The 15 Most Epic Drone Shots Of 2019

The 15 Most Epic Drone Shots Of 2019

Drone Shots // As far as I’ve noticed, the majority of our photography community ain’t using drones during a photoshoot. Me neither, as I shoot my weddings alone without a second shooter. That means there are only a few moments left during the day, where I could use a drone. Hence, I decided that I’ll not add a drone to my gear. But I’m pretty sure that’s only a matter of time until I will buy one.


But, to be honest, when I look at these fantastic drone shots from our community, I’m about to buy a drone right away. It is merely mesmerizing how you can create new perspectives and situations while shooting with a drone. And what this “Best of” proof is that a drone can be used in different fields of photography. Epic landscapes, beautiful portraits, or kids are playing in the garden. A drone is a super cool way to extend the portfolio, to amaze your clients, and to extend your creativity as a photographer.



Ashlee & Sean Thomas –


Brittany Bankston –


Davide Lopresti –


Dory Chamoun –


Iza Albecka –


Jeffrey San Juan –


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Katie Fischer Jennings –


Krzysztof Krawczyk –


Matt Grainger –


Mike Sidofsky –


Pawel Gorecki –


Sarah Clements –


The end – What else do you need to know?

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Drone Shots

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  1. Pure Photo N.I

    Never been a fan of drone photography but some of these are outstanding.

  2. Adrian Gudewicz

    epic aerial photos
    i love drone shots

  3. Marc BB

    Wow these are incredible!

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