The Best Cloud Storage For Creatives in 2022

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Best Cloud Storage For Photographers In 2022

Documenting crucial moments in your own life and also in the life of your clients is a beautiful thing to do. As important as it is to preserve these moments, you want to make sure that the raw files from your photo shoot don’t get lost at any time. That’s the reason why we want to show you the best cloud storage for photographers in this blog post.

Cloud Storage as the second step…

Of course, saving your RAW-files on a hard drive or external drive is a good thing, but it only should be the first step at all. As a professional and as an amateur as well, you should take care of protecting your images from loss. Therefore, you should think about a second step within your process of handling your photos. We believe cloud storage options are an excellent additional place to save such important files and would love to present to you the best cloud storage for photographers solutions!

Best Cloud Storage For Photographers – Our list:


Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork-so you can focus on the things that matter. Sign in and put your creative energy to work.”

The Best Cloud Storage For Creatives in 2022

The screenshot is taken from DROPBOX


Dropbox is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to cloud storage. It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer who runs your business alone or you have a whole team; there are multiple options you can choose at Dropbox. Furthermore, Dropbox not only allows you to upload your photos but also supports the work with RAW files. That means you can use Dropbox for backing up your RAW files and use the RAW preview function as well. It will make your whole workflow more efficient and faster for sure!

For individuals:
2 TB storage –  9,99€ monthly (billed yearly)
3 TB storage –  16,58€ monthly (billed yearly)

For teams: 
3 TB storage – 10€ per user monthly (billed yearly)
Unlimited storage – 15€ per user monthly (billed yearly)



Store your images, create your photo website, deliver your work, sell or license your photos — all with PhotoShelter

Best Cloud Storage For Photographers

The screenshot is taken from PHOTOSHELTER


Photoshelter is a pretty solid allrounder out there. Their products and services are heavily focused on the needs of photographers. Plugins for Lightroom and Photo Mechanic and the support of RAW files make Photoshelter a cloud storage provider you should keep in mind when you decide to choose the Pro plan.

Basic: 4 GB storage –  $10 monthly (billed yearly)
Standard: 100 GB storage –  $25 monthly (billed yearly)
Pro: Unlimited – $45 monthly (billed yearly)


Google Drive

The simplest way for teams to work together in the cloud.

The Best Cloud Storage For Creatives in 2022

The screenshot is taken from GOOGLE


Well, we assume that every one of you knows Google. Of course, Google is offering the possibility to save data and photos on Google Drive. Their cloud storage service is geared towards file sharing. Saving photos is possible but does not come along with fancy galleries. Google Drive is merely doing these things you are expecting, especially when you’re having an existing Google account and already using some of the features Google offers.

2 TB storage –  9,99€ monthly
10 TB storage –  99,99€ monthly
20 TB storage – 199,99€ monthly

Get G-Suite



Never Lose a File Again with the World’s Easiest Cloud Backup

Best Cloud Storage For Photographers

The screenshot is taken from BACKBLAZE


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about Backblaze. Do you want to make sure that all your essential files are stored in a safe place? What if Backblaze back up those files and even restore your data from hard drives? It seems reasonable, right? Paying $5 monthly for unlimited storage sounds even better, we think…

Select a plan:
1. Unlimited storage –  $6 monthly
2. Unlimited storage –  $60 yearly
3. Unlimited storage – $110 for two years

Get Backblaze


Amazon Drive

Secure photo storage; keep your photos secure without lowering resolution or quality

The Best Cloud Storage For Creatives in 2022

The screenshot is taken from AMAZON


Let us start with some cool facts. Did you know that every Amazon customer gets 5 GB of storage for free?  Amazon Drive is combined with Amazon Photos, which supports RAW files.

Costs: Select a plan:
1 TB storage –  99,99€ yearly
2 TB storage –  199,98€ yearly



Never worry about storage space again with unlimited uploads!

Best Cloud Storage For Photographers

The screenshot is taken from SMUGMUG


SmugMug is a provider similar to Photoshelter, which offers a variety of features when you decide to go with SmugMug. It’s an all-around service for every kind of photographer, so it doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional. They started their service back in 2002, and you get a affordable and enjoyable service, especially when every plan offers unlimited cloud storage.

Select a plan:
Basic: Unlimited storage –  $48 / year
Power: Unlimited storage –  $72 / year
Portfolio: Unlimited storage – $180 /year
Pro: Unlimited storage – $360 / year

Get SmugMug



The best secure cloud storage for photos.

The Best Cloud Storage For Creatives in 2022

The screenshot is taken from PCLOUD


Well, pCloud awaits you with a unique plan. The features which you can see in the screenshot above are similar to other cloud services and works with pCloud pretty good. The unique thing is that you can pick a monthly/yearly plan and purchase a lifetime plan where you pay once and get your 2 TB cloud storage forever. If you know that 2 TB will be enough storage space for you and your documents and photos – pCloud will be the best cloud storage for photographers solution for you!

Select a plan:
1. Premium:  500 GB –  48€ / year
2. Premium Plus: 2 TB –  96€ / year

3. Premium: 500 GB – 175€ / LIFETIME
4. Premium Plus: 2 TB – 350€ / LIFETIME

Get pCloud


Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive lets you store your personal photos, files, and folders in one place, and get to them anytime, anywhere.

Best Cloud Storage For Photographers

The screenshot is taken from MICROSOFT


Microsoft OneDrive is a popular service for Windows users. But it is accessible for Mac users as well and gives you a few options to choose from. The OneDrive plans do not make much sense for photographers. The basic plan is for free, and the second option costs $1.99 per month but only gives you 5 GB/100 GB of cloud storage. The more useful plans are those that come along with Office 365. You’ll get the full software and cloud storage of 1 TB.

Select a plan:
Office 365 Personal:  1 TB –  $69.99 / year
Office 365 Home: 6 TB –  $99.99 / year (6 accounts, each gets 1 TB).



Get all the data protection you need in one seamless cloud solution.

Best Cloud Storage For Photographers

The screenshot is taken from CRASHPLAn


Crashplan is the other gem amongst all these well-known big companies out there. Protecting your files is the primary goal of Crashplan. And you will love this fact for sure, especially when the protection of your essential data is unlimited and continuous. And getting unlimited storage for only $10 is a sweet thing!


Unlimited storage: $10 monthly per computer monthly


Which cloud storage provider should I choose?

That truly depends on your individual needs and how much storage you need for your photos and your business. One thing is sure, keep the memories you’ve created for yourself and your clients safe at any time.


Best Cloud Storage For Photographers – The end (What else do you need to know?)

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Best Cloud Storage For Photographers – 2022 Edition