23 Creative Wedding Party Photos That Will Blow You Away

Wedding Party Photos – The Best of 2019

Wedding Party Photos

Wedding Party Photos 

Most wedding photographers have a love-hate relationship with wedding party photos. Hated by many because these group photos can be boring and dull. Loved by others as they try to express their creativity and craziness with them.

We already covered some of the best wedding party pictures from 2018 last year on our blog. As impressive as these wedding party photos were, they don`t stand a chance against our newest collection. Scroll down and enjoy these 23 unique wedding party photos


Amanda Rosenberg from seventharrowstudio.com  is starting our collection with this stunning bride and her golden bridesmaids. We love the idea to shoot in old abandoned places and this train station waiting hall is insane.

Amanda Rosenberg – seventharrowstudio.com


This beautiful image by Anna Lee Boynton screams moody to us. It is very non-traditional and we love these rich dark tones.

Anna Lee Boynton – annaboyntonphoto.com


Kudos to Ariana for stepping up and creating something special. We all love double exposure photography but have you ever tried it with wedding party photos? This might be something you have to try out next time.

Ariana Jordan Maddox – www.arianajordan.com


This one had mus cracking up when we saw it for the first time because it’s so different. Whoever had the idea to place the groomsmen in between a cornfield? We love creativity and this is why we had to pick this image by Celestine Aerden.

Celestine Aerden – celestineaerden.com


Christian John O’Reilly is known for his creative photography around the world. His idea to add a bridal portrait into the frame in the middle is simply insane.

Christian John O’Reilly – https://itsfireandice.com 


As amazing as all of the previous images are, this one is probably the craziest one you will see today. Colleen Posea, a wedding photographer from Georgia  shows that you can create stunning wedding party photos, even though the wedding didn’t even start yet.

Colleen Posea – colleenelisephotography.com


Our first and only Black and White image in this collection naturally stands out. A great idea from Dmytro Sobokar to include the groomsmen in a pretty interesting way.

Dmytro Sobokar – www.sobokar.com


Seattle based wedding photographer Jordan Voth shows us the beauty of a sunset. It’s all about light and movement in this stunner.

Jordan Voth – www.jordanvoth.com


What if we change perspectives for now? We have no idea how Katie Holl was able to pull this one off but damn! Probably the coolest shot of a bridal party.

Katie Holl – katiehollphotography.com


We adore the way our wedding couple is framed by their bridesmaids. The contrast between dark and light is great and the symmetry of the lines in the background adds that special sauce.

Kellie Sinclair – kelliesinclairphotography.com


The hardest job for a wedding photographer is always that one shot of the entire wedding party. Kudos to Laura for rocking this one and creating a stunning piece of art.

Laura Pinckard –  laurapinckard.com


What makes this wedding party photo stand out is most likely the location. Who else can say their bridal party photos pics were shot in a desert-like setting?

Laura Ludwig – lauralynnpics.com


I think we can all agree that cultural wedding ceremonies and especially cultural wedding outfits are the best. How awesome does these young men look? We think they look stunning!

Liliana Leahy – www.lilianaleahyphotography.com


Classic, beautiful, elegant, traditional… We could continue writing down more adjectives but you should get the idea when you look at this frame.

Mairead McDaid – remaininlightphotography.com


Do we have a déjà vu? I am not sure but it seems like this room is quite popular among the photographers in Northern Ireland. We love how similar yet different both images are.

Christin Martin – www.themartinsphotography.com


Indian wedding photographer Naman Verma is showing us how artistic you can be with wedding party images. The lines and symmetry are just beautiful.

Naman Verma – namanverma.com


What the hell is going on here? This might even be a real fight! I guess we will never know 😉 Great job Rachel for including some action in your shot.

Rachel Myers – rachelmyersphotography.com


As minimalistic this image is, as awesome it is. The way the setting evening sun is lighting up this wedding party is insane. They pop out with their vivid outfits and the dramatic sky is the cherry on the cake.

Reed Schick – www.reedschick.com/


A wedding videographer most of the time, yet Sebastian Nandryka was still able to capture this stunner. This might either be the coolest bridal party shot ever because these girls creep the hell out of me.

Sebastian Nandryka – www.super-weddings.com


Either these boys are jumping or we have a new Marvel superhero squad flying around to save our butts. We have to admit that this shot was executed perfectly!

Shown Morin – shownmorin.com 


A duck, a panda, a T-rex, a cow, and a horse came to a wedding and Stephanie Rogers took a freaking cool photo of them. Kudos to Stephanie, one of the best wedding photographers in Texas.

Stephanie Rogers – stephanierogersphotography.com


Australian based creative Van Middleton is showing us the perfect way to include environmental elements to your wedding party photos.

Van Middleton – vanmiddleton.com


We love beautiful animals a lot here on LOOKSLIKEFILM. This is why we have to end our stunning collection with the cutest wedding party of all time.

Vera Fox Stabrila – www.vera-fox.com


The end – What else do you need to know?

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Wedding Party Photos

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