A Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding In Minnesota

Barn Wedding Minnesota

Barn Wedding Minnesota // Enjoy this beautiful rustic wedding scenery in Minnesota photographed by Jeff Watkins.

Jeff Watkins: “I’m not even sure where to begin with this Minnesota Wedding at The Barn At Stoney Hills! This wedding was jaw-dropping, to say the least! We had such a great time celebrating with Becca + Mike and photographing their beautiful Minnesota wedding! I met Becca + Mike about a year and a half ago through Instagram. Becca had reached out to me about photographing their engagement while they were living here in Arizona. Want to see their super RAD engagement session? You can check that out here!

Minnesota Here We Come!

So I boarded a plane and left the scorching temps of the Arizona desert and headed to the small town of Cushing Minnesota. I have to say, taking a break from 100+ temps to spend some time in the ’70s, no complaints from me! Becca + Mike could not have chosen a more perfect venue for their Minnesota wedding at The Barn at Stoney Hills. This venue is AMAZING! Nestled in the woods of Cushing Minnesota, The timber-framed barn hasn’t left one detail out! The landscape, the rustic scenery, the upscale vibe set in the rolling hills of Minnesota, are second to none!

Here are some highlights from their beautiful day!”



A Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding In Minnesota

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A Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding In Minnesota

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A Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding In Minnesota

A Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding In Minnesota


A Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding In Minnesota


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Barn Wedding Minnesota by Jeff Watkins

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    Awesome pictures, love the colors and the light! Congratulations!

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