The Most Intimate Winter Elopement At Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Elopement

Lake Tahoe Elopement // Are you ready for a stunning elopement? Lake Tahoe is the destination of today’s elopement photographed by Ruthanne Zouboukos.

Ruthanne Zouboukos: “Sam reached out to me a little more than 24 hours before their intimate and stormy elopement on Lake Tahoe – and I was so excited! If you’ve ever wondered how short notice is too short notice — here you go. There is no such thing with me! It was their 10 year anniversary, and when I arrived Sam also informed me that her parents eloped in Lake Tahoe years before, too! I love stories like this one. Sam’s dress was by the same designer who created Kate Middleton’s – swoooooon. I was obsessed with the details and her classic style. When I arrived, John was still out picking up food for later that afternoon. As he knocked on the door, Sam was a little nervous and opened it to find her soon to be husband with an armload of “all the white flowers they had – I couldn’t leave any behind!” Romantic, right???

Right as we started to make our way out for portraits, the sun shone through in a small break of the clouds, and we all smiled. I’ve photographed a lot of elopements in a lot of conditions, and every time – without fail – the sun comes out for the big moments. Everything about thier elopement was just “classic” Tahoe – from the house they rented, the outfits they donned and the color of the Lake that day. It’s perfection, in every way.”



The Most Intimate Winter Elopement At Lake Tahoe

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The Most Intimate Winter Elopement At Lake Tahoe

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The Most Intimate Winter Elopement At Lake Tahoe

The Most Intimate Winter Elopement At Lake Tahoe


The Most Intimate Winter Elopement At Lake Tahoe


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Lake Tahoe Elopement by Ruthanne Zouboukos



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