Generating Income During The Lockdown – Existing Client-Print Strategy

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Existing Client-Print Strategy // We will try to make this as short as possible, so all of you lazy readers still get an idea about this. During the past weeks, we talked to a lot of creatives from our community to figure out what they do to generate income at the moment.

After gathering all of the info, we concluded that print & album sales to existing clients were the smartest and most profitable way to generate income. We will put our focus on wedding albums in this example. 

The mission was simple! Find a unique product that offers high quality, a high-profit margin & must be quick and easy to make to create income right away, while fulfilling the needs of your clients!

The Perfect Product

During our research, we stumbled upon a product from Floricolor, an album company from Portugal. We compared other companies in that market and found no comparable product in terms of price and quality.

Floricolor is currently offering a specific album that aims at photographers during this pandemic, the so-called Bold collection 150!

Generating Income During The Lockdown - Existing Client-Print Strategy

What’s so special about it, you ask? First of all, you receive three albums for any order you make! Yes, you heard right, three albums that start at 99 Euro! You will receive one main album sized 30×25 cm and two copies of it sized 24×20 cm. If that wasn’t good enough, listen to this.

Each album consists of 150 pages with one image per page layout! You do not have to focus on specific album designs and send over proofs to your clients for them to accept. 

All your clients have to do, is select 150 images from their gallery, and the album is good to go. It will be printed and shipped right away to your clients anywhere in the world. 


The Math

You can decide on the profit margin but we will just use 500 Euro in this example. Let’s say 20 of your previous clients would agree to order an album. That would give you an 8000 Euro profit in album sales right away. You can play with the numbers as you want. Increase the selling price to your clients or just try to sell to more clients.

In order to help clients, Floricolor is even offering a 25% discount on any order up until the end of May. All you have to do is use the code WILLBEOKAY25 during your order! Just make sure to price the album correctly as some of your clients might also struggle at the moment!

Generating Income During The Lockdown - Existing Client-Print Strategy

The Approach

The first thing you have to decide is whether you need a sample album to take photos to show your clients or just use the info on the Floricolor page. This might depend on how quickly you would need to generate income. If you feel that you can wait for 1-2 weeks to receive a sample album, we recommend doing that so you can use your own images in a sample album, check the quality and take product photos.

Once you figured that out, try to come up with the best way to approach your clients. We did some tests and asked our own previous clients how they would feel about it if we would contact them offering an album at the moment. None of them had an issue about it, they understood the situation and were happy to support their photographer.

Generating Income During The Lockdown - Existing Client-Print Strategy

The Final Words

We really hope you could take something away from our article. There is no need to use our recommended product but our focus was to find something that creates a large amount of profit with the lowest amount of work, therefore we picked a cheap product with no album design needed! Start contacting your former clients and start generating income!

Generating Income During The Lockdown - Existing Client-Print Strategy


Images by Pablo Beglez