7 Photographers And Their First Impressions After Using Our LLFx Lens Flare

7 Photographers And Their First Impressions After Using LLFx Lens Flare



It’s been 3 weeks ever since we released our LLFx Lens Flare set and the feedback we received so far was more than we ever expected! This is why we reached out to some of the first people that picked up our lens flares after the launch and asked what they think of them!

Tracy Jade Photography

I’ve had so much fun experimenting with the new LLFx Lens Flare set! I hate when post enhancement tools just look fake and phony, but this set integrates well into a scene while offering you a unique creative edge for your photos. And I love that you can adjust each element of the flare profiles to make them work for a specific scene.

The set affords a huge amount of flexibility, allowing you to introduce a flare into a scene without one, enhance a native flare, or mix and match elements of different flares to get a really unique and authentic look. Definitely give them a try…they’re great editing practice to bring your images to a new level.


Amanda Highbarger from White Pine Photography

Ever since I purchased the lens flare pack I have been going back to old sessions, and re-editing them! They are a game-changer for my images. I am obsessed with how much life they bring to my images and can’t wait to apply them to my summer and fall edits. I have always loved it when I capture a lens flare, and now I can emulate that effect with just a few clicks! Thank you so much!


Ryan Learoyd from Shutter Go Click Photography

The new LLFx Lens flares are photographic wizardry at its finest. As a creative wedding photographer, I’m all about using in-camera awesomeness to play with light. But this set of Lens Flares from LOOKSLIKEFILM allows me to add that finishing touch. I ain’t gonna be affording no Leica any time soon but at least I got the flare. YES!


April DelaFuente Photography

LLFx Lens Flares gave my images an extra kick that I didn’t know I needed. I love how user friendly they are. It is so simple to move the flares around my image and change the intensity of the flare itself.  Being able to manipulate the flare to my liking has been such a game-changer!

Brittany Boote Photographer

 I was super inspired by how cool the flares looked that I spent hours in the archives bringing my photos back to life in a whole new way. They absolutely give my images that little extra drama that I love.  These flares are making me even more excited to get back to shooting and making all my summer golden hour dreams come true!


Kara B. Photography

By far the best lens flare I’ve tried!  Extremely versatile and easy to use.  So glad I purchased these!


Kaylee Villeneuve

 I am mind-blown with the ease of how to use them; the easiest installation I’ve ever had of any presets. These are PERFECT for a little extra ‘UMPH’ to your photo! You know when you’re thinking there should be a little extra sparkle in there but you’re not sure what? It’s a lens flare.

My favorite has got to be the first Leica 50mm preset – it’s a look I’ve been DYING FOR but I didn’t have the right lens to make the flare… problem solved! I am literally blown away by the fact that these are REAL flares made into brush presets. A++


Katie Phillips Photography

I am completely in love with Looks Like Film’s dreamy lens flare series, as they allow me to add both depth and an extra element of whimsy to my images. 

They are beyond easy to use, ridiculously customizable; refining, and enriching my photos to draw the viewer deeper into the narrative of the image.
They bring that, sometimes elusive, magical, playful light, and I am so grateful I’m now able to create that sparkle and intrigue whenever and wherever I desire.




7 Photographers And Their First Impressions After Using LLFx Lens Flare

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