A Stunning And Intimate Elopement In The Woods

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A Romantic Elopement In The Woods

Elopement In The Woods // A wedding is a very personal occasion to celebrate. Every single wedding is unique. Couples spend a lot of time, money, and thoughts to make their wedding unique and perfect at the same time. This may cause stressful weeks and months full of planning for them, instead of just being happy and excited for the big day to come.

Planning and celebrating a wedding should be fun

Here’s the thing. A wedding is a celebration of the couple’s love. Hence, the style and vibes of a wedding should represent the couple somehow. It shouldn’t be about what family members or other guests like. I do understand the point when someone says that if you want to have a fantastic wedding party, you need to make sure that your guests should be fully satisfied in terms of food, drinks, and music to rock your day. But, is striving for the guest’s satisfaction really worth all the stress beforehand?

Elopements are getting popular more and more

As you may have noticed, elopements are the new “big thing” lately. A lot of couples don’t want to stress themselves because they decided to get married. Elopements are small weddings where only close family, close friends, or just the wedding couple attend. These elopements take place in locations that are really special to the couple. And this is what it should be about. Celebrating love in a place where you feel like home and happy. Celebrating the couple and witnessing how they tie the knot in a place that’s special to them. 

Make it a special day for you

Sure, a couple cannot elope just straight away. There is a lot to plan and to organize as well. But, it is a big difference to most of the regular weddings. You really have the feeling that you’re planning your perfect day, the way you’ve ever imagined it, and not how others like to see your wedding day organized. And this is a thing that makes it worth to plan an elopement. 




This is a styled elopement shoot by Alina & Patrick Photography


A Stunning And Intimate Elopement In The Woods

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A Stunning And Intimate Elopement In The Woods

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The end – What else do you need to know?

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Wedding Vendor love:

Venue: Robins Nest Baumhaushotel – www.robins-nest.de
Coordinator: Melanie Avanessian – www.melanieavanessian.de
Cards: zweiklein papeterie+design – www.zweiklein.de
Flowers: Blütenkompass – www.instagram.com/bluetenkompass
Decoration: Die Lotta – www.dielotta.de
Bridal Dress: In Liebe gehüllt – www.in-liebe-gehuellt.de
Youaremainbridal – www.youaremain.com
Groom’s Dress: Kastell Manufaktur – www.kastell.com
Rings: Verspoor Trauringe – www.verspoor-trauringe.de



A Stunning And Intimate Elopement In The Woods


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Elopement In The Woods by Alina und Patrick Photography



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