. I hope you have the most amazing honeymoon (they want to bike around Asia for a few months, how cool is that?).”



A Wonderful Cabin Wedding In Austria



A Wonderful Cabin Wedding In Austria



The end – What else do you need to know?

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A Wonderful Cabin Wedding In Austria

A Wonderful Cabin Wedding In Austria


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Cabin Wedding by Barbara Schmid

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  1. Marcin Ozog

    Green grass, wooden houses and cloudy wheather… Perfect for great weeding atmosphere. Nice shots!

  2. Gabriel Radu

    I love your photos!

  3. Łukasz Przyjemski Fotograf Ślubny

    Great mountain climate. Wonderful colors and mood. Beautiful wedding reportage. Congratulations!

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