Magical Winter Elopement In Norway

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Norwegian Winter Elopement

Winter Elopement by Christin Eide

“Magical Aurland is, in many ways, the essence of Norway, with fjords and mountains that ties the landscape together. A perfect place to elope if you consider Norway, both in the summer and winter season.

Anastacia and Shaun from Australia came for their Norwegian elopement in the winter season. Originally from Australia, snow is not a typical everyday thing for this adventurous couple. Something so magical. It was snowing big snowflakes and we got a little Disney vibe during our photo session.

Aurland is a municipality in the county of Vestland, in the western part of Norway. The easiest way to get to Aurland is by rental car; 7-8 hours from the capital Oslo or 2.5 hours from Bergen.

The area is, in general, a very popular destination for tourists, who arrive either by car, bus or on large cruise ships to the port of Flåm. Both Aurland and Flåm is at the heart of the world heritage fjord, Nærøyfjord.”



Magical Winter Elopement In Norway



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Magical Winter Elopement In Norway


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Winter Elopement by Christin Eide



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