16 Stunning Lens Flare Photos That Will Amaze You Right Away

Lens Flare Photos That Will Amaze You

Lens Flare Photos // As you all know, we at LOOKSLIKEFILM are huge fans of artistic photography. We simply cannot get enough of photos that have the extra pop and make a photo unique. What makes us really really excited are lens flare effects. This effect is so cool, and when we shoot during the golden hour, we definitely want to get a lens flare in those photos. The thing is that it is not guaranteed that we even get the flare or the look of the flare we would have expected. It depends on the lens you are using on your camera, the sun intensity, weather overall, positioning of the subject, and many more things.

LLFx Lens Flare V1

So you can imagine that we are really pumped, that the LLFx Lens Flare V1 set is finally here. The set is using a unique technology to convert real optically captured lens flares into Lightroom & Photoshop – bridging the gap between photo software and the real world. Apply real lens flares from Nikon, Leica, and Zeiss lenses to get the extra pop you have been looking for.

Celebrating the release

We released the set a week ago and started a challenge in our Facebook group. Members that bought the lens flare set should post their images edited with the new LLFx set! Guess what’s now – we are completely blown away. No matter which field of photography, our members know how to impress us immediately with their usage of the lens flares! Enjoy a sneak peek of images from our community. If you want to see some before and after images, visit our Meridian site for more information.


Ariel Smartt – www.smarttduophotography.com


Jaime Buckley – www.jamiebuckleyphotography.com


Dylaina Victoria Gollub – www.instagram.com/dylainagollubphotography


Megan Benjamin – www.sagebrushstudiophotography.com


Alexandra Ryoo – www.misofoto.com


Sarah Elizabeth Maverick – www.instagram.com/maverickartco


Ashley Maura – Www.twomermaidsphotography.com


Alexa Gauthier – www.alexareneephotography.com




Taylor McLain – www.taylorannphotography.net


Todd Kwiczak – www.instagram.com/tkshotz


Bridgett Baysden – www.facebook.com/bridgettmeltonphotography


Kelly Ward – www.lakeeffectexposures.com


Laurie Larson – www.laurieashleyphotography.com


Kaylee Villeneuve – www.kvphotographyofficial.com


Elle Williams – www.wanderingwestphoto.com


Myrrie Byrd – www.myrriebyrd.com



The end – What else do you need to know?

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Lens Flare Photos

So, we hope you liked this selection of pictures created by our community. Are you a photographer? Also, did you hear about our new listing service eventually?

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