All Eyes On This Stunning Mallorca Wedding

A Beautiful Mallorca Wedding

 Mallorca Wedding by Pablo Beglez

“I’m an islander and as such, being able to work as a wedding photographer in another dreamy island it feels like home. Mallorca makes me feel that peaceful and familiar longing.

The event took place in an incredible private country house, Niu de Voltor, with breathtaking views to the mountains and to the blue skyline.

I have a weak spot for jews ceremonies such as this one. In them, you can feel a special atmosphere and in this case, it wasn’t any different. It was outdoors, with an altar that had the beautiful blue background that I was talking about.

And speaking of beauties, Erika’s with her exotic features and Jonathan’s British elegance. And a beauty that is not only on the outside but also the inside. They’re a powerful combination. Almost as intense as the party was. Since the beginning of the banquet, people entered dancing and having a great time. It was without any doubt one of the funniest weddings I have ever been to. Besides, the place had a greenhouse that has been transformed into a kind of English pub very smart and funny. They even invited a famous London DJ to play some music that cheered up the people even more.

I want to say thank you to the amazing work Mille Papillons put into organizing everything and helping me whenever I needed it.

Thank you, Erika and Jonathan, for letting me be a little part of your story.”



All Eyes On This Stunning Mallorca Wedding



All Eyes On This Stunning Mallorca Wedding



All Eyes On This Stunning Mallorca Wedding



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All Eyes On This Stunning Mallorca Wedding

All Eyes On This Stunning Mallorca Wedding


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Mallorca Wedding by Pablo Beglez

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