Beautiful Elopement At The Courthouse In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Elopement

Santa Barbara Elopement // Krista and Thomas Espino of Anza Creative captured this wonderful elopement in Santa Barbara, California.

Anza Creative: “She’s a flight attendant from California, he’s a country boy from North Dakota. Their chance of meeting was slim, but isn’t that right of most stories of true love? It’s always amazing to me to hear when people have found their match and they knew it from the very beginning. They don’t feel they need to spend a second longer than necessary unwed- they want to jump right in, vows and all, as they know that this is the person for them. This unbridled, pure love is a testament to waiting for the right one, not losing hope and trusting that the universe will set you along the right path, towards one another.”



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Santa Barbara Elopement by Anza Creative

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