Amazing Garden Wedding On A Farm In Illinois

A Beautiful And Rustic Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding by Leah Lewis

“What else can I say about Laura and Wendy’s honest and heartfelt wedding day that can’t already be surmised by looking at their images?

Laura is a good friend of mine from high school, who, like many of us, had lost touch with one other, aside from a few random Facebook updates. (Thank you, Internet!) She reached out to me inquiring about wedding photography early this year, and I met with her and Wendy for tacos on a cold night in Chicago. I had not seen Laura in years, and she hadn’t changed one bit, except, even with the years removed, I felt instantly that she was truly and genuinely happy.

Getting to know Wendy and Laura throughout this year has been a joy ride for me! It’s clearly obvious that they truly adore one another and they share that affection with everyone they meet. They are real salt-of-the-earth people. And I love that about them. Their early October wedding at Heritage Prairie Farm was such a dream for me (if you didn’t already know how much I adore farm life.) The day was filled with love, laughter, and happy tears and I treasured every minute of it. I’m not gonna lie when I say it’s the best meal I’ve eaten all year!”






The end – What else do you need to know?

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Garden Wedding by Leah Lewis



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