The 41 Most Wonderful Newborn Photos Of 2019

Newborn Photography: Best Of 2019

Newborn Photography // Time is a precious gift. We all know that – Hopefully. Since a snowy day in November, I truly understand the saying “how time flies“. You may ask what happened on this particular day back in November. No worries, I will tell you. I became the father of a beautiful baby girl.


Well, the pregnancy of my wife was already an absolutely exciting phase. All the thoughts that have been continuously running through our heads and kept us sometimes up all night. How will life be as parents? What is important to us when it comes to educating your own kid? What do we need to prepare? These are only a few of the tremendous amount of questions that popped up in our heads since we knew that we are going to have a baby soon. Besides that, we had a lot of joy together as a couple sharing these unique moments. We took beautiful maternity photos, shared the fantastic news with family and friends, and enjoyed some time alone, just feeling, hearing, and observing the baby belly. Suddenly, we’ve realized for the very first time, how fast the time flies as the pregnancy of my wife came to an end.


Well, what can I say? Witnessing the birth of my daughter was the most overwhelming thing in my life. I’ve never felt so happy in my life before, and I will always be grateful for the strength of my amazing wife. The day of our baby’s birth was the day where our world changed completely. Our family is not us adults and our french bulldog anymore. We are now a family with a baby. Fully responsible for 24/7. Did this fact give and still is giving us anxiety? Absolutely! Do we regret it? NOT EVEN A SINGLE SECOND! We are happy and grateful for the gift of becoming parents.


So, as I am writing this text here, our daughter is not a baby anymore. She’s two years old and a real whirlwind. We play, we read, we laugh, and we cry together. But realizing that her birth was already two years ago makes us sentimental. How time flies. But, do you know what creates a smile back on our faces? The pictures that we took of our daughter being a newborn. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but babies grow up so fast. Taking pictures of your newborn baby is such a beautiful and memorable job to do.


We are proud and happy to have such an outstanding and talented community when it comes to Newborn Photography. Enough of words now, enjoy these stunning newborn pictures from our Artists of the Year in 2019!


Alex Mooney –


Amber Walder –


Anna Natalia Szczeblewska –


Annie Stülp –


Brianna Merritt –


Brittany Wassmer –


Carissa Alene Bias –


Christy Morgan –


Cynthia Dawson –


Diane Braxatoris –


Emily Hodge –


Heidi Olsen Sakallah –


Jamie Eilts –


Jessica Young –


Jodi Lynn Buckles –


Julie Worthy –


Kara Rohl –


Karina Beck –


Katie Stallard Davis –


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Katt van den Oever –


Kayla Pontier –


Kelie Hargroder –


Leza Bocachica –


Lisa Marie Aamot –


Mathias Fast –


Melanie Napier –


Michelle Wannemacher –


Nathalie Thomas –


Rachel Farganis –


Shelby Dalrymple –


Suzi Mitchell –


Tashamae Cline –


Tonya Rock –



The end – What else do you need to know?

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Newborn Photography

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    Great pictures Diane Braxatoris!

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    Cuteness overload! Wonderful photography.

  3. Ursula McCollam

    Jessica…the photo with the blue wings is so emotional.

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