An Intimate And Stylish Backyard Wedding

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A Wonderful Intimate Backyard Wedding

Intimate Backyard Wedding by Tayanna Harris

“In one way it’s because it was actually in the front yard. In other ways, it’s just that they had a ceremony that was absolutely perfect for them and it was beautiful to witness. It was family only on the property next door to where Natalie lived her first few years of life.

The property…

There were cows (who lost interest in us very quickly), the most beautiful landscaping I’ve ever seen, and the most ornate wedding attire ever. Terrance’s blue velvet suit paired with Natalie’s lace dress photographed so dramatically and beautifully together. They look like models (which, ya know, feels like cheating but ok). Their family was so overjoyed to be there and during Natalie’s teary vows there was not a dry eye left in the place.

Their story…

These two kids met in High School. Natalie’s dad performed their marriage ceremony and everyone burst into laughter when he mentioned that Natalie fell in love with Terrance’s “thick neck”. It was one of the funniest and most spontaneous bursts of laughter I’ve ever seen at an altar and I can only imagine how much it meant to them to be married by such a big cheerleader and champion of their marriage.

Memorable family moments…

There was a quick prayer between Terrance and his brother Torrence. Natalie’s big family was a part of getting her dressed, keeping her level, and reminding her how much of a queen she is. Honestly, both of their families were so deeply ingrained in this day that I can’t imagine them getting married any other way than exactly how they did.

So sit back, take in this day, and just revel in the unfairness that is how pretty of a cry-face Natalie Hill has. (Some of us look like Kim K and it’s ROUGH)”



An Intimate And Stylish Backyard Wedding



An Intimate And Stylish Backyard Wedding



The end – What else do you need to know?

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An Intimate And Stylish Backyard Wedding


Dress: Stephanie’s Bridal Boutique
Veil: Veronica Couture Veils
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Alterations: Fine Stitch
Cake: Costco
Floral: River Market Farmer’s Market
Make-Up: Brows by Dalia
Hair: Alex Smith with Studio D Hair Loft


An Intimate And Stylish Backyard Wedding


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Intimate Backyard Wedding by Tayanna Harris