A Moody And Intimate Engagement Shoot In The Austrian Alps

Hiking In Austrian Alps – An Adventurous Engagement

Hiking In Austrian Alps – An Adventurous Engagement shoot by Kati Schweiger

It was a damn, cold, and windy day. I always try to create a warm and cozy mood, so that day in the mountains of Austria was kind of a challenge. But there was just this one chance to shoot the beautiful Antonia + Sebastian, a future wedding couple of mine. Oh, I would never have thought that the results and the experience will be that amazing!

Let’s go…

I met them in the later afternoon and hiked up the mountain together. With every altitude meter, it became more foggy and windy. At the top, we could hardly see anything, and we knew that we didn’t have much time. Immediately there was this intimate mood. Cold and windy on the one hand side and romantic, emotional and warm on the other. I’m pleased about the results, but way happier about the fact that I met these two. I can’t wait for their wedding this summer!

What photography means to me…

Photography is the beauty of life captured. Real. Unadulterated. Stories written by life. It’s not about the couple, and it’s not about the photographer. It’s about what happens in between.

For me, it’s a beautiful way to get in touch with wonderful souls and to share my time with people in a very creative way.”



A Moody And Intimate Engagement Shoot In The Austrian Alps



The end – What else do you need to know?

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A Moody And Intimate Engagement Shoot In The Austrian Alps


A Moody And Intimate Engagement Shoot In The Austrian Alps


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Hiking In Australian Alps – An Adventurous Engagement by Kati Schweiger

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