76 Wedding Moments That Will Leave You Speechless

76 Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

What makes a wedding so unique for the couple? Is it the dress of the bride? Is it all about the venue, the food, and music? Yes, it is all about this, but even more, it is all about the wedding moments during this special day. Thus we present to you today the 76 wedding moments captured that will leave you speechless.


Our job as photographers and videographers is so essential. The wedding couples keep memories in their minds and hearts, but as time goes by, these memories vanish more and more. The only things that last and can re-activate those memories and connected emotions are photographs and videos.


Don’t get us wrong. Hero Shots are amazing and remarkable. It is absolutely legit to thrive for these shots as they are a beautiful piece of work that you’ve been able to create. They’ll look stunning on your website or Instagram, and your couple will love them as well. But we are pretty sure that the images your wedding couple will cherish the most are those special wedding moments you’ve captured.


Weddings are a big thing, and a lot is happening. But it is also an intimate fest among family and friends. The couple decided that the people who’ve been invited to their wedding are the circle of people who are the closest to them. Take the chance and capture the moments, where the bride’s father is dancing with his daughter. Or the grandfather, who’s so proud and takes a few photos on his old camera. Or take a simple picture where your wedding couple is having a good laugh with family and friends. Your wedding couple will always be grateful that you had an eye on these special moments that mean the world to them.



Adam Janoszek – www.adamjanoszek.com


Adam Kozlowski – www.timeofjoy.eu


Adam Rotter – www.adamrotter.pl


Adrian Gudewicz – www.adriangudewicz.pl


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Ali Bolock – www.instagram.com/ali.bonomo


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Asha Bailey – www.ashabailey.com


Bartek Wojtowicz – www.bwphoto.com.pl


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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

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Christa Summers – www.christasummersphotography.com


Christian John O’Reilly – www.itsfireandice.com


Dan Jenson – www.dan-jenson.com


Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

Daniel Aaron Sprague – www.thespragues.co


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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

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Lara Howell – www.howlphotography.com


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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

Luis Garza – www.photoboda.com.mx


Madelyn Willman – www.madelynwillmanphotography.mypixieset.com


Mairead McDaid – www.remaininlightphotography.com


Let’s continue with 76 wedding moments captured that will leave you speechless


Maria Kania – www.mariakania.pl


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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

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Sydney Davidson – www.sydneydavidson.co


Teia Whaley – www.teiawhaley.com


Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

Tobias Stehle – www.tobias-stehle.de


Tom Jeavons – www.tomjeavonsphotography.co


Tracy Koflanovich – www.tracyjadephotography.com


Valter Antunes – www.fotolux.pt


Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

Veronika Ward – www.instagram.com/veronika.ward


The end – What else do you need to know?

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Wedding Moments Captured That Will Leave You Speechless

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