A Breathtaking Elopement In The Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite National Park Wedding

Yosemite National Park Wedding – An Elopement By WhiskeySage Adventure Photographers

“Brenton & Kelsea wanted to experience as much as they could on their elopement day, making sure to adventure around sunrise or sunset (always the best time to grab the dramatic beauty of any landscape). They chose to experience the sun rising for their Glacier Point Elopement, one of the most iconic and breathtaking sunrises in the world due to the crystal-clear view of Half Dome (Yosemite’s most unique rock structure and also one of American’s most challenging hikes!). A couple of days after their elopement these two ventured to take on Half Dome!

An Early Wake-up call

We all committed to an early wake-up call, starting as early as 1 am, in order to make it in time for sunrise at that time of year. It was a no-brainer that these two would want the moment they first saw each other documented. Because it was still dark leaving the valley, we needed to wait for some light once we got up to Glacier. Allen drove up with Brenton, while Kelsea and I staggered behind a bit.

It may have been pretty cold that morning, but you wouldn’t know by Brenton’s grin as he waited in front of half dome waiting to see Kelsea. It was hard to keep a dry eye during this moment. We knew we were in for it during the ceremony.

Glacier Point At Sunrise

We continued to adventure around Glacier Point for sunrise, to areas we had pre-scouted earlier in the year. However, our first priority started with getting Kelsea’s dress dirty ? (not kidding! it’s a badge of honor in these parts). These two braved the depth of the granite cliff sides, standing on the edge of the world as the sun was rising above the granite walls. Looking back on these moments still gives me chills. There are little words to explain just how intense and magical the mountain’s sunrise is. And even more moving when a couple, so genuinely in love, is there to celebrate their moment in this beauty. Chilling.

Saying the vows

Shortly after portraits, we ventured to a private pocket tucked away from the crowds, with a clear view of Half Dome for their ceremony. This was the most emotional moment of the day and there wasn’t a dry eye on that cliffside. The pictures will do the talking. All of the planning leads up to this very moment, making it, in our eyes, the most important part of the day. We feel that making sure you have a space that feels good while you’re saying your vows, is such an important part of eloping. For Kelsea & Brenton, they wanted an isolated cliffside, away from crowds, with a wide view. In popular areas, this can be hard to do. Which is why we pre-scout and research thoroughly and have back-up options figured out before every elopement.

Heading To Taft Point

After their ceremony, we quickly ran over to Glacier Road before the traffic picked up, to run & dance in the winding mountain road before we headed to Taft Point.

Taft Point is such a fun hike. Easily one of our top 3. Not only does this trail lead to the most amazing and iconic cliffside views in Yosemite, but the dirt trail hike out is through the forest, winding with ferns and sequoias for moody and fun backdrops. We loved the late morning light through the trees behind Kelsea & Brenton, with the trail dust kicking up for a natural smoky-effect. Nature is too damn cool. We adventured around Taft Point’s cliffsides mid-day, before heading to El Cap meadow for their picnic.

Finishing Their Big Day

Kelsea & Brenton finished the day by grabbing their esky, picnic basket and heading to a pocket of shade in the El Cap meadow. We quickly found out why they had turned down our pre-made sandwiches, protein bars and snacks earlier–they had a full picnic spread waiting for them! The fun wasn’t over though – check out Brenton’s funny moment during the champagne pop as you scroll through the rest of their magical moments!”



A Breathtaking Elopement In The Yosemite National Park



A Breathtaking Elopement In The Yosemite National Park



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Vendor Love:

Photographers: WhiskeySage Adventure Photographers
Officiant: Donny Alexander
Floral: Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Hair & Makeup: Mickie Hanson
Dress: Made with Love Bridal


A Breathtaking Elopement In The Yosemite National Park


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Yosemite National Park Wedding by WhiskeySage Adventure Photographers



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