Pikpa’s Christmas Wish List

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Pikpa’s Christmas Wish List

Pipka needs you! The I Do Community’s Christmas Wishlist is back, and they’re supporting the Pipka Refugee Camp in Greece, to give them a magical Christmas. 

What is Pikpa?

Pipka is a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, that creates a safe space and community for some of the area’s most vulnerable refugees. Pipka’s residents include victims of torture, families, pregnant women, newborns, LGBTQI people, lone women, and victims of shipwrecks who have lost loved ones at sea.

How does The I Do Community help?

For the third year running, I Do will be helping to make all of Pipka’s Christmas wishes to come true. They’ll be sending toys, wrapping paper and decorations so that Pipka can have a truly festive celebration. They’re also sending a whole load of useful everyday items to make Pipka resident’s lives a little bit easier. 

How can I Help?

You can help by purchasing something off the Pipka Christmas Wish List here: http://amzn.eu/iIlme1m

Pikpa's Christmas Wish List

Find out more about Pipka and the Wish List on The IDo Community Blog here:


Pikpa's Christmas Wish List


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